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  1. All new REGISTER receive 10 Credits! StartZen 10 000 000 StartPoints 1000 Play2Win General Information: Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Custom Regular Experience: 500x (sometimes DOUBLE EXP EVENT) Master Experience: 100x Drop: 50% Max Regular Level: 400 Max Master Level: 400 In Shop +6 Custom Item Max Stats 32767 (till 75 Resets) From 75 Reset (65 000 MaxStats!) Points per Level: 5/7 Webshop: ON (Season 1-3 Items) CashShop: ON VoteReward: ON Offattack: ON Exchange:ON Transfer:ON Online Hours:ON CandyBoxes/Medals: Drop Yewels Kundun: Drop Acient+Customs Wings Vote or buy Credits Reset Information: Level: 400 FreeStat after Reset: 250 Stats Keep: YES Max Reset: 50 (Will be increase!) Grand Reset: NO! RESET IN WEBSITE! In Game Features: Max Item Level: +15 (HOT!!) Max Empty Socket slot: +3 (HOT!!) Max to use Socket slot: +3 (HOT!!) Max Option: Full Option (HOT!!) VIP SETS/WEAPONS: AVAIBLE! (HOT!!) Customs Sets/Wings/Weapons: ON (HOT!!) Acient+Excellent:ON (HOT!!) Socket+Excellent: ON (HOT!!) VIP ITEMS 380ItemOption: ON (HOT!!) All Customs ITEMS can be add +5 SOCKET! (HOT!!) Wings Level 2 in Shop! (HOT!!) In Candy Boxes, Medals drop all Yewels+some Customs Yewels! (HOT!!) Spots in every Map! (HOT!!) 2 Kundun Spots in Arena! DROP:ACIENT+CUSTOM WINGS (Every 3 HOURS) (HOT!!) 1 Golden Spots in Arena! (HOT!!) Balance PVP (HOT!!) Points for CashShop you receive with exhcange (WEB) or Events like BC! (HOT!!) Customs Move (expample /pvp) (HOT!!) Commands: /post /a (AGI) /f (STR) /v (VIT) /e (ENE) /c (CMD) /evo /pk /ware /limparinv (clearinv) /soccer /war /attack (autoattack) /offattack (offattack) Customs: 90 Customs Sets (HOT!!) 50 Customs Swords (HOT!!) 20 Customs Shields (HOT!!) 18 Customs Wings (HOT!!) 9 Customs Bows (HOT!!) 10 Customs Staffs (HOT!!) 5 VIP SETS + WEAPONS FOR ALL CLASS (HOT!!) New Maps (HOT!!) New Events (HOT!!) New Yewels (HOT!!) New Features (HOT!!) HP Bar (HOT!!) Rank User (HOT!!) Events: (Drops) BloodCastle (CashShop Points,Boxes) ChaosCastle (CashShop Points, Yewels) DevilSquare (CashShop Points) CastleSiege CastleDeep Summer Event Invasions Doppelganger (2 Customs Wings) Varka Event Crywolf XMasEvent Imperial Event (2 Customs Wings) Illusion Event ( 1 Custom Wings) Kantru Event Drop Event (Yewels, Box) Big Seasons Event! (exa. Xmas, Halloween, Valentine etc.) ReiDoMu (CashShop Points) etc... Join us now for more!! Website: Pictures: