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Found 2 results

  1. Exp rate: 15x Master exp 5x Drop rate: 10% Max character level: 1150 Regular Points per level: 5/7 After reset ''no reset status''keep points bonus+10 Master points per level: 1 4th class ML points per level: 1 Many spots on each map to level up! Medium re-spawn on spots Jewels of Soul +luck= 70% Jewel of Soul without luck= 40% Life =65% (+28 option Max)
  2. Hello everyone and welcome to SunlightMU Season 9 Episode 2. We would like to present you a totally new gameplay with tons of custom features and unique gameplay style. After seeing lots of servers coming up and down with no potential and no gameplay style we have decided to bring you a server, made by players for players, where we have prepared an exciting gameplay where you can never get bored and always strive to be the best. Because there are a lot of servers out there looking only for your money, we have prepared a totally new and balanced gameplay between donators and free users, there is nothing a free user can not achieve through hard work. After lots of nights spent, planning, setting and testing we are finally ready to deliver you the MU server you always wanted. Below we will fill you up with some informations about our MU server such as rates, events, some customs and features but you will never find out everything through a simple advertisement, so you have to try it, you have nothing to lose. SunlightMU Informations : Experience : 300x Master Experience : 75x Drop : 30% Max Level : 400 Max Master Level : 330 Max Stats : 32767 Max Resets : 100 Resets Type : Clear Stats + 300 Points * Resets (5 Credits Bonus Each Reset) Max Grand Resets : Unlimited Grand Resets Type : First 4 GRs reward 5000 extra stat points, after this you will only recieve credits and play for rankings Maximum Possible Stats : Per total including max GR and RR is 50.000 stat points Currencies : Jewels, Zen, WCoins & Credits SunlightMU Features : Unique Reset System based on Builds Strategy (Your strategy, your fame) Dynamic Experience, Resets and Grand Resets System (Unique configurations) Balanced FREE vs DONATOR gameplay (Maximum 3 options and 3 sockets from WebShop. Ingame drops 2 and possible 3 options but 5 socket slots) Advanced Gens System (Battle Maps PVP & Hunt, play for rank) Gens Ranking Rewards (Most powerful equipment, wings and items) Offline Trading System (Sell items with Personal Store for WCoins in Lorencia or Loren Market) Offline Leveling System (Can level up while being offline and you can not get PKed) Bot Buffers (Powerful buffs for Extra XP or PVP purposes) Chaos Cards (Rare items and many more) Golden Box/Silver Box (Rewards many equipments and powerful items) Expirable Items Drop Rate (Cash Shop Items, Equipments available for a certain number of hours) Lord Mix for Siege Winners (380 items with 3 options like on WebShop) New Invasions (Lots of them) And many, many more (Start playing and find out what more awaits you) Events : Blood Castle Devil Square Chaos Castle Illusion Temple Eggs of Monsters Hunting MuRoomy Double Goer Imperial Guardian Gambling Lottery White Wizard Attack Cursed Santa Attack Kanturu Event Raklion Hatchery Medusa Last Man Standing Happy Hour Event CryWolf Event Loren Deep Castle Siege Acheron Battle Arca War Tournaments Forum Events GM Events Facebook Events And many more! Links : Website Forum Facebook Page Facebook Group Page Twitter Page NOTE : As we might update, modify or replace new or existing features or informations we strongly suggest you keep an attention to this thread or our website/forum/facebook/twitter page Screenshots : [/FONT]