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  1. Version 1.2.3


    !Importrant! Version 1.2.0 now only supports php 7.1 and higher, before upgrade run dmnmucms-checker.php on your web hosting !Importrant! DmN MuCMS MuOnline Website This submission contains Full DmN MuCMS package of latest stable version. Summary of reported and fixed issues is provided within below change-log If you want to be notified of further updates on this submission make sure to follow it by clicking follow button at the top-right. If getting item file load error do this Replace ItemList.xml for IGCN Item.xml MuDevs item.txt Ot
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  2. Version 1.0.1


    Transfer your characters to other account
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  3. We don't provide support for free dmn mucms version.
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  4. New Year sale is now active on all products and plugins: Use coupon code: 3174A at checkout to get 20% discount on any product. Sale is valid until 03 January, 2022.
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  5. Version 1.0.3


    Play wheel of fortune and get random rewards.
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  6. Version 1.0.1


    Item drop list from monsters, events, locations. Supported drops from IGCN, Luis, X-Team server files
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    THE BEST CMS for MUOnline and amazing support :D
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  8. Fast And Easy Installation Fast Automatic Upgrade System Plugin System (Develop Your Own Modules) Supports Unlimited Amount Of Servers Multilingual Support SEO Friendly Any Type Of Web Server Support More Than 1000 Configuration Options In Administration Panel Active Support / Development News Page Registration Page Lost password page Downloads Page Rankings Page Players Ranking Guilds Ranking Voters Ranking Killers Ranking Gens Ranking O
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