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  1. SERVER DETAILS WEBSITE: http://mu.hexo.ro Version: Season 3 Episode 1 Experience: 25x Party Experience: +5x (Gold Party) Drop: 20% Monster HP: 95% Points per Level BK,SM,ELF: 5 DL,MG: 7 Maximum Points: 32767 Level for Reset: 400 Elf Helper Buffer: 300 lvl Description: MU Online was created in December 2001 by the Korean gaming company Webzen.. Like in most MMORPGs, players have to create a character among seven different classes and to set their foot on the MU Continent. In order to gain experience and thus to level up, a players needs to fight monsters (mobs). MU is populated by a large variety of monsters, from simple ones like goblins and golems, to frightening ones such as the Gorgon, Kundun or Selupan. Each monster-type is unique, has different spawn points, and drops different items. FEATURES DmnCms Mu WebSite Premium AntiHack Premium Security DDos Premium Unique Files code base CLIENT No Virus SeniorMix CastleSiege ON No agility bug Market System Vote reward X-shop in game Clicker inside client(Press F10 in game for setup) Pickup inside client (/pickup x y,x y = item code) Your store work for Credits Online/Offline Golden Invasion give you gem 2 Currency ,Credits and GEM (1 GEM = 1 CREDIT) COMMANDS: /info & /information Details about files creator /post Write a message on post /str [points] Add Points to Strength /agi [points] Add Points to Agility /vit [points] Add Points to Vitality /ene [points] Add Points to Energy /com [points] Add Points to Command /pet [1-5] Summon your Pet(Need Jewel of Chaos) /petlevel Show level of your Pet(Need Switch character) /marry [name] In Devias Church elf with bk/dl/sm/mg (Need 1 Heart) /div [name] In Devias Church elf div bk/dl/sm/mg(Need 10 Bless) /tracemarry [name] Trace to your wife/husband Need 5kk Zen and min Lv. 200) /clearpk Clear murderer status (Need 20 Credits) /reset Reset your character (Need 10kk Zen,Limit 3 reset per week ,need Lv. 400) /pack [jewel name] Need 10 [JewelName] ,get 1 Bounch of [JewelName] ( Life , Chaos , Creation , Guardian, Harmony) /unpack [jewel name] Need 1 Bounch of [JewelName] ,get 10 [JewelName] ( Life , Chaos , Creation , Guardian, Harmony) /buyseal300 Request 300 GEM , get 24 h EXP Bonus Seal (Get 75% bonus) /buyseal400[/TD] Request 400 GEM , get 24 h EXP+DROP Bonus Seal (Get 75% bonus) /questreset Reset Tipsy Johny Quest missions(Final Quest give 1 Jewel of Excelent) /pickup [x] [y] You can pickup items from mob drop, jewels,boxes etc... (eg: x=14 y=16 --] For Jewel of Life,x=12 y=15 --] For Jewel of Chaos) (Item List inside Client Folder) /picklist You can see what you set to /pickup. /pickclear You can clear your /picklist to clear what you set to /pickup. /vault [1-5] You have 5 vaults for your items. /offexp You can stay offline in party only in Arena.(If somone attack on spot in your party ) You get Experience and make Level offline /offshop You can use your store like a market only in Devias. (You can sell your exe items for credits Online & Offline ) (You get Credits & Zen) /buygem [amount] You can exchange your credit for gem (1 GEM = 1 CREDIT) /buycredit [amount] You can exchange your gem in credit (1 CREDIT = 1 GEM) /exhours You can exchange your online hours in credit (1 CREDIT = 1 GEM) /check You can check your GEM,CREDIT,HOURS ONLINE RATES: Luck: 80% No Luck: 60% Jewel of Bless: 100% Jewel of Life: 75% Item +10: 90%(+Luck +5%) Item +11: 80%(+Luck +5%) Item +12: 70%(+Luck +5%) Item +13: 65%(+Luck +5%) Dinorant: 80% Fenrir: 70% Dark Horse: 75% Dark Raven: 75% BC/DS Invitation: 100% Gemstone: 85% LordMix: 100% (Only for Guild GM owner CS & 1 time per day) Condor Feather: 80% 3rd Level Wings: 70% EVENTS: Event Name/Description: Blood Castle: Reward for BC 1-7 --] 1 Jewel of Luck +70% EXP Bonus Chaos Castle: Reward for CC 1-6 --] 1 new jewel Random Devil Square: +70% EXP Bonus+Jewel Drop Increase In every DS exist GOLDENS! Illusion Temple: Reward 4 Box of Kundun+5 for winners White Wizard: Reward Jewels + Wizzard Ring Golden Invasion: Reward Box of Kundun and GEM From golden helper drop Stone and get GEM 5 stone = 1 item exe Devias Church at Golden Archer Red Dragon Invasion: Reward Jewels Skeleton King Reward Jewels Balgass Event: Reward Random Items/Weapon 380 & New Carnage Event Reward Random Items Excelent or Ancient New in Game Events Event Name/Description: Mystic Solider Event: Reward 1 Jewel of Mystical For increase level for Ring/Pendants Appear in Lorencia/Devias/Noria Auto Scrabble Event: Reward 4GEM+1 CREDIT Answer on /post Auto Fast Event: Reward 4GEM+1 CREDIT Fast answer on /post HappyHour: Reward +10 Bonus Experience Event duration 1 hour Rumble Attack: Reward 1 Jewel of Excelent+ 10 GEM Appear in Lorencia Captain Attack: Reward 1 Jewel of Level+ 30 GEM Appear in Aida Suite Attack: Reward 1 Jewel of Element+ 30 GEM Appear in Aida Dead Magic: Reward 1 Jewel of Luck+ 30 GEM Appear in Crywolf Mistery Red Box: Reward 10 jewel Random+20 GEM Appear in Noria Hero Boss: [TD]Reward 1 weapon/shield new/380 Random+20 GEM Appear in Noria/Lorencia/Devias Erohim Boss: Reward 1 item new/380 Random+20 GEM Appear in Noria/Lorencia/Devias Wings Event: Reward 1 Jewel of Wings+30 GEM Appear in Icarus2 and its hiden Skill Event: Reward 1 Jewel of Skill+20 GEM Appear in Tarkan Ancient Event: Reward 1 Jewel of Ancient+30 GEM Appear in Kalima 1-7 NEW GOLDEN+6: Reward 1 Box of Kundun+6 +10 GEM Appear in Kanturu 1/2 In the same time with Golden Invasion AutoDrop: Auto Drop in Lorencia with Bok+1 and Bok+2 1 Time per day

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