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  1. Server InfoName Server: FinalMU Version: Season 10 Ep 3 Max Players: 500+ Time work: 24/7 Dedicated Server: YES Link: FinalMu.net PPL: Normal/Marlon Quest DK: 5/6 DW: 5/6 Elf: 5/6 SUMM: 5/6 MG: 7 DL: 7 RF: 7 GL: 7 Events Blood Castle: YES Devil Square: YES Chaos Castle: YES Illusion Temple: YES Castle Siege: YES BALGASS EVENT: YES Nightmare Event: YES Hatchery Event: YES Doppelganger: YES Imperial Fort: YES Last Man Standing: YES Medusa: YES ARCA WAR: YES Protection od Acheron: YES Varka: YES Lord Silvester: YES
  2. ServerInfo EXP : 25xDrop : 40%Shops : HardSpots : MediumPPL : 15Season 9 Ep 5Premium Files Auto Dedicated Info : Intel i7-6700K OC 4 Cores / 8 Threads 4.4 GHz / 4.7 GHz 64 GB DDR4 2400 MHz 2 x 480 GB SSD RAID SOFT Systems Automatic UPDATE Launcher Preimium DMNCMS Preimium - Template Register From Game Launcher [+] Completed Party Matching System [+] Completed Guild Matching System [+] Added New Personal Store System [+] Added Market Wall System [+] Added new MiniMap System [+] Completed new Party Info System [+] Added Event Inventory System TradeOFF System Reconnect SYSTEM _HOT Duel System Last Man Standing Arca War Siege 100% Auto Party System Pro Anti Hack Muun System BattleCore OffLeveing And More ! WebSite Info Register : Click Here
  3. Details on the server:Exp: 50x.drop: 40%.Points to: Mage \ BK \ ELF \ Summoner - 8 pts.After Marlon's quest - 9 pts.MG \ Rage \ Dark Lord - 10 pts.Maximum level - 400.Reset - no limitStatic saved after Reset!Spots every map between 5-8.Host Info :Intel Duel Core I7 6700K X4 4.7GHZ64GB RAM DDR5960 GB SSD Disk1GB Port NetworkOVHSystems:Site known to everyone DmN MuCMS. Many systems:RistAdding StaticStatic ResetReplacing credits to WcoinsUser dispatchKiller CleaningCleaning player of all things.Clear SkillsReplacing hours playing credits.Shop with all the sets! (There is a limit to 2 options only!)And more ...The events:All The events are working fine.The events:Blood Casle.Devil sometimes falls RENA Square.Once collect 50 funds we exchange them for 500 credits.Once collect 100 funds we exchange them for 1200 credits.The events have specialized guilds.Avent beginning any new player gets 200 points up and 3 million species. (After 3 days from the opening receive only 3 million species), all of this for one week. http://CheapMU.comHope to see you on the server.CheapMU Team.

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