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  1. Server Statistic ::OFFICIAL WEBSITE:: WWW.REAPERMU.COM Exp: 9999x Drop: 70% PPL: 10/10/10 Chaos Machine Rate: 90% Max Level: 400 Max Stats: 32767 Credits/Reset: 30 Online Hour Trade: 20 Credits Vote Reward: 50 Credits Active LOT Drop Castle Siege War: Every Sunday Full Mobs Spot All Jewels is Important Cheap Webshop Credits All Staff Active Daily and Monthly Event
  2. RED HORSE MU PRESENT [uNIQUE FILES] 3rd wings - 100% Condor Feather - 100% Fenrir - 100% Dionorant - 100% Blood Castel Ticket - 100% Dark Horse - 100% /mob changed to /pet 1,2,3,4,5 update some mobs in arena updates come-ing (soon): Monster HP Bar Offline Attack System Offline Trade System HP/Mana/SD/ST Fix PvP Zone System Custom Dinamic Exp System New Quest System Reset System in Game New Instinct System Online Bonus For State Monster HP Bar Version 2 Server: RedHorseMU Version: Season 3 Episode 1 (Unique Files) Experience Rate: 100x Drop Rate: 60% Reset Level: 400 Reset Type: Keep Stats Reset Payment: 10.000.000 Zen Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 85% (+10% for items with luck) Jewel of Life Success Rate: 90% Chaos Machine Success Rate: 90%, 85%, 80%, 70% (+10% for items with luck) [Custom Experince] - [Marry System] - [Drop System Event] - [Travia Event] - [New Jewels] [Quest System] - [summonPet] - [New Goldens] - [PVP Balanced] - [scrabble Event] - [bossAttack] [/offtrade] Hotkeys: [F5] -Start Helper(Bot) [F6] -Start Helper (Just right click) [F7] -3D ON/OFF [F8] -Stop Autobot [F9] -Helper settings [shift+F9] -Pick Up Settings [F10] -Start new instance [F12] -Hide Game tab - minimap in game RedHorseMU Events: Blood Castle Devil Square Castle Deep Happy Hour White Wizard Invasion Golden Mobs Invasion Chaos Castle Castle Siege CryWolf Defense Kanturu Event Illusion Temple Event Carnage Event Mystical Soldier Event Custom GM Events And much much more Custom Season III Episode I We offer a original , bugless and fully customized Season III Episode I All Season 1 Features working with no bugs All Season 2 Features working with no bugs All Season 3 Episode 1 Features working with no bugs main website : www.redhorsemu.com UP: 80+ ONLINE
  3. Update [10.12.2015] Changed Effects- Change Balanced PVP to better- Change Devias map (Great Temple For PVP)- Edited WebSite- Edited Shop's-
  4. DECENTLY MU PRESENT - Version: Season 3 Episode 1 - Experience: 99999x - Drop rate: 80% - Points per level: 5/7 (standart) - After reset: Keep items and stats - Max level: 400 - Max stats: 32767 - Ancient + Excellent F.O. - Exchange online hours for credits - Vote for credits - WebShop - Grand reset system OFICIAL BEST BALANCED PVP JOIN US!!! WwW.DecentlyMU.RU/

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