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  1. **IMPORTANT** The server will be officially open at the date of 1/07/2020 You may play and test our server before this date. Just keep in mind, all data will be deleted at the opening date. Grand Opening 1/7/2020 Hello everyone, We are happy to introduce you to ErisMu x1000 Server info: * Season 15 ep 1-3 * Experience Regular/Master/Majestic: X1000 * Drop - balanced * Max Level: 1200 [Regular:400 | Master:800] * Reset Rewards: 25 Credits + 500 Starting points, per reset. * Grand Reset: 100 Resets, rewarding you with 1,000 Credits * Max stats: 32108 [32,767 with 4th job stats] * Sheeps / Ruud Boxes / Events * PVP & PVE Adjust! * Open minded for new suggestions 📷📷📷😛 Visit our Website : https://erismu.com/ Join The Fight! ErisMu team !

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