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Found 3 results

  1. Sarmiento Mu OPEN 23/11/18 18:00HS ARG. Version Season 12 Epi 2 Web: Facebook: Experience 30x VIP x60 Exp Master 15x VIP x20 Drop 40% (General) Max Stats 65000 Spots 5 mobs (Hots 6) Buffers NPC 250 (Max Level) SUM/MG/DL/RF 1 (Req Level) Shops Skills only IP Limit 3 accounts (One party) Semifull Items Off Full Items Off VIP On Monster HP 100% Zen Bug Off RESET Tipo: Quita stats Puntos: 400 x Reset Limite: 130 RR - Luego se ampliara EVENTS AVAILABLE All the events of the version work at 100% BONUS Happy Hour Rain Minute Lucky Helper LUCK Moss Gambler Chaos Card BATTTLE Castle Siege Illusion Temple Chaos Castle SURVIVAL Double Goer Blood Castle Devil Square Imperial Guardian INVASION Fire Flame Ghost Lunar Rabbits Ice Queen Gorgon Balrog Hydra Zaikan Red Dragons Golden Troops MINI BOSSES Bad Santa Skeleton King White Wizard BOSSES Erohim (Loren Deep) Kundun (Kalima Relics) Medusa (Swamp of Peace) Kanturu Door (Nightmare) Hatchery Gate (Selupan) Fortress Attack (Balgass) Clear Skills: No Clear Inventory: No Clear Quests: No MACHINE Mix +10 90% (Success) Mix +11 85% (Success) Mix +12 80% (Success) Mix +13 70% (Success) Mix +14 60% (Success) Mix +15 50% (Success) Wings Level 1 80% (Max) Wings Level 2 70% (Max) Wings Level 3 60% (Max) Condor Feather 60% (Max) Raven and Horse 60% (Success) Piece of Horn 70%(Success) Broken Horn 50% (Success) Fenrir 30% (Success) Fenrir Upgrade 79% (Success) AG Potions 30% (Success) 380 Option Purple 70% (Max) Lucky Refine 60% (Success) The objects +Luck raise +25% the probability of success COMMANDS GENERAL /post: Send global message (Example: /post party lv 380) /ware: Use multiple warehouses (Example: /ware 5) /pkclear: Clean the kills (Example: /pkclear) /lastdeath: Show who killed your character with time/date (Example: /lastdeath) - VIP POINTS /addstr: Add points in strength (Example: /addstr 50) /addagi: Add points in agility (Example: /addagi 40) /addvit: Add points in vitality (Example: /addvit 30) /addene: Add points in energy (Example: /addene 20) /addcmd: Add points in command (Example: /addcmd 10) AUTOMATIC /re < on/off >: Autoaccepts or denies party requests (Example: /re on) /re auto < key >: Autoaccepts or denies party requests with key (Example: /re auto 4532) OFF MODE /offattack: Your character is leveling and collecting in disconnected mode (Example: /offattack) /offstore: Your character is selling with your store in disconnected mode (Example: /offstore) BATTLE /war < guild >: Declare a war by point to another clan (Example: /war Pekadores) - Leaders /soccer < guild >: Play soccer match in the arena by point with another clan (Example: /soccer Pekadores) - Leaders
  2. The opening will take place on March 30 at 6:30 pm server time.The client download will be released on March 29 at 6:30 pm server time.And to celebrate the opening all accounts created will receive 3 days of VIP and Starter pack.Beginner package information. Class: Dark Knight Plate Set + 7 + L Pair Blade + 7 + Skill + L Orb Twist Slash Pentagram box begginerClass: Elf Vine Set + 7 + L Pentagram box begginerClass: Dark Wizard Sphinx Set + 7 + L Thunder Staff + 7 + L Scroll of Evil Spirit Pentagram box begginerClass: Summoner Violent Wind Set + 7 + L Mystery Stick +7+L Chain Lighting Parchment Pentagram box begginerClass: Magic Gladiator Brass Set + 7 + L Pair Blade +7+L+Skill+ Pentagram box begginerClass: Grow Lancer Robust Set + 7 + L Lapid Lance +7+Skill+L Magic Pin Scroll Pentagram box begginerClass: Rage Fighter Plate Set + 7 + L Pair Sacred Gloves +7+L+Skill Darkside Parchment Chain Drive Parchment Pentagram box begginerClass: Dark Lord Scale Set+7+L Battle Scepter+7+L+Skill Fire Burst Scroll Pentagram box begginer Season 13 ep 2Normal Exp 50xMaster Exp 15xDrop rate 30%Excellent drop rate 5%No Reset Server!Max Normal level 400Max Master level 400Max Majestic level 200 Facebook Fan Page: Facebook Group: Youtube Channel: New Maps:Ferea,Nixie, Deep Dungeon, Swamp of DarknessNew Boss:Lord Ferea BattleNixie BattleGod of Darkness [video=youtube;8j_LbljB6cI][/video] New MonstersNew Skill TreeNew Majestic Tree lvl 800+New 4Th Quest lvl 800New Muun’s FeaturesNew Currency RuudNew SkillsBloodangel, Darkangel, Holyangel and Awakening Mastery sets.Bloodangel, Darkangel and Holyangel Mastery Weapons.New Upgraded Divine Archangel WeaponsElemental System UpdateNew Character Gui information windowGremory CaseMaze of DimensionMatching (Party and Guild)New Mu HelperNew Wings lvl 4Seed updated systemCreate CharactersDL lvl 250MG lvl 220RF and GL lvl 200 Devil SquareBlood CastleChaos CastleIllusion TempleGaions OrderDoppel GangerTormented SquareChaos Castle Survival of the FittestAcheron GuardianArka WarCastle SiegeEggs of MonsterEvomon EvolvedGolden InvasionRed Dragon InvasionSkeleton KingWhite WizardCrywolf Event Last Man Standing [video=youtube;teFK8u1CtDk][/video] /offlevel/offtrade/addstr/addagi/addvit/addene/addcmd
  3. Hello my dear! At the beggining I want to thank all of you for partcipation in the latest server edition! You've created an incredible climate, so we want to thank you for this one more time! I would like to present the third edition of GreatMuOnline! Server Start: 29.07.2016r Time: 6 PM GMT +1 Server's forum Index page: FB profile: fb Web: Seazon6 Episode 3 NO WEB SHOP! MAX STATS :65000 Pvp balanced to the MAX STATS. Available wcoins for which we can make game easier by Seals for bigger exp or "Pests". Exp: 500x Drop: 30 Points for reset: 500 Points and 2 WCoin for each reset Grand Reset: Price 2 000 000 000 , we get additional 100points for every reset (1st=600 2nd=1200 etc). You also get 200wcoins to spend in CashShop. Reset Cost: 10,000,000zen for 1st reset, for 2nd 20,000,00 for 3rd 30,000,00 etc. Itemy max: +15+28 Points for lvl: BK/SM/ME/SUM: 5 (6) MG/DL/RF: 7 (8) () – after Marlon Quest. Shops: Leather/Pad/Vine/Mistery set +4+L Bronze/Bone/Silk/Red Wing set +4+L Scale/Sphinx/Wind/ set +4+L Dragon/Legendary/Guardian +4+L Potiony pakowane po 50. Części zaproszeń BC i DS 1-4. Zaproszenie CC. Jewel Succes Rate: Bless 100% Soul 50% Soul+l 55% Life 45% Chaos Goblin: +10: 65% +11: 60% +12: 55% +13: 50% +14: 50% +15: 35% Luck: +5% Invasions: Gold:every 4 hours. White Wizzard:every 4 hours. Red Dragon:every 4 hours. Skeleton King: co 4 godziny. Boxes: Bok+1: Pad, Leather, Vine, etc.+ rings and pedants Bok+2: Sphinx, Scale, Wind, etc. + rings and pedants Bok+3: Legendary, Dragon, Guardian, etc. Bok+4: Dark Phoenix, Grand Soul, Divine, etc. Bok+5: Great Dragon, Dark Soul, Red Spirit, etc. Selupan: every 48h Kundun: every 48h Erohrim: every 48h Balglass: every 48h - After defeat Balgass + 150exp for 6 hours. BC i DS: every 2h Awards: bc1-bc5: Jevels , Od bc6-bc8: Jevels Packages + Exc Items. CC: every 4h - Rewards for completing event: cc1-cc5: Jewel bundles , cc6-cc7: Jewel bundles + Ancient items IT: Once a day - Rewards for winning team : Fenrirs , Fenrirs parts , excelent items , ancient items, jewel bundles , 3rd wing's feathers. Castle Siege: Once a week on sunday. Castle Deep Event: Everyday at 6 PM GMT+1 Party Bonus Exp: 1) Party Normal(Same classes): 2 people: 120% 3 people:140% 4 people: 160% 5 people: 180% 2) Party Gold(Different classes) 2 people: 150% 3 people: 170% 4 people: 190% 5 people: 210% Every character in party gets the same Exp bonus. TOP 5 from previous edition will be rewarded with wcoins on new edition. Admins Damian Wojtek Game Master: