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  1. After weeks in planning and Months in the making; The awaited MuNeo is out and we wanted to share it with you. Some details about the server and our vision: We wanted to create a community, not a server. If you are interested in logging in killing a couple mobs and a player or two and leaving, this is NOTthe server for you. But, If you're looking to build a community and enjoy logging in to play with friends and guild mates,Share thoughts on the forums, Make new friends and help new players, This IS the server for you. The concept is about you guys, We will have WEEKLY poles to change/add/delete functions from the server And YOU will be the ones to decide. I hope this attitude will make new players want to stay and feel a sense of achievement because each member is important to us. Some feature that will prove that to you guys - Active English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Italian staff (We are recruiting 3 more GMs forum.mu-neo.com for more info) 24/7 Support on Facebook/WhatsApp/E-mail Support on forums Active In-game GMs that are respectful and patient An awesome Owner that dedicates a lot of time Abuse rules (No abusing members, Cheating, Hacking) Daily updates And some server details - Season 8 Episode 3 + A lot of Custom content and features Exp rates - x30 Drop rates - x8 Resets - x5 Stats reset + 500 points per reset 5/7 Points per level Master level Exp - x60 Max Master level - 330 Points per Master level - 3 Anti-Cheat System Auto reconnect system All custom Mob spawn spots - Smoother leveling Balanced drops and custom content (info on website) Party Matching Guild Matching 3D Camera All events are fully working + Weekly Custom events (2x Exp, Class VS Class Arenas, Duel events andmuch more!) Important information Reworked the balance of classes Pvp balanced Master Skills improved and revamped (Video soon) Party experience improved Member commands - /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /post /reset /ware 0-4 /change /reset Fully featured website - Web Warehouse, Marketplace and a lot more! Long term hosting plan and owner (This server is here to stay, Forever.) The server has no WEBSHOP and a work in progress In-game cash shop which will feature only NON PAY 2 WIN items. We do have a VIP feature that does not affect game balance but is implemented only to help you support us if you wish The server is completely PLAY 2 WIN. We want to build a community, Not members that come buy kill and leave. We hope we convinced you to try us out, Come help us build something amazing! I left out details about a lot of features because its just too much to put down into text, You will get the most webzen experience in a long term private server. www.mu-neo.com www.forum.mu-neo.com See you in game!