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  2. when will be available update for season 16 ?
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  5. Goldenboy

    One more Admin

    yes, check constants.php
  6. labakais

    One more Admin

    Hello, is it possible to make two admins that can work in controlpanel at he same time?
  7. john

    Convert Items

    Item file load error - item with id: 256 not found in category: 15 After conversion
  8. Season 16 Upgrade

  9. i recommend cPanel hosting
  10. Hi Do you have a link or information anywhere of what I need? I already have the hosting ready for the actual MuOnline server that I plan to open up. Do I need to put anything in the hosting so the DmN CMS files that I will purchase will work? For example: Domain? I will purchase this soon but I need to know if I can set-up my MuOnline website in the hosting along with the server? SQL? Cpanel? Please let me know so I can fully purchase the one I currently have in the cart. If I purchase the installation service, what does it include? Is it website to be ready?
  11. looking for mu development by payment add whatap +393711870061
  12. it says logo pds cant open bad archive
  13. ok thank you ill make purchase soon
  14. works good with s15. But inventory equipment don't show elements only set/sword/shield/rings/wings.
  15. hi it works with s15 igcn files? no problem with mu_id column? i wont to test install on xammp also when i buy files when i get them ? Thanks i don't see anybody is alive here from staff or support this project is still active>?
  16. hi will it work with xammp apache ?
  17. Yes, it does. I'm using IGCN Season 15. I suggest the second host.
  18. same question, but me got my template, if is compatible with IGCN season 15 ep3? and how much the hosting?
  19. hello 1. Website DMN CMS is compatible for IGCN files S 15 EP 3 2. What hosting shuld you choose for website? OVH: Processor 1 vCore Memory 2 GB Storage 40 GB NVMe Bandwidth 250 Mbps - unlimited traffic* OS and applications Archlinux Centos cPanel CoreOS Docker OpenVPN Plesk Optional Vestacp Virtualmin WordPress Debian Fedora Ubuntu
  20. Hello (at first sorry for my English). I have troubles with settings RR and GR, RR system settings ina admincp have no Req GrandReset fiels (List every settings for reset system show parameter "Req GrandReset 0") is first issue, second issue RR system not add stats from GR - when checkbox " Bonud GR StatPoints" (yes "Bonud" its error I don't know that should be "Bonus" or "Bound"), whatever CMD not react on this setting... and third trouble, GR system not check req Level, when is set any number for ex. 400, characters with levels under that number can GR... Req. resets work, but Req. Leve
    is this works on 1.2 version?
  21. Hello! i want to understand what kind of data $mynewitems contains , because the part of this code " CAST('.$mynewitems.' AS varbinary(1920))" doesn't update data correctly in my sql and here is the result what i got 0x3030313831373936303730463030303030303030303046464646464646464646314631383630394141434136303030303030303030304646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646464646
  22. Hi all, Do you have guide docs on how to create payment plugins? in our country, we have local online payment, it has API, but i'm having hard time in figuring out how to integrate it in DmN CMS MU Thank you!
  23. genius

    Language Packs

    why so if it is written that it is free
  24. no working to install it. i press install or about and nothing happen.
  25. why i cant download language packs? what i must do?
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