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  • We have started cooperation with Pyke! We believe he have one of the best emulators for season 6.

    If you want classic s6 or Season 6 up18, you can do that too.

    Just read the short presentation, and if you want, join the discord server created for this purpose, where you can ask more questions and we will try to help you

    Click here and join the Discord Server

    And now, just read some spoiler from this emulator

    And now only 175$ the lifetime license!  don't miss the sale!

    If you need DMNCMS+PYKE EMU? 

    Now only
    225$ the Blessing Package and Lifetime Emulator

    The licence is lifetime like DMNCMS


  • Screen12_29-22-25-0000.jpg






  • Screen12_29-22-27-0001.jpg






  • Some new customs and features

    🔥 60 FPS and WideScreen 
    🔥Battle Royale Event 
    🔥Offline Helper
    🔥 Custom Event Informations
    🔥 Custom Flag System
    🔥 Custom Skin System
    🔥 Custom Item Market

    🔥 Custom MapRateInfo Config
    🔥 Custom Excellent Option Rate Config
    🔥Custom Wing Option System
    🔥 Built in AdminChat in GameServer
    🔥 Built in Item.txt to Item.bmd
    🔥 Custom Dynamic/Static Effects
    🔥 Custom Active Invasions
    🔥 Super3D Camera

    🔥  1.000 user / Gameserver
    🔥  Included Antihack Server
    🔥 Support available

    And More good feature waiting to you, Join and check yourself

    Join the Discord Server 
    Click Here

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