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Found 1 result

  1. Fusion MuOnline 24/7 Season 6 Episode 4 Custom Server Time Zone: UTC+01:00 Website-------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://fusion.mu-online.lv Facebook----------------------------------------------------------------------- http://facebook.com/fusionmuprivate Register------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://fusion.mu-online.lv/en/register/?reg_ref=15578 Download----------------------------------------------------------------------- https://mega.nz/#!kUAQAA5Z!gh64l0UrrmrsWTR6UjYnYyUrATirHdtj7yFR13o1Kjs Exp: 2000x Drop: 20% Happy Hour: Exp +1250x Drop +20% Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle Bonus Exp Max Stats: 65,000 Custom Items Including lvl 2.5, lvl 4 & lvl 5 Wings Excellent Drop: 65%Jewel of Harmony Rate: 75%Jewel of Bless Rate: 100%Jewel of Soul Rate: 90%Jewel of Life Rate: 90%Chaos Machine Rate: 90%Talisman of Luck: +1% & +10% Success RateCreate Guild: 100 LvlElf Helper: Max 220 Lvl BuffCharacterHourly Online Bonus: +15 WcoinC/+7 Goblin PointMax Resets: 500 (command /reset in Lorencia)Requirements: 400 Lvl & ZenCost: 1,000,000 Zen x ResetBonus: WCoinC: +11 WCoinP: +6 Goblin Point: +13 Credits: +1Max Grand Reset:100 (website -> Dashboard -> Grand Reset Character)Requirements: 400 Lvl 100 ResetsGrand Reset Cost: FreeBonus:+1 Grand Reset+14,000 WebZen+1,000 WcoinP+1,000 Goblin Point+5 Lottery SpinsStart Lvl 6 All Stats Start At 1,000Clear ClassClear SkillsClear QuestBlood Castle: Bonus Monster ExpBonus Jewel DropBonus Excellent DropPotential Chaos Card RewardDevil Square:Bonus Monster ExpBonus Jewel DropBonus Excellent DropPotential Chaos Card RewardChaos Castle:Bonus Monster ExpIncreased Jewel DropPotential Ancient DropIllusion Temple:Potential Gold Fenrir Reward(must have blue or black fenrir equipped)Kanturu Event:Bonus Jewel DropBonus Excellent DropHigh Lvl Excellent Weapon DropPotential Chaos Card RewardRaklion Event:Excellent Drop With LuckHigh Lvl Excellent Weapon DropPotential Chaos Card RewardKundun Boss (Kalima 7):Ancient Drop 100%Potential Chaos Card DropHigh Lvl Excellent Weapon & Set DropBalgass (Crywolf):High Lvl Excellent Weapon DropPotential Chaos Card DropIncreased Monster Jewel DropCastle Siege (Valley of Loren):Land of Trial AccessCastle Owner Mix AccessHigh Lvl Excellent Item MixAncient Item Drop In Land of TrialErohim Excellent+Ancient Item DropPotential Chaos Card Monster DropGrand Hero System:Create Grand Hero Items Combining Proper Materials In Chaos MachineMust Have 1 Grand Reset To Access Hero CityBrotherhood System:Requires 5 Players In Part To Create Brotherhood AllianceMaximum 5 PlayersOnly Party Master Can Create Brotherhood AllianceBrotherhood Master Can Add And Remove PlayersMust Be Without Brotherhood To JoinBonus Exclusive Item Drop, Exp, Zen Drop, Damage, Defense, Damage Ignore & Double DamageCost 3,000 Wcoin To CreateMaster Can Teleport All Brotherhood Members To His/Her LocationJewels Bank (ExMenu)Player Ranking (ExMenu)Display Monster HP Bar (ExMenu)Display Character HP Bar (ExMenu)Glow Effect (ExMenu)OffAfk Enable (ExMenu)WebsiteWebZen:Server Website CurrencyCan Be Used To Purchase Items Or To Add Various Options To Items Stored In VaultReferral System:Referral Link & CodeBonus To Referrer For Each Registered User 10% From Vote, Donate, Grand Reset, Lottery, Sell Stats Forever!Lottery:Spin To WinDashboard -> LotteryRequires At Least 1 SpinBonuses Vary At RandomRare Item Ticket:Dashboard -> TransmuteReceive Random Reward From List For Any Of 12 TicketsChaos Machine:Add Excellent Options, Socket Slots And Ancient Options To Items Using WebZen CurrencyShop:List Of All Items Available For Purchase Using WebZenMarket:Sell Personal Items To Other Players For Your Choice Of Currency For Any PriceAccurate Ranking System For Best Of All Characters, Guilds And Event PointsServer Commands:/addstr #/addagi #/addvit #/addene #/addcmd #/reset/move Map Name/brstart Name (start brotherhood)/brnew Name (add new member)/brexit /inventoryclear/post (global chat)/duel/war Guild Name/soccer Guild Name/offafk/autoparty Lvl #/autopartyoff/request on (enable player requests)/request off (disable player requests)/offzen/offwcoinc/offwcoinp/offgoblin/offchaos/offbless/offsoul/offlife/sendchaosbank #/sendlifebank #/sendblessbank #/sendsoulbank #/sendzenbank #/recvchaosbank #/recvlifebank #/recvblessbank #/recvsoulbank #/recvzenbank # Join Fusion Mu today, climb the ranking for more bonuses and battle for Castle Ownership. Check us out and find out what more this server has to offer!

About Us

A professional content management system for MuOnline private servers. DmN MuCMS is built on a model-view-controller framework that aims to be compatible with any server & database structure. No matter how many players you have, DmN MuCMS is the right choice for you!
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