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  1. Hello (at first sorry for my English). I have troubles with settings RR and GR, RR system settings ina admincp have no Req GrandReset fiels (List every settings for reset system show parameter "Req GrandReset 0") is first issue, second issue RR system not add stats from GR - when checkbox " Bonud GR StatPoints" (yes "Bonud" its error I don't know that should be "Bonus" or "Bound"), whatever CMD not react on this setting... and third trouble, GR system not check req Level, when is set any number for ex. 400, characters with levels under that number can GR... Req. resets work, but Req. Level not... Please help me quick as possible because my server stop now, and I paid for licence... I cant find any variables in files for example "res_info" or something simmilar...

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