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  1. OFFICIAL OPEN: 2020.02.15 [UTC +2, 00.00-Eu] [UTC +8, 06:00-Philipines] [UTC +7, 05:00-Vietnam] [UTC -3, 19:00-Argentina] [UTC -3, 19:00-Brazil] GENERAL SERVER INFORMATION + Season 12 Dynamic Experience 0 to 10 reset experience: 100x (100%) 11 to 30 reset experience: 80x (85%) 31 to 50 reset experience: 60x (70%) 51 to 70 reset experience: 40x (55%) 71 to 100 reset experience: 20x (40%) 101 to 150 reset experience: 10x (25%) InGame Quests and Events Arca War Battle Acheron Guardian Event Chaos Castle Survival Event Illusion Temple Renewal Imperial Fort Event Double Goer (Doppelganger) Castle Siege Loren Deep CryWolf Devil Square (1-7) Blood Castle (1-8) Chaos Castle (1-7) Swamp of Peace (Medusa) Rabbits Invasion Pouch of Blessing Invasion Golden Monster Invasion White Wizard Invasion Battle Soccer Kalima (1-7) Event Kanturu Event LaCleon Event Last Man Stating Event (Custom) Bonus events Event (Custom) Santa Village Event Halloween Event New Year Day Event TvT Event ( Team VS Team) Ferea Event CoreMagriffy Event NixLake Event LINKS Register:MUDream Registration Download:MUDream

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