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  5. you set it up wrong If you have multi servers, you must only use 1 database for Account and 2 database for Characters for example AccountsDB (usually Me_MuONline) Characters_Fun Characters_Hard
  6. Hello , i am using IGCN files. the website is showing double amount of accounts and characters. If there are 2 accounts and 2 characters it shows 4 accounts and 4 characters.
  7. You all can update it by yourself. just modify the class ids & names and maps.
  8. Hello.

    I want ask about Season 18 update. 

    When can files be expected?
  9. Illusion Knight - Mu Online Season 18 gaming project opening at 29.October Server is build on latest MuOnline Season 18 server files! High experience rate X5000 play to win server! InGame Xshop is limited and provides simple crafting items! Everyting must be created in game!
  10. About the Server, Season 17 Ep 2 , Upgrading Season , Will open soon Also Medium and Fast EZ Servers.Shape by the Players !Play2Win , Long Term Server , Premium Hosting and Files.F.O Items in NPC , Play2Win.Prize Pool Castle Siege
  11. It been a while and IGCN released their stable versions. Please take action ASAP @neo6 Thanks
  12. Need to wait for @neo6 to update to newest version
  13. Hello, is it easy to add new character to the website?
  14. I'm using the IGCN season 17 file. How can I show the PVP like the one you image?
  15. Depends on server files https://prnt.sc/BcL-VNLmm64V
  16. Hi, I want to ask a little about the features of the CMS, is there any feature that currently allows displaying the PK history (PVP) of the players. It will show the killer and victim + the map name killed and the time killed Tks
  17. No idea, i have never used only implemented.
  18. Zerocity12

    Gift Code System

    Hi neo6, please help update function add item from GiftCode to GremoryCase for IGCN
    Что входит в данный дизайн? После покупке он сразу будет работать?
  19. Hi, does Transfer Character Between Servers 1.0.0 Work with IGCN Season 17 ep1/ep2?
  20. Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Part 17 Experience Rate: x1000 Experience Rating ML: 10% Drop Rate: 30% Max Level: 400 Max Level ML: 400 Max Stats: 32000 Mu Helper: From 1st level Guild Creation: 350 level Max number of players in guild: 20 Max guild alliance count: 3 Elf Helper to: 25 reset Max Reset: 50
  21. contacted a little over a week ago. Didn't mean to be a bug, but do you have any idea when it'll be done? I'm just waiting on this plugin so I can launch my new server. Thank you so much! Best CMS so far!
  22. How about I wanted to ask if this cms has support for mudevs files is season 17 elf rewal


    Also if they have a discount at the moment since I am currently going to pay the mudevs license, in case this cms has support it would be 105 more, plus the template another 75 dollars I wanted to know if they have any discount

  23. Contact discord: yobro#8855 to discuss about your plugin
  24. I just purchased the license. how do i order the custome payment plugin? thanks in advance!
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