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Found 2 results

  1. Fusion MuOnline 24/7 Season 6 Episode 4 Custom Server Time Zone: UTC+01:00 Website-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook----------------------------------------------------------------------- Register------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download-----------------------------------------------------------------------!kUAQAA5Z!gh64l0UrrmrsWTR6UjYnYyUrATirHdtj7yFR13o1Kjs Exp: 2000x Drop: 20% Happy Hour: Exp +1250x Drop +20% Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle Bonus Exp Max Stats: 65,000 Custom Items Including lvl 2.5, lvl 4 & lvl 5 Wings Excellent Drop: 65%Jewel of Harmony Rate: 75%Jewel of Bless Rate: 100%Jewel of Soul Rate: 90%Jewel of Life Rate: 90%Chaos Machine Rate: 90%Talisman of Luck: +1% & +10% Success RateCreate Guild: 100 LvlElf Helper: Max 220 Lvl BuffCharacterHourly Online Bonus: +15 WcoinC/+7 Goblin PointMax Resets: 500 (command /reset in Lorencia)Requirements: 400 Lvl & ZenCost: 1,000,000 Zen x ResetBonus: WCoinC: +11 WCoinP: +6 Goblin Point: +13 Credits: +1Max Grand Reset:100 (website -> Dashboard -> Grand Reset Character)Requirements: 400 Lvl 100 ResetsGrand Reset Cost: FreeBonus:+1 Grand Reset+14,000 WebZen+1,000 WcoinP+1,000 Goblin Point+5 Lottery SpinsStart Lvl 6 All Stats Start At 1,000Clear ClassClear SkillsClear QuestBlood Castle: Bonus Monster ExpBonus Jewel DropBonus Excellent DropPotential Chaos Card RewardDevil Square:Bonus Monster ExpBonus Jewel DropBonus Excellent DropPotential Chaos Card RewardChaos Castle:Bonus Monster ExpIncreased Jewel DropPotential Ancient DropIllusion Temple:Potential Gold Fenrir Reward(must have blue or black fenrir equipped)Kanturu Event:Bonus Jewel DropBonus Excellent DropHigh Lvl Excellent Weapon DropPotential Chaos Card RewardRaklion Event:Excellent Drop With LuckHigh Lvl Excellent Weapon DropPotential Chaos Card RewardKundun Boss (Kalima 7):Ancient Drop 100%Potential Chaos Card DropHigh Lvl Excellent Weapon & Set DropBalgass (Crywolf):High Lvl Excellent Weapon DropPotential Chaos Card DropIncreased Monster Jewel DropCastle Siege (Valley of Loren):Land of Trial AccessCastle Owner Mix AccessHigh Lvl Excellent Item MixAncient Item Drop In Land of TrialErohim Excellent+Ancient Item DropPotential Chaos Card Monster DropGrand Hero System:Create Grand Hero Items Combining Proper Materials In Chaos MachineMust Have 1 Grand Reset To Access Hero CityBrotherhood System:Requires 5 Players In Part To Create Brotherhood AllianceMaximum 5 PlayersOnly Party Master Can Create Brotherhood AllianceBrotherhood Master Can Add And Remove PlayersMust Be Without Brotherhood To JoinBonus Exclusive Item Drop, Exp, Zen Drop, Damage, Defense, Damage Ignore & Double DamageCost 3,000 Wcoin To CreateMaster Can Teleport All Brotherhood Members To His/Her LocationJewels Bank (ExMenu)Player Ranking (ExMenu)Display Monster HP Bar (ExMenu)Display Character HP Bar (ExMenu)Glow Effect (ExMenu)OffAfk Enable (ExMenu)WebsiteWebZen:Server Website CurrencyCan Be Used To Purchase Items Or To Add Various Options To Items Stored In VaultReferral System:Referral Link & CodeBonus To Referrer For Each Registered User 10% From Vote, Donate, Grand Reset, Lottery, Sell Stats Forever!Lottery:Spin To WinDashboard -> LotteryRequires At Least 1 SpinBonuses Vary At RandomRare Item Ticket:Dashboard -> TransmuteReceive Random Reward From List For Any Of 12 TicketsChaos Machine:Add Excellent Options, Socket Slots And Ancient Options To Items Using WebZen CurrencyShop:List Of All Items Available For Purchase Using WebZenMarket:Sell Personal Items To Other Players For Your Choice Of Currency For Any PriceAccurate Ranking System For Best Of All Characters, Guilds And Event PointsServer Commands:/addstr #/addagi #/addvit #/addene #/addcmd #/reset/move Map Name/brstart Name (start brotherhood)/brnew Name (add new member)/brexit /inventoryclear/post (global chat)/duel/war Guild Name/soccer Guild Name/offafk/autoparty Lvl #/autopartyoff/request on (enable player requests)/request off (disable player requests)/offzen/offwcoinc/offwcoinp/offgoblin/offchaos/offbless/offsoul/offlife/sendchaosbank #/sendlifebank #/sendblessbank #/sendsoulbank #/sendzenbank #/recvchaosbank #/recvlifebank #/recvblessbank #/recvsoulbank #/recvzenbank # Join Fusion Mu today, climb the ranking for more bonuses and battle for Castle Ownership. Check us out and find out what more this server has to offer!
  2. Version 1.1.8


    Season 9 Custom Template Q: I can use on old version ? A: Template was made for 1.1.5 but we can make for lower versions ! Q: I can use on old version ? A: No you cant , but we can make it Q: There is no psd file ! A: After purchase you have to send pm to FCV2005 with server name and you will get logo file ! (you can order PSD file additional)