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  1. xGuardianx Online - MuOnline - Looking for players - Server to Open on Monday, August 17, 2020 (See website: http://xguardianxonline.com/ - for details). Join Discord: https://discord.com/invite/GZc8Awg - Invite your friends to join! TIMEZONE OPENING HOURS Philippines, Manila - 1200 HRS or 12PM Poland, Warsaw- 0600 HRS or 6AM United Kingdom, London- 0500 HRS or 5AM Canada, Eastern Time - 0000 HRS or 12AM Argentina, Buenos Aires - 0100 HRS or 1AM Brazil, Brasilia - 0100 HRS or 1AM x200 SETTINGS: - As previously stated on this announcement - http://xguardianxonline.com/news/introducing-xguardianx-online-private-server/1 Server Exp: x200 Drops: 40% Reset character: 400 level; stats burns with 500 extra points per reset. Max Resets - 9999 Grand Reset: 50 resets (over 50 resets don’t count or stay once you complete the grand resets. For example, you have 200 resets, when you click grand resets it will only count as 1 grand reset. You MUST use the grand reset feature on 50 resets and not 51 or over). Grand Reset Reward - 2,000 credits + 500 stat points + 500 bonus stat points. Max Grand Resets - 9999 Regular Level points: - Official server-level points 3rd Quest level points – 2 points per level for all characters. 4th Quest level points – 2 points per level for all characters. No Webshop xShop - Enabled Online Hours exchange to credits - Enabled Credits to Wcoins - exchange. OPENING EVENT! Share this post and receive 2,000 credits - Once you shared, send us a message on Facebook - with your character name. First 10 pplayers to make 1 Grand Reset will receive 5,000 credits Vote every 12 HOURS and receive 500 credits for each voting links (XtremeTop 100and GTop). - More voting links will be added soon. We are also hiring Game Masters - Announcement will be provided SOON!
  2. Hi Do you have a link or information anywhere of what I need? I already have the hosting ready for the actual MuOnline server that I plan to open up. Do I need to put anything in the hosting so the DmN CMS files that I will purchase will work? For example: Domain? I will purchase this soon but I need to know if I can set-up my MuOnline website in the hosting along with the server? SQL? Cpanel? Please let me know so I can fully purchase the one I currently have in the cart. If I purchase the installation service, what does it include? Is it website to be ready?

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