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  6. -.Bienvenidos a nuestra publicación oficial.-[/img] DROVA MU, es un juego de rol con la meta que todo el usuario ingresa al servidor se queda y disfruta del juego que lo tiene trabajado para que el usuario tenga un servidor limpio y estable. DROVA MU, tenemos un equipo de trabajo estable donde estamos a tiempo superando errores como equipo, donde estamos para solucionar errores y brindarles un juego único.[/img] DROVA MU, ya tiene fecha de lanzamiento / inicio del servidor 20 de Septiembre de 2018, a las 19:00 horas Argentina.[/img] Introducción: 12 septiembre a las 19:00 horas Argentina. Web: 12 septiembre a las 19:00 horas Argentina. Donaciones: 12 septiembre a las 22 horas Argentina. - Facebook: Grupo:[/img] BONIFICACIÓN INICIAL 500 puntos inicial para repartir. Millones de zen. 7 días de vip gratis.[/img] Origen: Argentina. Dificultad: Slow-Hard. Registro: Vía web. Razas Balanceadas. Creación de personaje [DK,DW,ELF,MG & DL] Level (1)uno. No borra magias No borra inventario Borra stats Capacidad para 200 usuarios. Libre de item's Full (todo se consigue dentro de servidor). Se puede abrir mas de 2 cuentas item's ancient activos No se venden cajitas kundun[/img] Versión: 99B Edición Diamante Experiencia: 150x Drop: 50% Level reset: 400 Puntos por reset: 350 (borra stats, son acumulativos) Puntos por level: 5 (BK,SM,ELF) - 7 (MG & DL) Máximo stats: 32.767 Máximo level: 400. Máximo reset: No hay limite de reset Tiendas: item's básico +6 , ventas de eventos, potas. Spot: Acorde a la dificultad del juego.[/img] Reset Level: 400 Zen requerido: Millones Resetear en Lorencia, mediante web o comando (/r - /reset - /resetear) Todo usuario que tenga intenciones de resetea a través de trade, el servidor automáticamente lo desconectara.[/img] SÁBADOS & DOMINGO (ESCORE X2) Zen requerido Millones. Renas requeridas: 250 Renas. Reset requeridos: 20 Reset.[/img] BLOOD CASTLE CHAOS CASTLE DEVIL SQUARE INVASIÓN DE DRAGONES DORADOS INVASIÓN DE DRAGONES ROJOS INVASIÓN DEL SKELETON KINGS INVASIÓN DEL MAGO BLANCO EVENTO PVP EVENTO LORD OF KUNDUN (BOSSES/JEFES) - BONUS HAPPY HOUR MEGA LEVEL DOBLE DROP[/img] Dare Davil Kalima 1 al 7 Forest Arena Arena Vip Aida Aida 2 Zona pvp[/img] ! (para poder hablar en global/post) /reset - /r - /resetear (3 tipos de comando para poder resetear) /addstr xxx (agregar fuerza) /addagi xxx (agregar agilidad) /addvit xxx (agregar vitalidad) /addene xxx (agregar energia) /addcom xxx (agregar comando) /hora (te dice hora y fecha) /online (te indica la cantidad de usuario disponible) /pkclear (te quita el pk) /re off (rechaza automáticamente toda invitación sea party,duelo y trade) /re on (desactivas el (re off) F11 (dejar el personaje trabado) - F12 (desactiva) F10 (Minimizador)[/img] /move bar /move baul /move baul 1 /move baul 2 /move ring /move guild /move war ¡Un día feliz, que disfrute del servidor! los esperar adentro !!
  7. Welcome to Official PowerMU Community ! Fresh NEW Big Project GRAND OPENING in October 5th ! We have been working and still working hard on our server configurations to make one of the best and interesting gameplay ! In total we are planning to open 3 different Servers, with different exp, different rates and configurations, but we are not rushing anywhere - it means, once our first server will get stabilized, only then we are going to announce second server opening date ! Jewels, Zen and other items like Goblin Points, items + zen have a pretty big value in-game ! Also things like Gold Coins, wCoins(C) for in-game Cash Shop 'X' can be only collected by players themselves. The fastest way to level-up is by leveling up in party, because of extra EXP bonus. No OP items, Limited Webshop, Limited Cash Shop 'X', Great GR and Event rewards, Nice level roading - fair play for everyone. Join Us NOW ! WEBSITE: FORUM: REGISTRATION: DOWNLOADS: PowerMU PLAYING DATA Information about "LOW" [x100]: » Version: Season 6 Episode 3 » Experience: x100 - on 10th reset: x90 (1 reset only) - on 20th reset: x70 (1 reset only) - on 30th reset: x50 (1 reset only) - on 40th reset: x30 (1 reset only) - on 50th reset: x10 (1 reset only) » Master EXP: x5 » Drop: 50% » Elf NPC Buff Till: ON (till level 300) » Max Stats: 32767 (32000 recommended) » Official MU Helper: ON (500 zen * level for 5 min.) » Points Per Level: 5/6/7 » Reset Level: 400 - Reset price: 10kk * resets - Reward: 10 Free Coins & 10 Gold Coins - Clear Stats: ON - Clear Magic/Spells: OFF - Clear Inventory: OFF - Clear Class: OFF - Points for Reset: SM,ELF,BK,SUM - 1200 points * resets & MG,DL,RF - 1400 points * resets » Reset Limit: 50 resets » Bless Bug: OFF » Monster HP: 100% » Required level for class: SUM 1 lvl, MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 250 lvl » Fully Working Rage Fighter: ON » Marry System: ON » Auto Reconnect System: ON » Gens System: ON » Goblin System: ON (earn 1 goblin point every 5 minutes) » Master Skill Tree: ON (max 200 lvl) » Guild Create Level: 300 » Bonus Event: ON (bonus EXP in specific time 2 times per day) » Cash Shop 'X': ON (pets, EXP buffs and more) » GR From: 50 resets - GR price: 2kkk - Reward: 5000 Free Coins & 500 Gold Coins - Clear Stats: ON - Clear Magic/Spells: OFF - Clear Inventory: OFF - Clear Class: OFF - Points per GR: 10000 points * GR » Max GR: 5 » Extra EXP: ON (extra EXP in Events) » In-game Commands: ON - /teleport: teleports you to your husband/wife - /prop and /accept: to propose and accept marry - /add: add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd) - /post: global chat, requirement level: 80 (50'000 zen) - /pkclear: 5kk * PK Count (at website 100kk - clears ALL PK) - /requests off/on to deny/accept requests » Chaos Machine: ON » And More EVENTS & QUESTS » Hearts: ON » Silver & Gold Medals: ON (drops non-exc items from level +6 to +9) » Firecrackers: ON » Silver & Gold Boxes: ON (drops Box of Kunduns) » Lucky Coin: ON (collect Lucky Coins and exchange them to Jewels) » Red Dragon Invasion: ON » Battle Soccer: ON » Golden Invasion: ON » White Wizard Event: ON » Blood Castle: ON » Devil Square: ON » Castle Siege: ON (every week on Sundays) » Chaos Castle: ON » Illusion Temple: ON » Kalima Event: ON » Kanturu Event: ON » Raklion Hatchery: ON » Doppelganger Event: ON » Imperial Guardian: ON » Medusa Event: ON » Castle Siege: ON » Loren Deep: ON » And More WEB FUNCTIONS » Reset Stats: ON » Reset Master Skill Tree: ON » Exchange wCoins(C): ON » Clear Inventory: ON » Vote Reward System: ON (vote every 12h and collect Free Coins) » Market System: ON » Webshop System: ON (limited) - FO items: OFF (max 2 excellent options) - Item level +15 in Webshop: OFF (max +12, only in-game max +15) » Trade Online Time (exchange your online time for Free Gold Coins) » And More PARTY BONUS The Party Bonus system gives you more experience if you make a party of 5 different races, including 3 base classes. As a race is added to the party, the extra experience is increased a little bit more. » Party Exp Bonus: ON - Duo Exp Bonus: ON - Bronze Party Exp Bonus: ON - Silver Party Exp Bonus: ON - Gold Party Exp Bonus: ON OTHER INFORMATION For more information about Servers Item Drop, Boss Rewards and Respawn times, Event times and rewards, Cash Shop, wCoins(C), PvP/PvM damage and other configurations you can find out at our Community Forum ! IN-GAME SCREENSHOTS
  8. RozaMu 2005-2018 Official Start is estimated on 6TH October. Test period is available for everyone so feel free to check what’s coming! Website Links: Welcome in RozaMu 2018 RozaMu 99.62T Forums Contacts: Skype: live:sic.rozamu Email: RozaMu is opening doors again! We believe that over 4 months of hard work, we have created the best old school server that has ever been made. For those who have played Mu Online in the 2005, 2006, this server will give you a taste of the good old times. About RozaMu: RozaMu is founded in 2005 and for those who remember it, it was one of the best Mu Online servers existed back then. Sadly, we had to close doors in 2009, but here we’re again - better than ever! What we offer: * High Quality Hard Old School Server. * Balanced PVP & Gameplay. * No Webshop, or VIP with privileges. * High Intrigue (Everything is sought out including the lower abilities for SM) * Advanced Anti-Cheat. * Professional Team. Server Location: France SERVER RATES * Version: 99.62T * Experience: 80x * Drop Rate: 50% (increased drop on excellent items) * Max Level: 400 * Max Reset: 50 (First max reset will be 10, Second 15 and from 20 it will increase +2 every week) * Reset Level: 350 * Reset Cost: 15 Mil Zen x reset * Keep Stats: No * Reset Points: BK - 450 | DL - 500 | SM - 500 | ELF - 600 + 42vit every reset | MG - 600 +42vit every reset ( In Test Period) * Level Up Points: BK/SM/ELF - 5 | MG/DL - 7 | * Bless Bug: Off * Pk Clear: 10ml x Pk Count (command /pkclear or through the website) command /pkclear or through the website * Webshop: No. Only Market. * Custom Events: Mass Pk (Every Friday), Hall of Fame (Every Saturday), Castle Siege (Every Sunday) * Event Times: Blood Castle: Every Hour, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Sky Event - Every 2 hours * Success Rates: Medium-Hard * Mana Shield Formula: Agility Percent = 400, Energy Percent = 800, Time = 40, Maximum Percentage = 80 * Boss Mobs: Kundun, Erohim, Red Dragon * Spawns: All Maps. * Pvp: Balanced PVP (In Test Period) * Short Commands for teleport: /move lor, /move dav, /move nor, /move dun, dun2, dun3, /move atl, atl2, atl3, /move lt, lt2, lt3, lt4, lt5, lt6, lt7 /move tar, tar2, /move ica, /move sta (stadium) * Commands: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /post, /sell, /buy, /marry, /accept, /tracemary, /divorce, /charinfo, /re on/off, /questinfo, /pkclear, /exit, /time EVENT REWARDS * Golden Invasions: Up to Grand Soul, Divine, Thunder Hawk... (last tier set from boss) * Blood Castle: BC7 = BOX+3, BC6 = BOX+3, BC5 = BOX+2, BC4 = BOX+2, BC3 = BOX+1, BC2 = BOX+1, BC1 = Random Jewel * Devil Square: 1St: 50 Mil Zen, 2nd: 25 Mil Zen, 3rd: 15 Mil Zen, 4th: 10 Mil Zen, Bosses: DS6: Golden Dragon, DS5 Golden Dragon, DS4, Golden Titan, DS3 Golden Titan, DS2 Golden Goblin, DS1 Golden Goblin (they will be increased later on) * Sky Event: Items from Box+2 and Box+3, item level +7 + add. (They will be increased later on) * Mass Pk Event: Items from Boxes with 2 exl opt + luck (without weapons/rings/pendants) * Hall of Fame Event: Items from Boxes with 2 exl opt + luck for every each winner of races (without weapons/rings/pendants) * Castle Siege: Unlocks Land of Trials and access to Erohim & Kundun Boss. WEBSITE * Account Settings: Personalise your account by uploading your personal profile image. * Ticket System: A system constructed to help you contact us. * Double Stats : Easy way to switch between PVE AND PVP stats. * Web market: A market where you can buy items for jewels, Zen and etc. * Private Bank: Withdraw or deposit Zen, jewels, stones or boxes. * Storage: If you run out of space in you warehouse, you can transfer your items to your Web Storage. * Exchange Time: Exchange your total online time for credits – stay online and win more credits. * Vote for Credits: Vote every 12 hours and earn credits * Weekly Rankings: Obtain rewards for BC/DS/Exchanged Online Time/Top Voter/ * Change Name: New Name? Easy way to change your name. * Change Class: New Class? Easy way to change your class. * Мystic Chest: You are probably wondering what the loot from a Mystic Chest is? Well, you can easly find out by opening one yourself! It is a Mystic Chest after all, but I will give you a hint! You can get some pretty good items that don't drop in the game! Have fun and good luck with the loot! PHOTOS FROM THE GAME: SHOPS SOME OF THE SPAWNS Check all spawns here: Other
  9. Updates Done: * Removed Death King from the server to avoid issues. * Disabled exc visual bugs (on scrolls etc - still testing) * For this beta untill 20th September you can make 1 Reset and gain 5000 poitns. With 5000 points you can test the server fully and help each other make atleast 1 reset and see how the game works in total ease. * Points per level now are 10 for normal and 12 for MG/DL (till beta ENDS) * Enabled VOTE SYSTEM (Xtremetop100,GTOP100,TOPG) with vote reward system! More to come: - Add jewels/box/pets/tickets (will be listed) in x (cash shop) - Reset reward after 5 resets you get a Treasure Box with random Ancient/Excellen item. - Monster level in client (so when you point your mouse you see Name+Level REMEMBER: ~ After 20th September all accounts that have played atleast to 50 Level willl get rewarded for their beta testing. ~ Points per level will change back to normal! ~ reset system will be back to normal! Unlimited resets and each reset = 75 credits. (After 5 resets you get a Treasure box in your VAULT) Thank you for playing and helping us grow! PS: Join our discord channel where we can discuss about anything related to our server and get to know each other :) Regards, MURPG Team
  10. MURPG Season II - Full 1.02c - Classic Old School GMO Version BETA PERIOD Starts at Wednesday 29th August 2018 16:00 (CET) GMT+2 We are happy to announce and welcome you to our newly MU Online Private Server.Introducing you the classic taste of non reset servers here with an average of rates that make you enjoy every detail and feature of the game. One of the most important goal of our server is to create a nice bubble with quality players that enjoy the old school style of MuOnline gaming, therefore we make sure that everything is balanced and runs smoothly. Our server will be online for Long Term period, we also Developed our own game protection that makes sure to keep away from cheaters making sure our server is played fully fair. With the help of our players and the MU community there will be only Donations for supporting our server for its long term stability and new upcoming improvements and updates. We welcome any sugguestions and feedback directly through our forum board. If you'd like to Volunteer in helping the server become it's best version we have positions for Volunteering i.e as Game Masters, Forum Staff, Weekly Writers, Event Managers and other positions, all you have to do is check our forums and apply. Most favorite game activities players tend to do are: Hunting,PvP,Events,Marketing and Crafting their Items. There will be no Webshop for any items. We offer only (x) Shop with Seals and Tickets to ease your journey and make sure this feature is fairly used. We also want to present your our Reborn system which does only rewards the player only x (Shop) credits each reset (without wiping any items or stats) where you can spend them for Seals and Misc. Therefore we hope you enjoy our server and bring back the memories of classic servers having quality leisure time with great players and connecting with new people online enjoying the game in a fun and challenging way. MURPG [emoji769] Server Links Webpage: Forum: (currently using our FB Page) Facebook: Registration: Downloads: Server Statistics and Information: Server Uptime and Specs: 24/7 Dedicated Server, 8GB, 1Gbps Connection 4 Core, DDoS Protected Server version: Season 2 Classic GMO Version Client Launcher: Enabled with Auto Updater Server Location: France Experience: 250x Drop Rate: 45% Elf Soldier Max Buff Level: 220 Max Level: 400 Max reborn times: Unlimited PvP and PvM: Balanced Reborn System: After reset u receive only x Credits (no clearing any items/stats except SKILLS) Max Reborn times: Unlimited Vote reward system: Yes More server infos Events: Default GMO Webzen events GM Events: Hide and seek, PvP, PK, scramble and more! Event Times: Each event is organised to start every each 1 or 2 or 3 hours Box of Kunduns: Box+5 drops max Dragon/Guardian/Legendary etc items Bosses: Event bosses like Kanturu/Aida/etc drop special items that don't drop from any Boxes! Misc Bosses: Like the one from Tarkan2 end, they drop Jewels Jewels: Drop from every map! also balanced. And they drop from Medals/Hearts aswell. Castle Siege Cycle: Every 14 Days (Sunday's) Crywolf Cycle: Every 24 hours (once a day) Zen and Party system: Balanced AFK / Bot System: Not available but its personal choice! (if it works for you) Exc Drop Rate: 1 Exc item out of 300 monsters (max 2 options (luck+skill/option included) Maximum zen: Inventory: / Vault: Spots: Spots are available on every map! (Arena is for PVP, Battle Soccer and Events Only) Credits rewards: Each hour your receive 1 credit Launch Day We want to open the server around 20th-25th September 2018. Time: 19:00 CET (GMT+2) MURPG team made sure to have fixed 99.9% every bug and critical major issues in our server therefore our biggest focus on the beta period is for testing two things. 1. Stability and 2. Anticheat protection. We are very happy to bring a quality old school classic server fully free and risk-free to play! Powered by MuAdmins DtS (Root Administrator and Coder) KarLi (Root Administrator and Owner) Unkn0wn (Web and resources Designer) Questions, Feedback or Sugguestions can be directly issued through our Facebook page or directly in this forum here. Thank you for your attention! See you on the bright side. Screens
  11. Hello, I would like to ask about two modules. 1 module refers to the modification of an existing reset script. Namely, it's about: 1 rr = 10 jog 2 rr = 10 jog13 + 10 juices(one color, eg 10red) 3 rr = 10 jog13 + 20 juices (Eg. 10 red and 10 blue) 4 rr = 10 jog13 + 30 juices 5 rr = 10 jog13 + 40 juices 6 rr = 10 jog13 + exe item +11 + xx 7 rr = 10 jog 8 rr = 10 jog13 + 10 juices(one color, eg 10red) 9 rr = 10 jog13 + 20 juices (Eg. 10 red and 10 blue) 10 rr = 10 jog13 + 30 juices 11 rr = 10 jog13 + 40 juices 12 rr = 10 jog13 + exe item +11 + xx . . . etc. the same loop. jog13 = jewel of guardian+13 and its connected with undo lvl to different levels after reset. for example: 1 reset will undo your level to 220 lvl 2 reset - > 240 lvl 3 reset - > 260 lvl 4 reset - > 280 lvl 5 reset - > 300 lvl 6 reset - > 320 lvl and the same loop 7 reset will undo your level to 220 lvl 8 reset - > 240 lvl 9 reset - > 260 lvl 10 reset - > 280 lvl 11 reset - > 300 lvl 12 reset - > 320 lvl Regarding the delay, the reset can be performed every 48 hours for a normal player and 36 hours for a VIP player. The data should be displayed in the form of year:month:day:hour:seconds The 2nd module is associated with reward for gain every 6 resets. I mean is it possible to write script, which allows adding 1 option every 6 rr for every item (wings, helm, armor, pants, boots, gloves, swords, axes, ring, pendats) exce and no exce for example: We have dragon helm +11+28 and we want to add luck option and then - > we got +11+28+luck at 6rr Then we have dragon helm +11+28 and we want to add exce option for example dd+4 and then - > we got +11+28+luck+damage decrease +4% and now this item is exce at 12 rr of course. add level, addionital defense, luck, increase max hp, mana, dd, reflect, dsr, increase zen... and others How much does it cost?
  12. Launching in a few days on the 1st of September 2018! Help us populate our new server!
  13. Powered by Spirex MU Emulator, Liveguard Anticheat, and MuOnlineWebs. The ultimate classic MU Online MMORPG experience, remastered by the masters of the MU Online private server development community. Explore a brand new redesigned version of the MU Online game here on this new longterm and professional private server. We guarantee to meet your MU nostalgia and provide you with probably the best MU Online server you have ever played. This server has been in development for a long time, and is now finally ready for you! Our server features all S3 Ep1 features plus our own original content, such as new events, new items, new boss monsters, and new world zones. Our gameserver backend runs on a fully customizable emulator built by our super talented lead programmer Shatter, and we have plans for additional content in the future. Our MU Game Client has also been rebuilt, optimized and features additional game options such as a Widescreen Mode, a controllable 3-D Camera, an inbuilt Auto-AFK Bot, and more! We are passionate fans and longtime players of MU, and have produced our 'perfect' version of this game we love. Hopefully, you will decide to join us, too. Our legendary server team includes: - Milamber (head admin/lead designer/owner) previously at Heroia MU - Shatter (lead programmer/developer) - KarLi (co-administrator) previously at Ganja MU - -UnicorN- (co-administrator) previously at LostLand MU - Caviar (team leader) previously at Lockdown MU - TakMarche (head game master) previously at Dream MU JOIN US ON DISCORD LINKS Faronnia MU Online free to play Diablo 2 style medieval fantasy NEW MMORPG 2018 Faronnia MU Wiki Faronnia MU Forum FARONNIA MYTH MU - Season 3 Episode 1 Modified - Made by MU fans, for MU fans. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [GAMESERVER_INFO] Exp Rate : 30x / GOLD Membership Exp Rate : 50x Item Drop : 50% / GOLD Membership Item Drop : 65% - Max Resets : 20 / Max Grand Resets : 1 Max Item Level : +13 / Max Item OptionLevel : +28 - Server location : London, UK / EUROPE Server connection : INTERNATIONAL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [SERVER_SETTINGS] Server type : Open PvP Castle Siege : Every 20 Days Guild Create Level : 300 Character Stats Limit : 20,000 Item Exc.Options Limit : 2 Ancient Items + Jewel of Harmony : YES Ancient Items + Exc.Options : YES Inventory/Vault Max Zen : 2,000,000,000 - [PK_SETTINGS] NPC Guard clear PK Status : YES Clear PK Status cost : 25,000,000 zen PK Time per kill : 1 Hour PK Item Drop chance : 2% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [JEWELS] Jewel of Soul success rate : 60% Jewel of Soul +Luck success rate : 85% Jewel of Life success rate : 70% - [ITEMLEVEL_ENHANCEMENTS] Item+10 Enhance success rate : 70% Item+11 Enhance success rate : 60% Item+12 Enhance success rate : 50% Item+13 Enhance success rate : 40% - [FENRIR_MIXRATES] Fenrir Level1 Creation success rate : 70% Fenrir Level2 Creation success rate : 50% Fenrir Level3 Creation success rate : 30% - [SD_POTIONS_MIXRATES] ShieldPotion Level1 sucess rate : 80% ShieldPotion Level 1 cost : 1,000,000 zen ShieldPotion Level2 sucess rate : 70% ShieldPotion Level 2 cost : 3,000,000 zen ShieldPotion Level3 sucess rate : 60% ShieldPotion Level 3 cost : 4,000,000 zen - [HARMONY_JEWEL] Purity success rate : 80% Purity cost : 15,000,000 zen Smelting cost : 5,000,000 zen Item Strengthen success rate : 80% - [Level380_ItemMix] Grade1 success rate : 70% Grade2 success rate : 50% Grade3 success rate : 30% Zen cost : 50,000,000 zen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [MU_EVENTS] 1. Blood Castle (every 2 Hours) 2. Devil Square (every 2 Hours) 3. Chaos Castle (every 2 Hours) 4. Illusion Temple (every 4 Hours) 5. Loren Deep (every 8 Hours) 6. Crywolf Fortress (every 10 Hours) 7. White Wizard (every 2 Hours) 8. Red Dragon Invasion (every 4 Hours) 9. Golden Monsters Invasion (every 4 Hours) 10. Kalima KUNDUN BOSS (every 3 Hours) 11. Kanturu Relics Boss 12. Golden Archer NPC 13. CASTLE SIEGE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [COMMAND_INFO] Global chat message command : /post Global chat message level requirement : 100 Global chat usage cost : 50,000 zen - [ADD_STATS] Requires character re-log : YES Add stats commands : /str , /agi , /vit , /ene , /cmd Minimum character level requirement : 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [RESET_SYSTEM] Reset Quests/Stats/Inventory : NO Reset character level requirement : 400 Reset cost : 50,000,000 zen Bonus StatPoints on reset : 100 Maximum resets : 20 Maximum grand resets : 1 Grand Reset requirement : 20 resets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [BOSS_MONSTERS] KUNDUN (Kalima, Arena/Stadium, spawns every 3 Hours) HYDRA (Atlans) METAL BALROG (LostTower) DEATH VIM KNIGHT (Tarkan, HellFortress) DARK PHOENIX (Icarus, Arena/Stadium) CURSED KING (Dungeon, Arena/Stadium) EROHIM (Arena/Stadium, LandOfTrials) HELL MAINE (Aida, HellFortress) MUTANT HERO (Tarkan, Arena/Stadium) AXE WARRIOR HERO (Arena/Stadium) GIGAS GOLEM (Arena/Stadium) OMEGA WING (Icarus, Arena/Stadium) HAMMER SCOUT HERO (Crywolf) WEREWOLF HERO (Crywolf) SCREENSHOTS OPTIONAL FEMALE SKINS MAGIC GLADIATOR GIRL DARK WIZARD GIRL Thank you for checking out the server, hope you decide to try it out!
  14. News - Mu Europe - Beta Test - The #1 Private Mu Server Browser . Official Website:Mu Europe Official Forum: MuEurope Discord channel: Host and Location: Dedicated Server / France This Server is in Beta Test !! Official server : S1-Lorencia will be released on 01.12.2018 ! How to Run The Game !!! : Forum Announcement: How To Start The Game Game Screenshoot Game description - Browser game 3D Resolution - no need download ( only the micro fix for Mozilla Firefox , or install a lower flash player 29.0.0.x and you can run this game from all browsers ) Works for High resolution with HD support - Lots of sets and items !!! -Auto Attack , Auto pick , Auto sell -Settings- Audio On/Off -You can have 2 characters on one account !! Characters : Fairy Elf , Black Knight , Dark Wizard . InGame Quests and Events - Scarlet Castle - Devil Square - Elite Challenge - Super Devil Square - Castle Siege ( Only Friday at 20:00) - Diamond Quest - Lost Map - BOSS - Maps & Personal -PK Map Resist World Maps Commander - Big monster who help you in combat !! - Max Lvl 18 Lots of rewards !! -Box Quest -Rank Rewards -Diamonds investment -Offline Reward -Recharge Reward -Vip Reward -Diamonds Reward + more on Game Start !!! -Market All Players who want to help for testing the server will receive 100 Credits ( to receive Credits pm Aministrator VooDo0 on Discord channel with your user ) All Credits you can exchange in diamonds (100 Credits = 10000 Diamonds in game) Please make fist time the character in game and after that exchange you credit . How to exchange First - click on User Details ---> go to Exchange --> sellect Game and Server -->exchange credit Below you have some Game Screenshots This Server is in Test Beta . We still have a lot of things to edit : Quests description, Titles , Items description +more We need support people for Forum , Game ,Video editing and Discord channel !!! Help Us to make this server better . Thank you !! Mu Europe Administrator
  15. MU Celenas¡Gran Apertura!Este Sábado 25 Hora: 6:00 PMHora Argentina:¡Beta Abierta! ¡Todo se consigue jugando!. Exclusivamente dedicado al Pvp, Trade y Eventos. Servidor Slow - Hard. SITIOS WEB Página Web: ➡ Foro: ➡ Facebook: ➡ Facebook Grupo: ➡ Twitter: ➡ Discord: ➡ CARACTERÍSTICAS 🔘Version: Season 6 Episodio 3 🔘Exp: 500x 🔘Drop: 50% 🔘Reset: Level 400 🔘Bug Bless: OFF 🔘Borra Stats: No 🔘Max Stats: 65000 🔘Puntos Por Lvl: 7 - 5 🔘Web Shop: Si (No Items F.O) 🔘Golden Box: Pack de 10 Joyas Random 🔘Silver Box: Items Exelent +3 🔘Spots: En todos los mapas 🔘Monstruos: Más daño y más vida 🔘Max Socket: +5 🔘MuHelper: 🔘Rangos por Resets: 🔘AntiHack: 🔘Anti Hack Launcher: 🔘Offtrade: 🔘Items Originales. 🔘Servidor Estable: 🔘AutoReconnect: 🔘Pvp Balanceado: 🔘HpBar: Monstruos 🔘HpBar y SDBar: Personajes 🔘Camara3D: 🔘MiniMapa: EVENTOS STAFF Y OFICIALES 🔘Blood Castle: 🔘Devil Square: 🔘Chaos Castle: 🔘Kalima: 🔘Invasión de Dorados: 🔘Kanturu Remain: 🔘Raklion: 🔘Castle Siege: 🔘CryWolf: 🔘LorenDeep: 🔘HalloweenPK: 🔘SkyEvent: 🔘TVT Event: 🔘Pvp EVent: 🔘Evento Medusa: 🔘Eventos Staff: 🔘Eventos Discord: 🔘Eventos Foro: 🔘Evento TopPk: 🔘Evento Soccer: 🔘Evento War Clanes: COMANDOS 🔘/post 🔘/pkclear 🔘/addstr (Agregar Fuerza) 🔘/addagi (Agregar Agilidad) 🔘/addvit (Agregar Vida) 🔘/addene (Agregar Energía) 🔘/addcmd (Agregar Comando) 🔘/warp 🔘/offtrade 🔘/reset 🔘/party 🔘/guild war 🔘/pet (Y un número, invoca un mob que te ayuda) Extras 🔘Contamos con dos servidores, uno Pvp y el otro No-Pvp. Los usuarios podrán crecer sin problemas y sin importar el tiempo que pase. 🔘Launcher Premium AntiHack. 🔘Foro exclusivo para los usuarios. 🔘Recompensa por Resets. 🔘Recompensa por Rango en el Foro. 🔘Por la calidad de nuestro servidor, puede notar que no cerraremos. 🔘Próximas mejoras y actualizaciones.
  16. Come And Play GrudgeMU Season 6Return of Legacy------------------------------GrudgeMU - Season 6 Classic | Legacy ServerFriends.Many old school players here knows this server well, The Community, Quality of Game & Service are truly unmatched!This Server was later on absorbed by Zhyper Network Merge and proceeded with Season 8 & Future Updates.Our goal is to rebuild GrudgeMU & its glory by staying with Season 6 Legacy permanently.This is the last Season (S6) of MU without Elementals.The server objective is to Unite all Season 6 Players in a server where long term service and quality is guaranteed.This server will be community based and absolute player driven environment & economy.But we are still open to suggestions, we would love to hear some brilliant ideas from you !Spread the News to your mates, and Lets make MU AWESOME like it was before! This is GRUDGE MU Legacy!Best Regards,Lemurios-------------------------------------SERVER INFORMATION !-------------------------------------Version: Season 6 Official ( Hunt Base Server )Powered by: MuEnginePremiumHosted by: MuEngine CloudExperience: x5000ML Experience: x1000Master Level: 220Drop: 80%Max Excellent : 7 OptionsMax Socket: 3 (Tri-Sphere)Chaos Machine: Webzen DefaultPVP Settings: Perfect@220MLGame Play PVP/PVMReset System: Keep StatMU Emulator Version: 2.20.2Castle Siege: 8:00-10:00PM (Sat)Unique Features:unique CS point systemunique own buff serverTarkan's PK MasterDevias , Devais GM's PVP CageTrade LogsStore Logs----------------------------------Freebies:2 Option Gear +15 DD+REF2 WeaponsComplete ACC With 2nd LVL Wingex.Buff + PandaFreebies is Automatically added When you Create Character----------------------------------Toca and add slot token in lord mixlucky tickets drop at lot and boss raids (Kundun nightmare medusa)Website: www.grudgemu.comFB Page: Group:
  17. Nuevo Servidor privado con anfitriones propios (0% lag) Mu Instinto Online Temporada 6 Episodio 3 Apertura sabado 21 de Julio 2018. Estadisticas: -PVP EQUILIBRADO -Skill Twisting Slash Bugg off -Exp 500x Drop 40% -24h VIP Free -Reset Free Lvl 400 -Reset VIP Lvl 350 -Master Reset 200 (borra puntos stats) -Espots Equilibrados en Todos los Mapas -Sets Coustom -NPC Equilibrados No venta de Joyas -Estatos Maximos 65000 (No borra Stats) -Trades Ingame Optimizado -Comercio artículos completos -Helper Lvl 80 -Guardianes para PK en arena -Juego Minimizado en Ventana de Puertas (F12) -Cámara 3D (F10) Web: (Velocidad Muy Rapida) -Diferentes formas de obtener Creditos Gratis -Sistema de amigo -Sistema de Intercambio -Sistema de Lotería -Baúl -Mejora de artículos -Cambio de elementos ACC -Venta de artículos -Enviar Creditos -Intercambio Horas Online por Creditos. -Compra de Stats -Compra y Venta de Personajes del servidor -Facebook Eventos Eventos: -Invacion Maldito Papá Conejo Lunar -Invacion -Invacion de la Bolsa Bendición -Castillo profundo -Illusion templo -Chaos Castillo -Invacion de la medusa -Mago Blanco -Devil Square -Invacion de Dorados -Invacion del Dragón Rojo Castillo -sangre -Invasion Rey Esqueleto -Kanturu Reliquias -Crywolf -Castle Siege -La Cleon hatchery -Ciudad de Santa Village Facebook: ServerWeb: Foro: Crea tu historia y forma parte de algo único. Atte: Admin Mu Instinto en línea.
  18. For hosting i suggest Google free trial compute engine, can run easy website free for nearly month, if want pay than can use Contabo hosting.
  19. Darkness is covering the land againFight for Honor & Glory! The opening will take place on July 1 2018 at 4:00 pm server time.The client download will be released on June 29 at 6:00 pm server time. Website and Community board is still under development Location: Los Angeles, CA US About us: To be a nonprofit server; we provide state of the art long term services to the public. Donation for "eCoins” will be used to keep the server up and running and to further develop our products and services. We assure that players get 10 times more what they pay for as a courtesy to their support and loyalty. Part of the profit generated will be given back to the EMU community by throwing away events, raffles and more. EMU will also support a certain charity institution in the future and cooperate in public service. Our Mission: Is to provide the best gaming experience to our community for the longest time possible, in order for us to achieve that we will provide Premium Support for our players, Ease of service: we strive to provide you with the best services plug and play our development team is pro-active in finding the best up to date features to benefit server side and player side, Community support: we provide customer support such as hack cases, scam cases, or simple gaming problems, we will also support the in game community to make it a good environment for all ages. We also have a pro-active forum staff that will be there to provide answers to questions and make our forum community a good place to hang out and share your thoughts. ✔Game Play Info: Experience: 20x Drops: 30% ML Exp: 10x Max ML : 200 Point Per Level : 5/7 Max Excellent: 2 (3 Lord Mix) Max Socket: 3(Tri-Sphere) Monster HP: 100% Cashshop - ON Jewel Success Rate: Default Chaos Machine Rate: Default Free starting items upon character creation RF and SUM creation : Card Powered By: MU Engine Cloud and MU Guard Anti Hack System ✔Features: *Account Lock System for players who have pilot, items will not be movable. *Account Auto Lock - Locks your Account every time you logout. *4 Digit Pin Code ( another security ) *Chaos Machine DC Item Auto Restore *Reconnect System: ON (It will reconnect you if you get DC) *Balance PVP Settings *PK King System Points - New ( PVP Server - Lorencia Ring) will announce every hour who has the highest Kill Points *PK & Hero Status Auto Announce*Server Side Anti Speed Hack Detection *Automated PVP Last Man Standing Event*Automated Scrambled Words Event *Automated Dungeon Race Event *Auto Update Client *and many many more ✔In- Game Commands: /addstr - Add Strength Attributes in Game /addene - Add Strength Attributes in Game /addvit - Add Strength Attributes in Game /addcom - Add Strength Attributes in Game /addagi - Add Strength Attributes in Game /clearpk - Clear PK Status /lock - Lock Your Account /unlock - Unlock Your Account /autolock ON - Locks Your Account Every Logout /checkchar - Verify Character if GM or Not /offtrade - Sell Items Offline More info will be posted before the server opens
  20. ::::MU BAHIA BLANCA:::::::: *Version: S6 1.04 *Experiencia: x2500 (Dynamic) *Drop: 30% *Mas de 10000 mobs activos *Spots en todos los mapas *Boss con drops increibles *PCPoints por hora conectado *PCPoints obtenidos de cazar mobs! *INCREIBLES promociones desde los npcBots (No es facil conseguir items) *WEB: *Todos los eventos funcionando *Manteniendo el estilo clasico del servidor *Muchas cosas mas! El servidor se esta haciendo en base a las especificaciones de los usuarios, asi que si estas interesado en jugar un server a tu gusto, veni! Staff MuBahiaBlanca.
  21. SITIO WEB Web Principal: INFORMACION Version: Season 4 Episodio 6 Experiencia: 5000x Drop Rate: 80% Monsters HP: 80% Bless Bug: OFF Maximos Stats: 65k Razas: Todas totalmente balanceadas RESET Nivel: 400 Zen: 5.000.000 Resetea stats: No Resetea inventario: No Resetea Poderes: No Camara 3D: Funcionando.
  22. Seriously... These guys are awesome! If you are looking for a web site that will work with your server this is the one to use! They do support their product and help you should you run into an installation issue. Also the config is easy. On a side note... Good host (The one we used) is I suggest them because if you want free ssl, and a good price with reliable performance we got it from them. A warning though... There is no support number. BUT the nice person who helped us in chat opened the db port we needed without complaint. They are also competent... She did not try to up sell us around the problem at all. She knew what i needed and helped. Unlike godaddy...
  23. 🤟 MU LATINO: GRAN INAUGURACIÓN MIÉRCOLES! 🤟 🤟 0 LAG !! SE ☯️ TEMPORADA 8X EPISODIO 3 ☯️ 🌟 Experiencia: 50x Dinámica (Varía según los resets ) 🌟 Gota del 60% 🌟 LIMITE RESET : 20 🌟 🌟 EXPERIENCIA LENTA, SISTEMA OFFATTACK, SPOTS INCREÍBLES. ¡NO ESPERES MÁS! 🌟 ¡TE REGALAMOS UNA SEMANA DE VIP PREMIUM! · Nivel máximo 400 · Restablecer estadísticas: Sí · Restablecer puntos: 400 · Fanpage: · Sitio web: · Información completa del servidor:
  24. [Professional Mu Online Season 12] [x30 and x500 Dynamic] [Play to Win] [No Web Shop] [Antihack] [3D Camera] [Economy Values are Wcoins, Jewels, Zen, RUUD] [Buy, Sell items in Market] [Great Configured] [No Maximum Stats] [Monsters Power Adjusted, Spots on Minimap] [Autoparty, Off store, Off leveling]
  25. ZealMu Season 10 Episode 3Website: Welcome to Zeal Mu Season 10 Ep 3 | MuEngine CloudDownload via google full client with sound: via google full client with no sound: Facebook Page: Facebook Group: FeaturesPVP Settings BalanceExp Rate X9999ML Rate x9999Drop rate 80%No WebshopMax Level 400Max Master Level 400Max Socket Slot 4MaxDrop Exelent 3optionMax stat: 32000===================STARTING CHARACTER1K LEVELUP POINTSSET FO+15+ BloodyWings of Conqueror (+15+L+Option)2 RING +PEN +15+FO+AD282 WEAPON FO+15PERMANENT ITEMS===================Max Excellent Option 6Max Drop Excellent Option 3 EXCELLENT OPTIONLordMix: 6 EXCELLENT OPTION===================Reset in Game ActiveGreset in Game ActiveRing of Block Active===================Chaos Machine Webzen DefaultBlood Castle Drops Bloody Items 2 option MaxDevil Square Drops Bloody Items 2 option Max===================Drop bossErohim Fo Item With Random SocketKundun Fo Item With Random Socketmedusa Fo Item With Random SocketSelupan Fo Item With Random Socket===================Automatic EventTrivia - 1 Cash PointBringme - 1 Cash PointHuntandkill - 1 Cash PointPvp Lastmanstanding - 5 Cash Point===================Command List Player/reset Value/greset Value/freezen Value/clearinv Name===================Friendly active GM's & Admin
  26. Server Name: DoA-Mu Server Version: Seson6 episod3 Drops: 50% Exp: x1000 Create Guild Level: 300 LVL Max GrandReset: 10 Max Reset 200 Reset Level: 400 LVL(1rr-350lvl/2rr-360lvl/3rr-370lvl/4rr-380lvl/5rr-390lvl) Max Level: 400 LVL Max Stats: 32767 Max Zen: Up Time: 24/7 More Info:
  27. SPACEX x300 - Opening TODAY ! * Get 500 Free Coins:
  28. NO CERRAMOS NUNCA NI VAMOS A CERRAR ESTE ES UN SERVIDOR ETERNO,PARA SIEMPRE NO MALGASTARAS TU TIEMPO... * Servidor solo para jugadores experimentados, que le gusten los retos, y amen el MU. * Solo items Originales, sin custom. Revive la experiencia de jugar MU online en sus inicios. * Sistema elemental desde nivel 1, totalmente balanceado para monstruos y pvp. * No pay to win, sin webshop, sin preferencias, sin editados, sin gm abusivos. * Sin Spots armados y exagerados,se levea con los monsters que se encuentran esparcidos en todos los mapas!. - Sumate que la vieja escuela volvio! PvP MU Server - Season 6 Ep 3 - Experiencia: 100x -Drop: 30% -Zen Bug: OFF Reset LvL: 350/400 Mantiene stats -Invasiones de dorados (muy duros como debe ser) -blood castle -happy hour -sky event -crywolf -ruleta -invasion de conejos -evento de navidad -evento de Año nuevo -evento de verano -PVP -devil square -chaos castle -happy level -castle siege -invasiones dragones rojos -PVP System y muchos eventos mas! LINKS: Web: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Servidor hosteado, 24 horas online
  29. DYNAMIC x500 Server - JUST OPENED (ONLINE) ! * Free 500 Coins:
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