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  1. ZenithMU Season 6 Ep 3 | Exp:300 | Drop:30 | Non ResetWebsite:ZenithMu HomeA Play 4 Fun Mu Online►Zenith MU Online ?►Season 6 Episode 3 Server►Dedicated Hosting in LA, USA►Anti-DDos Protection►Premium Server Files►Exp 300►Non Reset►Max level 400►Max ML 200►Security (MuGuard Integration, Live Anti-Dupe System, Server Side Anti-Speedhack)►Bugless Server Files►Ingame Premium CashShop►Webzen Events : Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Illusion Temple, Kanturu Event)►Custom Event: Kundun Minion, Jewel Gamble, PVP Last Man Standing, Scramble Words, Bring Me, Dungeon Race►Succes Rate: Webzen default►Excellent antient? YES!►Excellent Socketed set? YES!►Webshop? Yes►Max options = 3►Voting System? Yes►LOT drop = 2 -3 max options►Lacleon drop = 2 max options►Monster HP = 100%►Castle Siege every Saturday 6 - 8 pm ►Experience boost every Saturday whole day! :)ZENITH MU TEAM!

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