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  1. K done, error with online list is in template, thank you. Lock ;)
  2. Thank you for answers i give info to our admin, he using first time your cms :) PS: Admin dont see an option for online list, i send him here ;)
  3. For example: 1) Online: can admin, add an Option to see "How much players are online + list of all actual online players"? 2) Sorry i miss this option, it's ok. 3) Okey thank you. 4) Players (Frond-end): over Menu (Players) - Guildy; you can see translator: Thank you.
  4. Hi, I testing a new server, an administrator still saying, it's not possible to set this things on his website: - Online list; if 50 players, you can check who's is online etc.. - Search player; its possible to get search button for players. - TOP Ranking, show only 5 players. In widget it's ok, but on new page.. It's possible to do this things on your website or not? ____________ When i translating language in po/mo i cant translate this things: - Players (Front-end) - In Account panel: My Credits, My Gold Credits i can translate only "My". - Download section: I cant translate Installer, Other. Thank you for answer.