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  3. Ex Mu is an international private MuOnline Season 6server which is the latest version of its kind. Therefore ourproject provides the best gaming experience having the newest features that all players are looking for in a game.Server open 17.01.2020 :18;00..:: OFFICAL CONFIGURATIONS SERVER ::..Location: EUROPEVersion: Season 6 CUSTOMWebsite: https://www.EX-MU.EUForum: COMMINGRegister: https://ex-mu.eu/registrationDownload: https://ex-mu.eu/downloadsEXP : 250MEXP : 100RAGE EXP : 100MAX LVL : 400 / MLVL 200 / RAGELVL 400RAGE SYSTEM ACTIVE : 400 LVL AND 200 MLVLDROP : 55%GUILD LVL OPENED : 250 LVL / ALLIANCE NEED 10 PLAYERSGUILD BUFF ACTIVE : NEED 10 PLAYERS ONLINEBONUS PARTY EXPPARTY BUFF ACTIVE : NEED MIN 5 PLAYERS IN PARTYNEW CUSTOM EXQUEST SYSTEM : REWARD QUEST / STATS POINTS / PREMIUM CREDITS / ZENBONUS MONSTER REWARDBALLANS CHARACTERS PVP AND PVMBONUS ONLINE TIMEARCHIEVEMENTS SYSTEM / BONUS POWER BUFFPREMIUM ACCOUTS 3 LVLGUILD BANKMULTI DEPOAUTO SEARCH PARTYNPC STOREWEBSHOP :OFFXSHOP : OFFJEWEL BANKSECURITY CODE ACCOUNTSSPOTS IN ALL MAPS / MINI MAP SPOTSNEW JEWELSNO PANDA AND SEALAUTO RECCONECT CHARACTERS , PARTY AND CHANGE LIDER PARTYRAGE SYSTEMOFFLINE MODE..:: RESET SYSTEM ::..NEED 400 LVL AND 100 KK ZENSTATY CLEAR >> 500 PKT FOR ALL CHARACTERSBONUS 25 CREDITSGRAND RESET :OFF..:: BONUS PARTY EXP ::..Party3ExpPercent = 105%Party4ExpPercent = 108%Party5ExpPercent = 111%Party2ExpSetPercent = 105 %Party3ExpSetPercent = 110%Party4ExpSetPercent = 116%Party5ExpSetPercent = 120%+10 ITEMS = 70% +LUCK ( ADDITIONAL 10%)+11 ITEMS = 65% +LUCK ( ADDITIONAL 10%)+12 ITEMS = 60% +LUCK ( ADDITIONAL 10%)+13 ITEMS = 55% +LUCK ( ADDITIONAL 10%)+14 ITEMS = 50% +LUCK ( ADDITIONAL 10%)+15 ITEMS = 45% +LUCK ( ADDITIONAL 10%)..:: DROP ::..JEWEL OF BLESS = NORMAL DROP , EVENTS , ETCJEWEL OF SOUL = NORMAL DROP, EVENTS , ETCJEWEL OF CHAOS = EVENTS AND ETCJEWEL OF LIVE = NORMAL DROP , EVENTS , ETCHEART OF LOVE = DROP JEWELSILVER MEDAL = ITEMS SET +6 +7 +8GOLD MEDAL = ITEMS SET +7 +8 + 9BOX OF HEAVEN = ITEM MIX IN BC DC NOT NORMAL DROPSILVER BOX = DROP EXC ITEMS BOX +4 BOX AND KEYS DROP NORMALGOLD BOX = DROP EXC ITEMS BOS +5 AND NEW JEWELS BOX AND KEYS DROP NORMALSTARS = NORMAL ITEMS +10+11BOX OF KUNDUN DROP ORGINAL..:: PREMIUM ACCOUNTS ::..Plus1ExpProcent = 15 %Plus1DropZenProcent = 5 %Plus1DamageProcent = 5 %Plus1WizardDamageProcent = 5 %Plus2ExpProcent = 25 %Plus2DropZenProcent = 10 %Plus2DamageProcent = 10 %Plus2DefenceProcent = 10 %Plus2WizardDamageProcent = 10 %Plus3ExpProcent = 35 %Plus3DropZenProcent = 15 %Plus3DamageProcent = 15 %Plus3DefenceProcent = 15 %Plus3WizardDamageProcent = 15 %..:: GUILD BUFF AND PARTY ::..BuffGuildMembOnline = 10 %BuffGuildDamage = 15 %BuffGuildDeence = 25 %BuffPartyMembCount = 5 %BuffPartyDamage = 25 %BuffPartyDefence = 10 %
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  5. Hello friends, With this, I come to introduce them to all users of the community. DGS Hosting Game Services is dedicated to selling dedicated servers, cloud servers, cPanel and Windows hosting, domain registrations, and more. We work with DATACENTER OVH, located in our country, Canada's servers, with the highest technology and security in the market. And to conclude our reception, we can only offer a symbolic promotion to all forum users. PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES: When buying any dedicated server or cloud servers. Get a 5% discount on monthly plans. When buying any cloud server in the quarterly cycle. Get: 10% off and a free initial website hosting while the server is live with us. When buying any semiannual plan. Get: 15% off, free hosting and 10 free days on your payment cycle. Hire any cloud server with annual cycle. Get free hosting for your site, DmN CMS license compatible with the latest version of MuOnline. Terms and conditions: 1: The promotion will only be valid for forum members. 2: Promotion is valid as long as we have servers in stock. 3: To apply this promotion, use the following monthly server discount coupon: DMNx1 4: To subscribe, use the following quarterly server discount coupon: DMNx3 5: To subscribe, use the following annual server discount coupon: DMNx12 Web licensing: The license will be linked to our CM DmN seller account; The license will be released immediately upon proof of payment. Licensing will be valid as long as you host your services with us at no extra charge or fee. Changes to domain and / or hosting information cost: $ 8 USD. Remember that the promotion is valid as long as there are servers in stock. Servers that apply to the promotion: Rise, Gamer & Advance Enjoy the guarantee of your high performance server right now. https://www.dgshosting.net Hosting plans 100% DmN compatible. DmN MuCMS - Server Environment Checker Congratulations! Your server meets the requirements for DmN MuCMS. You have PHP 7.1.0 (or greater) You have the curl extension You have the dom extension You have the gd extension You have the iconv extension You have the mbstring extension You have the pcre extension You have the pdo extension You have the SimpleXML extension You have the openssl extension You have the json extension You have the session extension You have the xml extension You have the Reflection extension You have IonCube loader version 10.0.0 (or greater)
  6. Christmas Sale at DmN CMS now!30% off for any license Our Christmas sale has already started. Now you can buy any of our licenses 30% off. Free yourself and set up your own muonline website with pro features. Don't miss it before is too late, limited time offer. Use this coupon 2020 until Jan/04/2020 and get your discount!
  7. ELITEMU - GENERAL INFORMATION Welcome to EliteMU Online - we are NEW and BIG Private MU Online Server, which is based on Premium IGCN MU Online Server files. The feeling here in this project is completely opposite from other servers. Game with astonishing entertainment. EliteMU Online is with well-considered gameplay and made to deliver best quality and stability. We wont tell you that our MU Online server is best or there is no bugs at all, but we give you a chance to see that our mu online server is Unique with our Hard Economy System, Nice Leveling Road, Interesting Gameplay and Well-Configured Server, which is made by Developers with more than 7 year experience. In future we plan to have 3 servers in total - LOW rate, MEDIUM rate and HIGH rate servers. ELITEMU - GAMEPLAY INFORMATION EliteMU is made for people who likes Original Features, no costumes etc. Working all latest Events - Doppelganger, Imperial Guardian, original rewards and Bosses. In Chaos Castle, Blood Castle and Devil Square, you receive different rewards in default events. To make gameplay more Unique, we decided to make some secret spots, where leveling will be little easier or safer. There is no spots like in ussual servers, we have worked with each map, added more monsters in all maps, without usual spots. Arena is available - we decided to keep arena, but leveling there wont be so easy like other maps. ELITEMU - EVENTS & FEATURES We have remade a lot of in-game features to make game more interesting. Interesting Lucky Coin System. Jewels, Zen and other features like Goblin Points, Items + Zen have a high value in-game ! Also features like Gold Coins, W Coins (C) for in-game Cash Shop 'X' can be only collected by players themselves. The fastest way to level-up is by leveling up in party, because of extra EXP Bonus. No OP Items, VERY Limited Webshop, VERY Limited Cash Shop 'X', Great GR and Event rewards, Nice level roading - Fair Play for everyone. ELITEMU - CHANGELOG (UPDATES & CHANGES) We are proud that in our servers dont have such a bugs (like evil spirit agility bug, hp bug or dark side skill). In our server Evil Spirit works on 32k agility, show full HP and Dark Side - works perfect. Im sure, you will like our server gameplay and the way how we made it. Just come and try it - Join Us ! ELITEMU - COMMUNITY LINKS * Website: https://www.elitemu.net * Registration: https://www.elitemu.net/registration * Downloads: https://www.elitemu.net/downloads * Community Forum: http://www.forum.elitemu.net ELITEMU - EXTRA INFORMATION - Characters & Formulas: HERE - Class PvM Damage: HERE - Class PvP Damage: HERE - Off-Leveling: HERE - Auto Party System: HERE - Party Bonus: HERE - Skill Drop List: HERE - Expanded Inventory: HERE - Gold Coins & Cashshop: HERE - Goblin Points: HERE - Lucky Coins System: HERE - Boss Respawn & Rewards: HERE - Event Times: HERE - Event Rewards: HERE ELITEMU - GAME SCREENSHOTS ELITEMU - WHY TO CHOOSE US ? ✔️ Responsible administration. Your opinion is important to us ! ✔️ Premium IGCN server files. Enjoy the best possible quality ! ✔️ Pretty unique configured server. You will not get bored here ! ✔️ Monthly, weekly events. Get rewards from TOP Voter, BC, DS, CC or Castle Siege ! ✔️ Protected against break-ins, DDOS and cheats! High stability Anti-Hack ! ✔️ Everything is done by us. Each part of the game is professionally configured !
    Very good translation package. I have been able to add this language to my site, almost without working, just add the folder to the directory, and everything is ready ✌️ Thanks for the input.
  8. Price, and the template support S15?
  9. hi please add me to skype: gavrilovdanny or papa danny#0102 on discord
  10. Experience rate: X500, Master Exp: X500 https://slayermu.net/ Max stats: 32000 Reset: 400lvl in game: Reward 10GP 2000RUUD, command /reset Stats Burns, free stats: 400 Each reset! Costs 1kk zen*reset! With goblin points you can buy Wings from Xshop! Soon more items will be added! Spots all maps 5-8 mobs, mobs starting from 3rd class and 4th class starts from 5mil till 100mil HP! Events, Double expereince rate Max connections per PC 5, Events 1 NON PVP maps, Devias, Atlans, Aida, Deep Dungeon1 Goblin point rewards from Events, 50points Spend Goblin points in xshop to get premium items/seals/pets or buffs! Only original items, no custom FO jewels etc! Xshop has wings and FO weapons. Sets must be grinded by players! Most strong and valuable sets are socket and new Silverheart ancient items! New Class Slayer, Sayer, Royal Slayer, Master Slayer, Slaughterer! Slayer is new female class character and is attack power is build only by Strenght. Charcter is similar to Dark Knight, as she can use some of the same skills and wings as well. Slayer items: Flat Short Sword, Dacia Short Sword, Cookery Short Sword, and can wear some of the DK items like: Wings of Dragon,Wings of Chaos and skill, Rageful Blow, Detection Bead Slayer skills: Rageful Blow, Twisting Slash, Rush, Pierce Attack, Detection, Sword Inertia, Bat Flock! Skills video HERE New Wings for Slayer, Wings of Silence New MUUN Desmodus for Slayer New Map: Abyss Atlans, Scorched Canyon New Monsters for Map Scorched Canyon New Mastery Weapons and Items for all classes New UI for Item Upgrade System 2nd level Earrings support, 2nd level Earrings mixes, 2nd level Earrings new options Summoner Renewal - Berserker Buff, Darkness Buff, Death Scythe Skill, Remake of old skills (Explosion, Requiem, Pollution) Summoner Renewal - changes in 3rd and 4th Skill Tree, New Items (Books), Changes in Excellent / Set Options New pet, Ghost Horse New Items 4th and 5th (Soul, Blue Eye) for Rune Wizard New Mastery Weapons for Rune Wizard
  11. Black Friday at DmN CMS now!25% off for any license Our Black Friday sale has already started. Now you can buy any of our licenses 25% off. Free yourself and set up your own muonline website with pro features. By the way, we just announced DmN MuCMS 1.2.0 with season 15 support. Don't miss it before is too late, limited time offer. Use this coupon F1DFD until 11/30/2019 and get your discount!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    https://www.unitpay.ru payment system


  13. neo6

    PayU Plugin

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    https://www.payu.com payment system


  14. Version 1.0.0


    Top Monster Killer Ranking This plugins requires CMS Version 1.2.0 Plugin is made for IGCN Server Files, but it is open source so you can edit it by your needs.


  15. We will integrate your template into cms for you.

    We only work with html templates!


  16. We will help you upgrade your existing version to newer version, template, configs if you cannot do it by yourself.


  17. We will help you setup your cms.


  18. Season 14 supported, season 15 will be released soon. There is only one package we offer blessing.
  19. This cms fully compatible igcn season 14-15 files? Have many problems after install? What package must i buy, if i new? Just only blessed?
  20. Thanks for the response, I will be waiting and I think that many in this forum will be very happy Regards
  21. The update will be released to all customers. Probably today. The renewal rate hears some readjustments.
  22. Hi I saw a couple of days ago that you had the upgrade version for season 15, but it is gone, it is an update that we can use customers or is that you sell the package separately. I wanted to buy it but you don't have it anymore Regards
  23. neo6

    Language Packs

    Only customers can download
  24. Most programs are encrypted. How can I modify the language?
  25. genius

    Language Packs

    admins plase resolve this problem me to cant download any pack
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