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  1. Explain more clearly i don't understand what you mean.
  2. 1)Yes he can 4)It should be translatable as i see it in language file
  3. Online list; if 50 players, you can check who's is online etc.. -- Dont understand what you mean - Search player; its possible to get search button for players. -- there is search option in rankings page - TOP Ranking, show only 5 players. In widget it's ok, but on new page.. -- you can set how many players you want to display Players (Front-end) -- exectly where? - In Account panel: My Credits, My Gold Credits i can translate only "My". values credits and gold credits are set by admin you can not translate them
  4. come skype 

  5. Don't open webshop in multiple tabs.
  6. its possibe to get demo ?

  7. We do not offer only webshop
  8. Version 1.0.1

    13 downloads payment system


  9. Version 1.0.0

    0 downloads payment system


  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This plugin allows your players to exchange their web or game currency for Ruud.


  11. Just chnage socket library in constants.php
  12. Mu Season 12 compatible ? 

  13. When we will release DmN MuCMS version 1.1.9 it will be supported by 97D
  14. Try 1.7.7