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  4. Grand Opening: 10.01.2019 (17:00) Register Opening: ONLINE - Version: Season 6 Episode 3 - Host: Germany - Exp: x500 - Max resets: 10 (Increase every Sunday +5 - 20:00!) - Vote reward: WCoins - Global drop: 50% - ELFBuff = till 350 level - Max stats: 65000 - Grand Reset : 50 Resets = 5000 Credits for our WebShop! - Stats after Reset: 500*Resets * Monster HP bar * Bot Buffers - buffs from NPC * Boxes, Medals drop Yewels+Custom Yewels * Gens system - Fully working Gens system * Master Skill Tree System * Rage Fighter fully working * New Wings, Weapons, Features, Interface, Items etc... * Marry System * Official Mu Helper - Official WebZen AutoClicker * Guild & Auto Party system * Can get free Credits for voting * Customs Items can be + 3 Sockets! In Game! * Webshop can add +5 Sockets - Normal Items! * In Shop Customs Items to buy +6 for Level 180! * Socket systems, Harmony options * Basic spots have 10-15 monsters per spot * AutoAttack, OffAttack, AutoParty * MaxStats: ON * PayPal:ON (Can buy in our Webshop) * Exchange Credits: ON * Grand Reset: ON * Exchange Hours: ON * Customs Items: ON * Socket on Customs Items: ON * WebShop: ON (Credits from GrandReset we will Import every Sunday in our new WebShop!) * VoteReward for Credits: ON * CashShop: ON * PartyExp: ON * Game Drop Custom: ON * Market System: OFF * FO Items: OFF (Max 3 Option) Very much more - About 400 Customs Items and Features! + Hearts (Drops Yewels) + Silver & Gold Medals (Drops Yewels) + Firecrackers (Drops Yewels) + Silver & Gold Boxes (drops Box of Kunduns) + Lucky Coin (collect Lucky Coins and exchange them to Jewels) + Red Dragon Invasion + Golden Invasion + White Wizard Event + Blood Castle (Prize: CUSTOMS YEWELS) + Devil Square + Castle Siege (every week on Sundays) + Chaos Castle (Prize: CUSTOMS YEWELS) + Illusion Temple (Prize: CUSTOMS WINGS) + Kalima Event + Kanturu Event + Raklion Hatchery + Doppelganger Event (Prize: CUSTOMS WINGS) + Imperial Guardian (Prize: CUSTOMS WINGS) + Medusa Event + Castle Siege + Loren Deep + Kundun (Drop: Acient+Customs Wings) Dark Knignt / Blade Knight / Blade Master Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Grand Master Fairy Elf / Muse Elf / High Elf Summoner / Bloody Summoner / Dimension Master Magic Gladiator / Duel Master (from 220 level) Dark Lord / Lord Emperor (from 250 level) Rage Righter / Fist Master (from 250 level) DK - 5 DW - 5 Elf - 5 SUM - 5 DL - 7 MG - 7 RF - 7 After "Marlon", +1 point per level. Jewel of Bless - 100% Jewel of Soul - 60% Jewel of Life - 70% Item +10 - 100% Item +11 - 90% Item +12 - 80% Item +13 - 70% Item +14 - 60% Item +15 - 50% Every Sunday (20:00 o Clock) we will Import all Credits, what you received in one Week to our new WebShop! And delete the Old Credits! Website: News - Welcome to AcraMu Season 6 Episode 3 Custom Pictures:
  6. GRAND OPENING SERVER 25 DECEMBER Server Website: Forum: Page: Version: Season 9ep2 Full Regular Experience: 5x Master Exeperience: 5x VIP Experience: 20x Max Regular Level: 400 Max Master Level: 330 Monster Item Drop: 30% Max Stats per 1 Characteristic: 32767 Points Per Level: 5/7 Web Item Shop: ON Grand Resets : ON In-Game X Shop: OFF Offattack / Offleveling: ON View of 3D Camera: ON Antihack / Anticheat: ON Low Performance Mode: F9 to ON / OFF RATES Bless Success Rate = 100% Soul Success Rate = 65% Life Success Rate = 55% Harmony Success Rate = 60% Items with Luck = + 20% Mix Item Level +10 = 70% Mix Item Level +11 = 65% Mix Item Level +12 = 60% Mix Item Level +13 = 55% Mix Item Level +14 = 50% Mix Item Level +15 = 70% Items with + Luck = + 25% Socket Items have -5% chance on any mix COMMANDS General Commands: / post, / move, / addstr, / addagi, / addvit, / addene, / addcmd, / pkclear, / war, / soccer. Custom Commands: / offtrade, / offattack
  7. MURUN is a private server of MU Online which stands out for its slow type features, our configurations were achieved in a very detailed way with the help of many players. We search with our server to find a comfortable place to have fun with your friends!
  8. Version: Season 12 Part2! Normal Exp: x1000 Master Exp: x500 Max Level: Normal=400, Master=650 Max Stats: 65535 Max Resets: 999 Max option: +28
  9. Server Experience: 500x Server Drop: 25% Excellent Items Drop: 25%(From all mobs!) Points per Level: BK/SM/ELF - 5 | MG/DL - 7 Guild create level: 220 Level required Max items level: +13 +28 Bless Bug: Off Quest System: Yes Vip System: Yes Webshop: Yes(In WebSite) .:Perform:. Reset: Website VIP Reset: Server GrandReset: Website Add Points: Website/Server(only VIP) Change Name: Website Change Class: Website .:Grand/Reset Info:. Max Level: 400 Level Reset Level: 400 Level Vip Reset Level: 350 Level Keep stats after reset: No Points per Reset BK/ELF: 535/550 Points per Reset SM/MG: 570/625 Points per Reset DL: 725 Grand Reset: 60 Resets Grand Reset Reward: 150 Credits .:Server Events:. Sky Event Happy Hour Event Happy Level Up Event Blood castle (1-7) Chaos Castle Event Devil Square Event Chaos Castle Event Golden Invasions Event Hall of Fame Event And Gamasters Events .:Success Rates:. Item +10: 75% (65% if no luck) Item +11: 70% (60% if no luck) Item +12: 60% (50% if no luck) Item +13: 55% (45% if no luck) Jewel of Life 60% (70% if no luck) Jewel of Soul 60% (45% if no luck) 2nd level Wings 90% Maximum possible .:Party bonus exp:. PartyExp3 150 ; 3 players exp % PartyExp4 170 ; 4 players exp % PartyExp5 190 ; 5 players exp % .:In-Game Commands:. /post (global message) /marry, /accept, /tracemarry, /divorce Only for VIP /questinfo Quest Information /charinfo Char Information /vipinfo For check your vip status /exit Exit To game /offtrade Only for VIP /vault (1/10) Only For VIP /str, /agi, /vit, /ene, /cmd Only for VIP /evo Only for VIP /move race, /move bar, move arena(25 from level) Only for VIP
  10. MU.INTERKASA.NET PRESENTS! Links:Discord Server: INTERKASAForum: OVH FranceThe Interkasa Mu presents an S13Ep1 Mu Online server with a completely different gameplay experience compared with what you know before. We try to provide a new type of gameplay; all players will have equal chances against other players. The huge difference between a number of resets, or OP items is gone on our server. NO MORE OVER POWER PLAYERS, NO MORE PAY TO WIN, NO MORE HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PLAYERS RESETS OR PLAYERS ITEMS. ONLY YOUR GAME SKILL WILL MAKE YOU A WINNER ON THIS SERVER! If you miss the old features from Mu Online, now is your chance to play.The server is divided into 5 stages. Each stage will unlock some game content according to some old mu releases. Won’t be the same but will be some things which we will take in consideration in order to mirror the old releases. The first version was 97d, well, the server will start with low content than that version but some features which were released later will still be available. In a short example, we will have the following. (Warning! The example described below is not full)Stage 1Reset Level: 350Max Resets: 10Grand Reset: Online (10RR)Xp: Dynamic4 chars available to play (DW,BK,ELF,MG)Max lvl wings available 1Maps: Up to Tarkan + Kalima 4BC, DS, CC, IL: Up to 3Quest: 1st (150 lvl)Golden Invasion: Max bok+3Rare Items: On invasion (hunt Ice Queen, Balrog, Gorgon)Other events, features, etc.Stage 2Reset Level: 380Max Resets: 25Grand Reset: Online (25RR)DL Character ReleasedMax level wings 2Maps: Aida, Icarus, Kanturu 1-2 + Kalima 5 6 7, Crywolf, ReleasedGolden Invasion: Max bok+5Kanturu Event, Crywolf Event ReleasedOther events, features, etc.Stage 3Reset Level: 400Max Resets: 40Grand Resets: Online (40RR)Summoner & RF characters releasedQuests: Lvl 3 AvailableMaps Like: Raklion, Swamp of Calmness, Karutan 1-2 Released, ElbelandEvents Like: Selupan Medusa Gaion ReleasedOther events, features, etc.You got the idea, our server will release small content of the game, to avoid targeting only the latest features. These stages will increase the competition on the server, all the players will have the chance to get the desired items. Gameplay will be more relaxed, no more hate just nice experience. Enough about how the server is structured, let’s talk about what the server will offer to the players in stage 1!BASIC INFO:Vote Reward: Available and will not reset.Max Connection per IP: 5Chaos Machine : 99% - 75 %Soul success rate : 85 %Life success rate :80 %Freewebies: NoX-SHOP Online: Currency, WCoins.Your class Drop Only: All the event boxes (Bok's, Candy Box, Chocolate Box, Bosses) will drop items only for your class!JWL's Drop: NO (Can be found only on events or boxes [Heart of love,Firecracker,Candy,Chocolate] or Invasion Rabbits)9 New Jwls Available.STAGE 1:Reset Level: 350Max Resets: 10Grand Reset: Online (10RR)Chaos Castle: ON4 chars available to play (BK,SM,ELF,MG-220LVL)Max lvl wings available: Lvl 1Maps: Up to Tarkan + Kalima 4BC, DS, CC, IL: Up to 3Quest: 1st (150 lvl)Golden Invasion: Max bok+3Red Ragon Invazion: Rings and pendant exe (small chance to drop exe + 7 - +13) Rare Items: On invasion ( Ice Queen, Balrog, Gorgon) +7 - +15The main skills for the Caracters can be found on 1 specific monster.(Cursed King - Noria, Lorencia) He will spawn every 30 second and will drop for specific class. (Bk= bk skill etc..)Also he can be found in Lorencia and Noria.Events:BC, DS, IL, CC,Golden Invasion,Skeleton King Invasion, White Wizard, Happy Hour, Mini Games.Invasions: Golden Invasion : Max bok+3 (5 Goldens/Map)Red Dragon invasion: Rings and Pendant +0 or +7 - +13Jewel's Invasion : Hunt RabbitsGolden and Silver box invasion: Hunt Golden and White SnakesComplex Potion Invasion: Hunt Green and White Monkeys.Pets Eggs Invasion: Hunt RabbitsRare Items Invasion : Hunt Ice Queen, Balrog, GorgonCastle Siege:27 Spots in Lot.Senior: 1 item per day (380 Weapons only)Monsters from LOT will drop GM Box (Low Chances - 380 Items Only)Ancient drop rate: LowCC EventAncient ItemsJwl of Excess - Add 3 random options on item.Jwl of Kundun - Makes an item +15Jwl of Kondar - Make an item FOCherry Event:Gather 255 Golden Cherry Branch and you will obtain an Item of S2 (Eclipse,Iris etc)Golden & Silver BoxSealed Boxes drop on Snake Invasion or Golden+Silver Medal and Keys drop from BC or DS Monsters.Drop:Gobler Items exe +7 - +11 Nice Rewards (Xp Pets, Rings etc)New Jwls:BC & DSNice Rewards: Xp Pets, Rings Xp, New Jwls etc.Event Box:Candy Box + Chocolate Box = Non-Exe Items + Jewels For your class onlyFirecracker = Non-Exe rings + jewelsHeart of love = jewels (low rate).PKCan be cleared with Indulgence (Drop from Box of Heaven)Other features from the newest versions are still in place, we can’t mention all of them because don’t make the difference but will improve your gameplay or will help you a lot. Each stage release will be announced with at least 2 weeks before the release date. A currency like RUUD will be available on the server, just all of you to have the chance to gather the right amount for the items. (ITEMS WON’T BE AVAILABLE). Also, our website will have a lot of modules to have fun or to win some currency. Vote for us every day in order to populate our server. Also, you will get some rewards for your votes.
  11. Willing to buy template for dmn. It must be good looking and kinda unique. Message me offers with examples..
  12. [AD] [5000x | Seasons 6 | Drop 50%] Server Information Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Experience: 5000x Master Experience: 500x Drop Rate: 50% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Master Level: 220 Maximum Excellent Option: 7 Maximum Socket: 5 (Tri Sphere) Points Per Level: 7 Limited Stats for 1 Characteristic : 32767 Limit of Max HWID = 3 (max 3 open client windows from 1 computer) Server Features Premium Anti Hack Real Play To Win Server All Class Combo Cash Shop in-game Webshop Active & Non-bias Staff Grand Reset System Auto Reconnect System Daily Events hosted by the Staff Custom Jewels, Events & Quizes Hunt Base System Vote Reward Quest System Castle Siege (Coming Soon) MajestyMU Team
  13. Apertura dia 11/12/2018 12:00 hs argentina! Caracteristicas: Versión del juego: Season 6 Ep 3 Experiencia: 1500x Drop: 70% Reset: 400 Level. Borra stats y da 850 por reset. Restablecimiento maestro: estadísticas de borra. Nivel máximo: 400 RESET Borra stas: SI. Stats por cada nivel: 5/7 Spots de kunduns en aida 2 Tienda en Devias con venta de box of kunduns hasta +2 Creación de Gremio: 150 lvl Nivel para unirse a Gens: 50 Level para activar Mu Helper: 80 Cámara 3D: Si (F10 on / off y F11 normal) Eventos: Batalla de fútbol Castillo de sangre Castillo de asedio Castillo de Crywolf Diablo Cuadrilla Invasión del dragón Invasión dorada Invasión del mago blanco Raklion of Hatchery Rabbit Invasion Guardián imperial Evento Kanturu (Maya) Evento Kalima (Kundun) Templo de la ilusión Comandos: "/ move" "/ post" "/ addstr" "/ addagi" "/ addvit" "/ addene" "/ addcmd" "/ pkclear" "/ ware" "/ reset" "/ disconnect" "/ re" "/ tienda bless, chaos, soul, etc " " / offstore " " / attaack " " / offattack " WEB´s:
  14. the same... Problem with character market... We are all waiting you salvis ;(
  15. admin dont awnser me too for long time and I cant open my mu online, I paid template, etc but not received yet
  16. WEB: MuContinent INFO Version: Season 6 Exp: 90x~10x (Dinámica) Exp Master: 10x (200 ML) Drop: 30% Spots: 7 mobs (Hot 10 Mobs) Elf Buffer: 250 (Nivel Máximo) Summoner: 1 (Nivel Requerido) Magic Gladiator: 1 (Nivel Requerido) Dark Lord: 1 (Nivel Requerido) Rage Fighter: 1 (Nivel Requerido) 10 cuentas por PC RESET ● Reset Tipo: Puntuativo ● Reset Nivel: 400 ● Reset Stats: Si ● Reset Puntos: 500 x RR EXTRAS ➠ Helper Season 6 ➠ Resoluciones 640x480~1920x1080 ➠ Disconnect Friends (Login) ➠ AutoParty (/re auto) ➠ AutoPost (/autopost) - VIP ➠ AutoAdd (/add auto) - VIP ➠ LastDeath (/lastdeath) - VIP ➠ AntiRobos AntiDelete (/pin) ➠ Mapa Spots NPC Gates [TAB] ➠ OffStore Botones de venta ➠ Minimizador Tray Icon Reductor de recursos [F12] ➠ Reconector AutoHelper AntiDisconnect ➠ Launcher AutoUpdate ➠ Items Acc de versiones nuevas ➠ OffAttack Helper Activo AutoParty
  17. NEW SERVER 'x100' will be opened on 8 DECEMBER at 16:00 by Server Time ! > WEBSITE: > DOWNLOAD CLIENT: > REGISTER NOW: Information about "LOW" x100: - Version: Season 6 Episode 3 - Exp: x100 - Max resets: 100 (price 10,000,000 * resets) - Reset reward: 10 Coins + 10 Gold Coins - Grand reset on 100th reset (price 1,000,000,000) - Grand reset reward: 3000 Coins + 300 Gold Coins - Global drop: 50% - ELFBuff = till 350 level - Max stats: 32767 (32000 recommended) - Stats after grand reset: 15000 * GR Server features: * Auto Recconnect * Good Exp and rewards in Events like BC DS CC * Monster HP bar * Bot Buffers - buffs from NPC * Online top - for every 5 minutes ingame you will get Goblin Point * Gens system - Fully working Gens system * Master Skill Tree System * Rage Fighter fully working * Bonus Event (Happy Hour) * Marry System * Official Mu Helper - Official WebZen AutoClicker * Guild & Auto Party system * Can get free Coins for voting, resets, grand resets. * Original WebZen quests. * Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Gold * Socket systems, Harmony options * Basic spots have 6 monsters per spot Quests: + Hearts + Silver & Gold Medals (drops non-exc items from level +6 to +9) + Firecrackers + Silver & Gold Boxes (drops Box of Kunduns) + Lucky Coin (collect Lucky Coins and exchange them to Jewels) + Red Dragon Invasion + Battle Soccer + Golden Invasion + White Wizard Event + Blood Castle + Devil Square + Castle Siege (every week on Sundays) + Chaos Castle + Illusion Temple + Kalima Event + Kanturu Event + Raklion Hatchery + Doppelganger Event + Imperial Guardian + Medusa Event + Castle Siege + Loren Deep Available classes: Dark Knignt / Blade Knight / Blade Master Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Grand Master Fairy Elf / Muse Elf / High Elf Summoner / Bloody Summoner / Dimension Master Magic Gladiator / Duel Master (from 220 level) Dark Lord / Lord Emperor (from 250 level) Rage Righter / Fist Master (from 250 level) Points Per Level: DK - 5 DW - 5 Elf - 5 SUM - 5 DL - 7 MG - 7 RF - 7 After "Marlon", +1 point per level. Jewel of Bless - 100% Jewel of Soul - 60% Jewel of Life - 70% Chaos Machine: Item +10 - 65% Item +11 - 60% Item +12 - 55% Item +13 - 50% Item +14 - 45% Item +15 - 40% * Success rate to item with Luck add +20% Points per reset: DK - 1200 points DW - 1200 points ELF - 1200 points SUM - 1200 points MG - 1400 points DL - 1400 points RF - 1400 points Other Information: For more information about Servers Item Drop, Boss Rewards and Respawn times, Event times and rewards, Cash Shop, wCoins(C), PvP/PvM damage and other configurations you can find out at our Community Forum !
  18. Server Name: Colony-Mu Version: 97d Jewel Bug: OFFLINE Reset Level: 350 Maximum Level: 350 Maximum Resets: 200 Restart Stats: Keep Maximum Stats Points: 32767 No Full items !!! Server Status: Online Commands for points: /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene Server Events **New Quest System update **Happy Hour **Devil Square **Blood Castle **Sky Event ( every day at 19:00 P.M=Server Time ) **Bonus Party System =====NO FULL ITEMS====== =======NO BUGS====== =====FRESH DATABASE=====
  19. In-game EVENT Today in ~2 hours ! UPDATE v4.0 [+] Added 1 day FREE VIP for newbies (bonus for newcommers) [+] Added 2 New Spots in LOT [+] Added reported missing item drops from specific monsters [+] Fixed Connect Server issue [+] Fixed Selupan respawn issue [+] Fixed Box of Kundun +3, +4, +5 item drop issues [+] Fixed reported VIP in-game issues [+] Disabled using Harmony Options with Ancient Items [+] Increased Jewel of Soul success rate by +10% [+] Increased Jewel of Life success rate by +10% [+] Increased Dimensional Sign (Dimensional Mirror Event ticket part) drop rate % [+] Decreased Jewel of Guardian drop rate % [+] Decreased Suspicious Scrap of Paper (Imperial Guardian [Varka] Event ticket part) drop rate % [+] Changed Imperial Guardian [Varka] Event item drop from Statue (higher lvl = better rewards) [+] Changed Mirror of Dimension Event chest rewards (higher lvl = better rewards) [+] Updated correct Event timer at the website [+] Updated in-game Buffer Bots [+] (LOW) Decreased Ancient Item drop rate % in LOT [+] (LOW) Removed Scrolls from Devias NPC (Wizard Izabel) for SM [+] (HIGH) Updated News System [+] (HIGH) Decreased Crest of Monarch and Loch Feather drop rate % [+] (HIGH) Increased Condor Flame drop rate % in Balgass Barrack map [+] (HIGH) Increased ML exp + 20 exp (from x10 to x30) [+] (HIGH) Increased drop rate % for all 3 fenrir parts (Splinter of Armor, Bless of Guardian, Claw of Beast) [+] (HIGH) Changed first reset level requirement - first reset from 350 level (bonus for newcommers) [+] (HIGH) Changed first reset zen requirement - first reset is for free (bonus for newcommers) [+] (HIGH) Changed in-game regular NPC shop item list [+] (HIGH) Added Scrolls in Devias NPC (Wizard Izabel) for SM [+] Updated some information in our Game Guide site P.S. - Information about EASY x9999 Server will be posted soon !
  20. тебя нае**ли данный сайт уже крякнутый в паблике валяется.

  22. All new REGISTER receive 10 Credits! StartZen 10 000 000 StartPoints 1000 Play2Win General Information: Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Custom Regular Experience: 500x (sometimes DOUBLE EXP EVENT) Master Experience: 100x Drop: 50% Max Regular Level: 400 Max Master Level: 400 In Shop +6 Custom Item Max Stats 32767 (till 75 Resets) From 75 Reset (65 000 MaxStats!) Points per Level: 5/7 Webshop: ON (Season 1-3 Items) CashShop: ON VoteReward: ON Offattack: ON Exchange:ON Transfer:ON Online Hours:ON CandyBoxes/Medals: Drop Yewels Kundun: Drop Acient+Customs Wings Vote or buy Credits Reset Information: Level: 400 FreeStat after Reset: 250 Stats Keep: YES Max Reset: 50 (Will be increase!) Grand Reset: NO! RESET IN WEBSITE! In Game Features: Max Item Level: +15 (HOT!!) Max Empty Socket slot: +3 (HOT!!) Max to use Socket slot: +3 (HOT!!) Max Option: Full Option (HOT!!) VIP SETS/WEAPONS: AVAIBLE! (HOT!!) Customs Sets/Wings/Weapons: ON (HOT!!) Acient+Excellent:ON (HOT!!) Socket+Excellent: ON (HOT!!) VIP ITEMS 380ItemOption: ON (HOT!!) All Customs ITEMS can be add +5 SOCKET! (HOT!!) Wings Level 2 in Shop! (HOT!!) In Candy Boxes, Medals drop all Yewels+some Customs Yewels! (HOT!!) Spots in every Map! (HOT!!) 2 Kundun Spots in Arena! DROP:ACIENT+CUSTOM WINGS (Every 3 HOURS) (HOT!!) 1 Golden Spots in Arena! (HOT!!) Balance PVP (HOT!!) Points for CashShop you receive with exhcange (WEB) or Events like BC! (HOT!!) Customs Move (expample /pvp) (HOT!!) Commands: /post /a (AGI) /f (STR) /v (VIT) /e (ENE) /c (CMD) /evo /pk /ware /limparinv (clearinv) /soccer /war /attack (autoattack) /offattack (offattack) Customs: 90 Customs Sets (HOT!!) 50 Customs Swords (HOT!!) 20 Customs Shields (HOT!!) 18 Customs Wings (HOT!!) 9 Customs Bows (HOT!!) 10 Customs Staffs (HOT!!) 5 VIP SETS + WEAPONS FOR ALL CLASS (HOT!!) New Maps (HOT!!) New Events (HOT!!) New Yewels (HOT!!) New Features (HOT!!) HP Bar (HOT!!) Rank User (HOT!!) Events: (Drops) BloodCastle (CashShop Points,Boxes) ChaosCastle (CashShop Points, Yewels) DevilSquare (CashShop Points) CastleSiege CastleDeep Summer Event Invasions Doppelganger (2 Customs Wings) Varka Event Crywolf XMasEvent Imperial Event (2 Customs Wings) Illusion Event ( 1 Custom Wings) Kantru Event Drop Event (Yewels, Box) Big Seasons Event! (exa. Xmas, Halloween, Valentine etc.) ReiDoMu (CashShop Points) etc... Join us now for more!! Website: Pictures:
  23. Sarmiento Mu OPEN 23/11/18 18:00HS ARG. Version Season 12 Epi 2 Web: Facebook: Experience 30x VIP x60 Exp Master 15x VIP x20 Drop 40% (General) Max Stats 65000 Spots 5 mobs (Hots 6) Buffers NPC 250 (Max Level) SUM/MG/DL/RF 1 (Req Level) Shops Skills only IP Limit 3 accounts (One party) Semifull Items Off Full Items Off VIP On Monster HP 100% Zen Bug Off RESET Tipo: Quita stats Puntos: 400 x Reset Limite: 130 RR - Luego se ampliara EVENTS AVAILABLE All the events of the version work at 100% BONUS Happy Hour Rain Minute Lucky Helper LUCK Moss Gambler Chaos Card BATTTLE Castle Siege Illusion Temple Chaos Castle SURVIVAL Double Goer Blood Castle Devil Square Imperial Guardian INVASION Fire Flame Ghost Lunar Rabbits Ice Queen Gorgon Balrog Hydra Zaikan Red Dragons Golden Troops MINI BOSSES Bad Santa Skeleton King White Wizard BOSSES Erohim (Loren Deep) Kundun (Kalima Relics) Medusa (Swamp of Peace) Kanturu Door (Nightmare) Hatchery Gate (Selupan) Fortress Attack (Balgass) Clear Skills: No Clear Inventory: No Clear Quests: No MACHINE Mix +10 90% (Success) Mix +11 85% (Success) Mix +12 80% (Success) Mix +13 70% (Success) Mix +14 60% (Success) Mix +15 50% (Success) Wings Level 1 80% (Max) Wings Level 2 70% (Max) Wings Level 3 60% (Max) Condor Feather 60% (Max) Raven and Horse 60% (Success) Piece of Horn 70%(Success) Broken Horn 50% (Success) Fenrir 30% (Success) Fenrir Upgrade 79% (Success) AG Potions 30% (Success) 380 Option Purple 70% (Max) Lucky Refine 60% (Success) The objects +Luck raise +25% the probability of success COMMANDS GENERAL /post: Send global message (Example: /post party lv 380) /ware: Use multiple warehouses (Example: /ware 5) /pkclear: Clean the kills (Example: /pkclear) /lastdeath: Show who killed your character with time/date (Example: /lastdeath) - VIP POINTS /addstr: Add points in strength (Example: /addstr 50) /addagi: Add points in agility (Example: /addagi 40) /addvit: Add points in vitality (Example: /addvit 30) /addene: Add points in energy (Example: /addene 20) /addcmd: Add points in command (Example: /addcmd 10) AUTOMATIC /re < on/off >: Autoaccepts or denies party requests (Example: /re on) /re auto < key >: Autoaccepts or denies party requests with key (Example: /re auto 4532) OFF MODE /offattack: Your character is leveling and collecting in disconnected mode (Example: /offattack) /offstore: Your character is selling with your store in disconnected mode (Example: /offstore) BATTLE /war < guild >: Declare a war by point to another clan (Example: /war Pekadores) - Leaders /soccer < guild >: Play soccer match in the arena by point with another clan (Example: /soccer Pekadores) - Leaders
  24. ★Max Normal Level: 400★Max Master Level: 200 ★Max Stats: 32767 ★Exp Normal: 150x ★Exp Master: 5x ★Drop: 45 % ★Jewel of Soul: 60 % + (25 % Luck) ★Jewel od Bless: 100 % ★Jewel of Life: 80%
  25. Exp rate: 15x Master exp 5x Drop rate: 10% Max character level: 1150 Regular Points per level: 5/7 After reset ''no reset status''keep points bonus+10 Master points per level: 1 4th class ML points per level: 1 Many spots on each map to level up! Medium re-spawn on spots Jewels of Soul +luck= 70% Jewel of Soul without luck= 40% Life =65% (+28 option Max)
  26. World HIGH x1000 Launch TODAY - 10 NOVEMBER ! * GET Free 500 Coins:
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