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  1. Could you help me please I sent a ticket already. It's very urgent.

  2. PRADA MU website Status : ONLINE S10 EP3 Experience3% Drop Rate:80% PPL: 5/7 ==================== Party2ExpBonus = 300 Party3ExpBonus = 400 Party4ExpBonus = 450 Party5Expbonus = 460 Low shops Spots in all maps Muun system Max Rests 75 Reset Type: Keep Stats Reset Cost : 1M Maximal 5 Accounts per Pc Low prices GameShop (XShop) GOOD exe drop from EVENT BOSES (ANCIANT,EXE~9) Ice Queen , Barlog,Death King, Hydra, Zaikane exe drop every 12h Ruud money From Illusion Tample and Chaos Castle Reward Earn Wcoins For Participating ( BC, DS and Chaos Castle) Don't forget visit our Shop And much more @ PRADA MU