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    DmN 1.1.9

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    DmN 1.1.9

    Hello i have a question about paypal connection. I have set up everything about paypal/donate system. When a user selects to buy a packet for credits, the site redirects him to paypal sites with a message ''There seems to be a problem right now. Please try again later.'' Any solutions?
  5. I had all this templates in html and images clean if someone like i can adapt it in your dmn web, just contact me if you like , ty.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZPg4abezsk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeC3PKYwTzw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bShzp7A9SSY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N6snVhNmj4
  6. Hello ive make this template for dmn, if someone want it, just send pm.
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  8. Friend again will let us in the hand? we need the updates of the plug we buy and the site.
    You enter the forum every day but do not explain or when you solve the problems.

  9. Im using lghost since its was born and i never had a problems with provider. Supports is so much friendly, proffesional and when i had some noob questions, they help me always so fast. I had some servers muonline on vps/webhosting and i know, this is only one provider who have REAL AntiDDos protection. I was safty and happy to use, thanks lghost.co.uk!
  10. i am using it on my both servers one server is 5 months online, other one is few days, no problems at all and secure.
  11. How to order and use discount code: First select your desired package: https://lghost.co.uk/web/gaming-web-hosting/ 1. Click order, and you will be taken to this page: At this point your can either register your own domain with us, or just use your exiting domain ( and later you will update the name servers ). 2. Click continue, and you will get to the next page: From here select your billing cycle ( monthly, yearly, etc ). 3. Click continue again, and you will get to the page where you can apply the discount code: 4. Click validate code to apply the discount: That's it, your discount is applied! NOTE: During the checkout after the above steps, make sure you are using real and valid details. Our fraud check system will detect any anomalies and your order will automatically get marked as fraud. If you are registering a new domain, it will use by default our name servers and your website will load instantly. If you are using your existing domain and you are updating the name servers to point to LGHOST, it will take a few hours to propagate. Enjoy!
  12. If you are looking to have success with your project, you purchased DMN CMS. However you need a proper hosting provider that can offer you everything needed for DMN CMS, uptime and protection like no other. The traditional "use XAMMP (and maybe CloudFlare)" has come to an end, as CloudFlare protection can be bypassed and using XAMPP puts you in compromise as you can get your server hacked very easy. LGHOST is proud to provide the best possible web hosting service for DMN CMS, and the fastest installation possible. There are the main reasons why so many people choose our web host to use DMN CMS. Our extensive list of features that we offer also include the full requirements for DMN CMS: PHP 5.6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 MSSQL, PDO_DLIB, PDO_SQLSRV cURL extension DOM extension gd extension iconv extension mbstring extension pcre extension pdo extension SimpleXML extension openssl extension json extension session extension xml extension Reflection extension ionCube loader version 5.0.5 (and greater) You can view our special Game Web Hosting packages here: https://lghost.co.uk/web/gaming-web-hosting/ Get a 40% discount using the code at checkout: DMN_IQXUN729B9 NOTE 1: The discount code applies only to the following: Gaming Web Hosting - WH-Low Gaming Web Hosting - WH-Medium Gaming Web Hosting - WH-Ultra Professional Web Hosting - Professional 1 Professional Web Hosting - Professional 2 Professional Web Hosting - Professional 3 Professional Web Hosting - Professional 4 NOTE 2: The discount does not apply to Shared Web Hosting packages. The discount applies recurring, on Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually, Biennially, Triennially. The discount is only once per order (even if multiple items qualify). The discount applies to new signups only (must have no previous active orders). The discount applies only once per client globally (only one order allowed per promo). NOTE 3: Please do not try to order Shared Web Hosting packages to use DMN CMS with it, as we will refuse your order. Shared Web Hosting packages used shared resources and are not designed to cope with high traffic, or large scale DDoS attacks. And this is not all! If you are looking for VPS as well, we got you covered. Our locations include EU(FR), NA(CA) and ASIA(SG). Checkout our best selling Windows Game Balanced VPS here: https://lghost.co.uk/cloud/windows-vps/ ---------- If you have any questions or you need support, please open a ticket.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin allows your players to upgrade their game items directly in website. Min CMS version required 1.1.9


  14. neo6 I'm about to open my season 14 server, when will we have news that have any possibility to report this? a specific date
  15. neo6


    Templates will need to be updated.
  16. That's good news, I thought I'd forgotten about us all. I'm very happy with this. Will the Updates be paid or free to customers? the templates we use are compatible or will they have to be redesigned?
  17. Good news neo!!!!! Rush 😄
  18. neo6


    In few days will be release for season 14
  19. do you will Compatible the season 14 ?,.
  20. Guest

    DmN MuWebshop Free

    plsss help me image delete text(banner) plss help
  21. Willing to buy template for dmn. It must be good looking and kinda unique. Message me offers with examples..

  23. For hosting i suggest Google free trial compute engine, can run easy website free for nearly month, if want pay than can use Contabo hosting.
  24. Seriously... These guys are awesome! If you are looking for a web site that will work with your server this is the one to use! They do support their product and help you should you run into an installation issue. Also the config is easy. On a side note... Good host (The one we used) is https://www.namecheap.com/ I suggest them because if you want free ssl, and a good price with reliable performance we got it from them. A warning though... There is no support number. BUT the nice person who helped us in chat opened the db port we needed without complaint. They are also competent... She did not try to up sell us around the problem at all. She knew what i needed and helped. Unlike godaddy...
  25. Salvis, we needs renew the license and add other server in the web. Please answer our questions, its very urgent. Thanks.

  26. Could you help me please I sent a ticket already. It's very urgent.

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