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  1. *Welcome to DemiGods-MU* Server Name: DemiGodsMU The Blood of Olympus Server Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Ex700 Server Castle Siege: ON Every Saturday 8:00PM GMT 8+ Server is From: Philippines Server Language: English Server Website: www.demigodsmu.com Server Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/DemiGodsMU/ Experience Rate: 5000x Master Experience Rate: 99999x Drop Rate: 80% Max Level: 400 Max Master Level: 400 Max Stats: 32767 Points Per Level: 20/25 Points Per Reset: Keep Stats *New Betting System* First time in history of MU ONLINE *Starting Account* Free 100,000 Credits Free 20,000 Stats Points *DemiGodsMU Coins Rate* 2 E-coins = 1 DMU Coins 5 Credits = 1 DMU Coins 50k DMU Coins = LVL 5 Sphere Empty 5 PCS. 100k DMU Coins = LVL 5 Sphere Empty 10 PCS. 180k DMU Coins = LVL 5 Sphere Empty 20 PCS. 320k DMU Coins = LVL 5 Sphere Empty 35 PCS. *Mu Protection* Anti-Hack Protection Enabled System Reconnection Enabled System Multi-Account Enabled Low Memory Usage in Client Side *Player Commands* /change - use this command to finish the quest. /addstr - add strength on your stats. (ex. /addstr 1000) /addagi - add agility on your stats. /addvit - add vitality on your stats. /addene - add energy on your stats. /addcmd - add command on your stats. /post - Global message can be also use in posting buying/selling. /re on/off - use this command if you dont want to be disturb during ingame *Events* -Blood Castle -Chaos Castle -Devil Square -Illusion Temple -White Wizard -Golden Invasion -Red Dragon Invasion *GM/Administrator Events* -Hide & Seek Events -PVP Events -Bring me Events -Last Man Standing Events -Royal Rumble Events -Drop Events Active GM/Administrator Everyday 24/7 100+ Players Everyday Online Total Players: 2358 Total Characters: 4778 Total Guilds: 95 New Costum Items,Anime Sets, and many more!!! So what are you waiting for COME & JOIN US!!