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  1. Greetings MuTizens! I would like to introduce my new project, a build based, mostly PvP server with a very good balance between races and no rules. Estimated date for open beta is 1st of Octomber, estimated opening date is 8th of October. All our beta players will receive a reward. Website (under cosntruction): http://mu.gamster.org/ Forum: https://gamster.org/forums/ XP: First 10 resets: xp is 100% out of 30Next 10 resets: xp is 95% out of 30Next 10 resets: xp is 92% out of 30Final 30 resets: xp is 87% out of 30 No rules! Just respect the GMs, dont use hacks and don't abuse bugs. Use only english or other international language for /post. Reset: Reset stats and get 1250 (1400 MG RF DL) * number of resets. This means no full stats! Build based server. (Final release may include one GR for an extra of 10.000 points) Max points you can have on any stat: 65535 (Ex: 40k vit, 10kagi etc.. until you reach your point limit) Reset requirements: Level 400 and a number of Reset Tokens (depending in number of resets, I will post the list as soon as it is configured). For example: 1st reset is free, reset 2-5 cost 1 Reset token. Reset 6-10 cost 2 Reset Token. Reset Token drop: low drop rate in maps like Tarkan and Icarus. Low to medium rate in Gens Battle Maps. Medium rate in LoT. They also drop from the box that you will get in BC/WW, and from boss monsters in DS PvP ballance: Nemesis system - each character is countered by other 2 characters. Example: BK kills fast rf and dl. MG kills fast BK and SM, and so on. The dmg to other classes is also good, but not as strong as your main victim. Gens: Low lvl maps+arena will be non pvp, the rest will be Gens Battle: Raklion, Kanturu (all), Vulcanus, Swamp, Crywolf. Xp will be slightly higher in gens maps. Socket drop: Each big boss will give one part of any socket set. Example: Selupan drops only socket boots, Nightmare drops only socket gloves etc. Medusa will drop only socket weapons. Castle Siege: Held each Sunday. LoT will have Reset Token drop set to medium. Erohim will be only in LoT, and it will give one socket set part (big boss drop). This means only the Castle lord will have access to socket helms (for example). Senior NPC will give any socket with Luck and minimum 3 slots. Hunting zones: Hunt seed spheres and silver/gold keys in Vulcanus. Hunt Silver/Gold boxes and Gemstones in Kanturu. Random Sunday events: Each Sunday, from 00:00 AM to 23:59PM, there will be a special random event for all the players! Example of random event: Increase goblin rate for combining items (+10 to +15) Increase normal XP a bit Increase Harmony success rate Increase Master XP a bit Increase all goblin rates Increase party xp ratings And so on... NOTE: The goblin rates will be slightly higher for non-vip users. This means that regular players may have a +8% increase at goblin, while VIPs can get up to 3-4%. Donations: To show our gratitude for supporting the server, we will reward you with Coins. Coins can only buy VIP, or CashShop items like Jewels (not all), Reset Tokens, Demon/Guardian, Scrolls. NO FO EDITED ITEMS! No gear is available for wcoins! No VIPs in the first week! VIP 1: +13% xp increase +10% master xp increase +10% item drop increase +3% goblin rate (Example: normal player has 40% chance to create a +15 item. Vip1 has 43% chance) +5% Harmony rate (Default rate is 50%, you will have 55%) Increase seed creation rate Increase seed to sphere rate VIP 2: +17% xp increase +15% master level xp increase +Reset at level 397 +15% item drop increase +10 Harmony success rate (Default rate is 50%, you will have 60%) 90% Soul rate (default is 80) +7% Goblin rate (Example: normal player has 40% chance to create a +15 item. Vip2 has 47% chance) Increase seed creation rate Increase seed to sphere rate VIP 3: +20% xp increase +20% master level xp increase Reset at 390 +30% intem drop +15 Haromny success rate (Default rate is 50%, you will have 60%) +15 JoL success rate (65% rate, default is 50) 95% Soul rate +10% goblin rate (Example: normal player has 40% chance to create a +15 item. Vip3 has 50% chance) Increase seed creation rate Increase seed to sphere rate Rates: First rate= Normal player, Second rate = Vip1, Third rate=VIP2, Fourth rate=VIP3 All event invitations are at 90% for every user (normal and vip). Fenrir upgrade rate (red to black or blue): 40% normal, 43% VIP1, 47% VIP2, 50% VIP3. Broken Horn: 70% 73% 75% 80% Piece of horn rate: 50% 53% 57% 60% Feather of kondor: 60% 63% 67% 70% Wings lvl 3: 40% 43% 47% 50% Seed creation: 90% 93% 95% 97% Seed into sphere rate: 83% 86% 88% 90% Jewel of life rate: 50% 55% 60% 65% Harmony success rate (creation): 50% 55% 60% 65% Harmony success rate (add option to item): 70% 75% 80% 85% HRS creation: 80% 83% 87% 80% HRS success rate (increase yellow opt): 60% 65% 70% 75% Dark Raven/Horse mix: 50% 53% 57% 60% Purple option add: 70% 75% 80% 85% Other: Players get rewarded for reporting bugs. Wcoins or VIP access can be won on forum/in-game events.

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