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Found 1 result

  1. Hello my dear! At the beggining I want to thank all of you for partcipation in the latest server edition! You've created an incredible climate, so we want to thank you for this one more time! I would like to present the third edition of GreatMuOnline! Server Start: 29.07.2016r Time: 6 PM GMT +1 Server's forum Index page: http://www.forum-greatmuonline.com FB profile: fb https://www.facebook.com/pl.greatmuonline/ Web: http://www.greatmuonline.com/gmo/ Seazon6 Episode 3 NO WEB SHOP! MAX STATS :65000 Pvp balanced to the MAX STATS. Available wcoins for which we can make game easier by Seals for bigger exp or "Pests". Exp: 500x Drop: 30 Points for reset: 500 Points and 2 WCoin for each reset Grand Reset: Price 2 000 000 000 , we get additional 100points for every reset (1st=600 2nd=1200 etc). You also get 200wcoins to spend in CashShop. Reset Cost: 10,000,000zen for 1st reset, for 2nd 20,000,00 for 3rd 30,000,00 etc. Itemy max: +15+28 Points for lvl: BK/SM/ME/SUM: 5 (6) MG/DL/RF: 7 (8) () – after Marlon Quest. Shops: Leather/Pad/Vine/Mistery set +4+L Bronze/Bone/Silk/Red Wing set +4+L Scale/Sphinx/Wind/ set +4+L Dragon/Legendary/Guardian +4+L Potiony pakowane po 50. Części zaproszeń BC i DS 1-4. Zaproszenie CC. Jewel Succes Rate: Bless 100% Soul 50% Soul+l 55% Life 45% Chaos Goblin: +10: 65% +11: 60% +12: 55% +13: 50% +14: 50% +15: 35% Luck: +5% Invasions: Gold:every 4 hours. White Wizzard:every 4 hours. Red Dragon:every 4 hours. Skeleton King: co 4 godziny. Boxes: Bok+1: Pad, Leather, Vine, etc.+ rings and pedants Bok+2: Sphinx, Scale, Wind, etc. + rings and pedants Bok+3: Legendary, Dragon, Guardian, etc. Bok+4: Dark Phoenix, Grand Soul, Divine, etc. Bok+5: Great Dragon, Dark Soul, Red Spirit, etc. Selupan: every 48h Kundun: every 48h Erohrim: every 48h Balglass: every 48h - After defeat Balgass + 150exp for 6 hours. BC i DS: every 2h Awards: bc1-bc5: Jevels , Od bc6-bc8: Jevels Packages + Exc Items. CC: every 4h - Rewards for completing event: cc1-cc5: Jewel bundles , cc6-cc7: Jewel bundles + Ancient items IT: Once a day - Rewards for winning team : Fenrirs , Fenrirs parts , excelent items , ancient items, jewel bundles , 3rd wing's feathers. Castle Siege: Once a week on sunday. Castle Deep Event: Everyday at 6 PM GMT+1 Party Bonus Exp: 1) Party Normal(Same classes): 2 people: 120% 3 people:140% 4 people: 160% 5 people: 180% 2) Party Gold(Different classes) 2 people: 150% 3 people: 170% 4 people: 190% 5 people: 210% Every character in party gets the same Exp bonus. TOP 5 from previous edition will be rewarded with wcoins on new edition. Admins Damian Wojtek Game Master:

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