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Found 5 results

  1. Здравейте, аз съм нов във Вашата общност, но реших с помощта на някои приятели и идеи от моя страна да ви представя един проект, разработван няколко месеца. Файловете са благодарение на @DarkMaster, сайта с изключителното съдействие на @Dea7hСървъра е стартиран в тестов период за Вас от този момент! С радост очаквам вашите мнения и предложения тук и във форума на сървъра. Официалния старт на сървъра е на 18.03.2017. 17:00ч. (UTC +2)За тестовия период exp ще бъде 1000 Hello,I'm new in your community, but decided with the help of some friends and ideas of me to introduce you to a project developed several months. The files are due to @DarkMaster, site with exclusive support of @Dea7hServer is running in test period for you from this moment! Gladly welcome your comments and suggestions here and in the forum of serverOfficial start of the server is at 05:30PM on 18/03/2017 (UTC +2)For the test period exp will be 1000 * WebSite: GpLayMu* Forum: GpLayMu Forums* Skype: admin@gplaymu.com* Facebook: GpLayMu Facebook* Version: 99.6XT (1.0M)* Experience: 50x (weekend dynamic)* Drop rate: 30% (weekend dynamic)* Anti-Hack system - LiveGuard* Box in shop: No* Max level: 400* Max reset: 10 (dynamic - in end of each mounth will up with 3)* Stat Points Per level: DK/DW/Elf - 5 MG/DL - 7* Reset level: 370* Points per reset*** SM Points: 490 (bonus vitality per reset 40 * Reset nummer)*** BK Points: 420*** ELF Points: 500*** MG Points: 520***DL Points: 530* Reset points: Reset Stats* Check for equipment: On (can`t res with items)* Guild create level: 100* Mana shield formula: 1% = 550 Agi or 350 Ene, Max 75%* Swell of Life formula: 1% = 100 Vit or 40 Ene* Jewel Of Soul Success Rate (No Luck): 75%;* Jewel Of Soul Success Rate (With Luck): 85%;* Jewel Of Life Success Rate: 75%;* Item +10 Success Rate (No Luck): 80%;* Item +10 Success Rate (With Luck): 70%;* Item +11 Success Rate (No Luck): 65%;* Item +11 Success Rate (With Luck): 75%;* Blood Castle Event* Devil Square Event* Golden Dragon Event* Sky Event - every 2 hours, duration 15 mins* Chaos Castle* Castle Siege* Happy Hour* Kalima* Mystic Chest (collect 30 Rena and get random item)* Mystic Chest Level 2 (collect 75 Hear and get random the best item)* Market (with History)* Jewel Bank (Depositer)* Web Warehouse * Dual Stats (soon)* Change Class* Change NameJUST PLAY TO KNOW THE THRUTH, BE THE BEST :) GpLayMu except for you to join with us to defeat the Golden Dragon!* /pkclear* /addstr* /addagi* /addene* /addvit* /questinfo* /charinfo* /post* /marry* /questinfo* /vipinfo* /exit* /offtrade
  2. - WebSite: Mu Old - Classic Server 97d Server name: Mu Old Classic Server Version: 97d 99i EXP: 3x Drop: 25% Max Level: 400 Reset: No Reset Web Shop: No Webshop Monsters HP: GMO Style Spots: GMO Style (Improved) Shops: GMO Style Chaos Machine: GMO Style Jewels Sucess Rate: GMO Style NPC Buffer: Online Quests (Guard): Online Guild create level: 100 Magic Gladiator create level: 220 Events: BC/DS: Active Golden Invasion: Active Happy Hour (EXP): Active Lucky Jewels: Active Sky Event: Active Quest System: Active Party Bonus: Active Gold/Silver Medals: Active Heart Of Love: Active Trivia: Comming Soon Available commands: /post - Sends a global message to the server /pkclear - Clears all your kills /addstr [1-32767] - Adds point(s) to Strength /addagi [1-32767] - Adds point(s) to Agility /addvit [1-32767] - Adds point(s) to Vitality /addene [1-32767] - Adds point(s) to Energy /marry /accept /divorce /marrystatus /tracemarry /getmarry /time /exit /buy /sell /clearinventory /vault /skin /evo /charinfo /pet /war /buyvip Custom quest system: Talk to any Guard to start your custom quests When you complete each quest return and talk to any Guard to get your reward. /questinfo - Gives you information on your current custom quest in progress. - WebSite: Mu Old - Classic Server 97d - E-mail/Skype: mu-old@hotmail.com LONG TERM SERVER - DEDICATED ALREADY PAYD FOR 4 YEARS! - Some Screens: [ATTACH=CONFIG]159079[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]159080[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]159081[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]159079[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]159080[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]159081[/ATTACH][
  3. Hello Guys!Oblivion MU - Brasil Presents: Relics Server Day 05/15/2016, at 10:00 (GMT -3:00) inaugurate the new season of our Relics Server.The work done by MU Oblivion - Brasil, is geared 100 % to a server equality between you users. Check out our new game parameters:• Basic Settings •~> Version: Season 6 Episode 3~> Difficulty: Medium~> Reset system: Offline!~> Experience: 50x~> Experience ML: 20x~> Server drop: 30%~> Level creation Chars: All classes in level 1• Basic Systems •~> Auto Party [ /re auto ]~> Open-Store [ /store bless, soul, chaos, coin, gp ]~> Offstore [ /offstore ]• Automatic Systems •~> Auto reconnect user~> Auto reconnect party~> Auto activation Official MU Helper• Differential Settings •~> Remove PK command (/pkclear) is OFFLINE - PK = Wait to Clear.~> Scroll buffs removed from the Cash Shop - PVP = 100% Elaborate Build.~> No sale items, only WCoins.~> We do not have Game Masters Team for better safety of users.~> ANTI-EDIT Confidence Differential: In our ranking players, inform the SUM TOTAL points (Suppress build, only the sum total of points).• Events •~> Blood Castle~> Devil Square ~> Chaos Castle ~> Illusion Temple~> Moss Merchant ~> Loren Deep Event~> Balgass Event~> Castle Siege• Invasions •~> Skeleton King~> Ice Queen~> Fire Flame Ghost (Lucky Coin Event)~> Pouch of Blessing (Cherry Blossom Event)~> Red Dragon~> White Wizard~> Golden Dragons~> Medusa-:: ATTENTION! ::Registers in the first 3 days will earn 1000 GP!WELCOME ALL! We want a great game for everyone! ..............................................................+ Visits Website for more Info:Oblivion MU | Relics Server+ FB Like Page:Oblivion MU - Brasil+ FB Group:Entrar no Facebook | Facebook + Skype support: wonderz0rd• Screenshots •
  4. Server Info Mu EglobalServer now No Reset Server Files Ex803 Premium Files Xp Rate: 60x Drop Rate: 30x Reset lvl : 400 Server Non Reset! Master Reset: Online Spot 5/6 Mobs Shop GMO No Webshop No free itens No Fo itens Reconnect System Party Find System Custom Store Wcoinc Auto Party Offline Store Zen, Jewel, Wcoinc Only xShop in Game Map Acheron Muun Pet Working Elemental System Working 100% Pandora System Working 100% Socket System 100% Max Excellent Opt = 3 Opts Ancient itens drop in events and Land of Trail!! All Basic Events Imperial Fortress Selupan Medusa Castle Siege! 100% Working Golden Colossus Summoner (Style GMO, Drop Wings Angel and Devil) (Hot!!) Custom PVP Event(Reward WcoinC!!) realiza-lo. Custom Invasion!! And More /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd /pk /reset /mreset /wcc <for sale itens em personal shop for WcoinC> /offstore /mary www.mueglobal.com
  5. Welcome to server MU Twin Dragons BR! Server 24/7 is open in it's beta version, in order to adjust the settings, check all events (once again) and to accomplish the server disclosure! Get your friends and come join in this adventure! Official release of MU Twin Dragons BR server will be on 01.19.2016 at 12 o'clock! For more informations check out our website: https://en.twindragonsbr.com/ Version: Season 9 Episode 1 Experience: 100x Master Exp.: 50x Drop: 30% Máx. Level: 400 Máx. Master Level: 350 Máx. Stats: 32767 Máx. Resets: Limitless - All features of seasons 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 - New Guild and Party Matching - New personal shop system - Pandora Mining System - New master skills - Mini event:"The Snake Begins" - New wings and items - New transformation rings - Full elemental system - Full socket system - Monster Health Bar - Blood Castle - Chaos Castle - Kalima - Kanturu - Castle Siege - Crywolf - Arka War - Battle Soccer - Cherry Blossom - Santa Claus - Raklion Event - Loren Deep - Medusa - Imperial Guardian Fortress - Double Goer - Golden Invasion - Rabbit Invasion - Christmas Invasion - New Year Invasion - Summer Invasion - Red Dragon Invasion - White Wizard Invasion - Muun System / Pet Event - Extended Warehouse - Extended Inventory - MU Helper - Gens - Duel System - Custom Commands - Unique Settings - And many more, come check it out!

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A professional content management system for MuOnline private servers. DmN MuCMS is built on a model-view-controller framework that aims to be compatible with any server & database structure. No matter how many players you have, DmN MuCMS is the right choice for you!
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