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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.6


    Feature List Vault View Clear Vault Donate 3 Automatic Methods + Logs Paypal Paymentwall (75+ payment methods) SMSCoin WebShop Support Sockets System Support Ancient Sets Support Harmony Options Support Reffinery Options Support New Extended Vaults Storebox View Newly Bought Items View Old Bought Items Recover Item Web Wallet - For Zen Transfers Admin CP Add New Items Edit Items Manage Configuration Webshop Manage Shop Configuration Manage Sockets / Add New Sockets Manage Harmony Options Manage Ancient Options Manage Category List Manage Menu List Manage Donations Edit User Credits View User Warehouse View Shop Logs Search Item Remove Item View Paypal Logs View Paymentwall Logs Import Credits From Other Database Or Table SUPPORTED SERVER VERSIONS: SEASON 2 - Ex702


  2. General Info: # Pagina web: Novedades - Moron-MU Season 8 Ep3 # Fanpage : https://www.facebook.com/moronmu/ # Foro : foro.moron-mu.com # Experience: 200x # Master EXP : 300x # Drop: 45% # Drop Event everyday 20hs (Server Time GMT-3) # Weekend exp x 400x (Friday, Saturday y Sunday) # Level reset: 400 (via web) # Points per reset: 400 * reset number (delete stats) # Reset Limit :limitless # Points per level: 5 ~ 7 # Elf Buffer max level: 220 # Anti-hack: Activated # Auto-reconect : Activated # Max Stats : 65000 # Vote reward!! 120 per day # Ally members: 5 # Shop: Items +7+luck+opt # Spots everywhere!! Davias, Dungeon 3, Atlans (1, 2 y 3), Tarkan 1 y 2, Kantru 1, 2 y 3, Karutan 1 y 2. Arena y Barracks!! # Guild creation: 200 # Party EXP BONUS!! # SubServer NO-PVP!! Events working 100%!! -Blood Castle -Devil Square -Chaos Castle -Kantru -Imperial Guardian -Crywolf -Invasion de dorados -Loren Deep -Double Goer -Medusa -Selupan -White Wizard -Rabbits invasion -Eggs invasion -Castle Siege Rates Chaos Machine : Items +10 = 70% Items +11 = 70% Items +12 = 60% Items +13 = 50% Items +14 = 50% Items +15 = 40% Broken Horn = 50% Horn of Fenrir = 30% Rate Joyas : Soul = 60% Life = 60% Harmony = 50% Character lvl creation: # Magic Gladiator: 220 # Dark Lord: 250 # Summoner: 250 # Rage Fighter: 280 Comamnds: # /post - Global message # /add (str, agi, vit, ene, com) - add stats (Example: /addstr 150) # /ware (5 available vaults, from 0 to 4) example /ware 1 # /pkclear VOTE US AND YOU WILL EARN FREE CREDITS TO BU ITEMS FROM OUR WEBSHOP OR VIP MEMBERSHIP!!! DONATION ENABLED FOR ALL COUNTRYS VIA PAYPAL!!
  3. Alan022

    Help! :)

    Hello, I want to ask a question. I have installed your webshop FREE on my page, but I can not create "packages" on paypal. and I can not remove modules from the list of menu. This is because it is FREE or have bad a configuration? Thank you
  4. Hello Guys! This is my server... I played on a high exp servers before that's why I decised to create server by own ideas!! I love Mu and I hope you will at least like my server =)) Server is online from: 17 Feb 2016. Server Rates Version: Season 4 Episode 2 Full Exp: 5000x Drop: 70% Max Players Online: 600 Bless Bug: OFF UpTime: 24/7 Mobs HP: 100% *Boss Events: 10000% Reset Level: 400 Reset Cost: 1M Zen Keep Stats Max Res: 65 Max Stats: 32000 Grand Reset: Yes *Req: 65 Resets *Cost: 1kkk of Zen *Prize: 1k of Credits Custom Jewels WebShop In Game PC Point Shop (gain by online time) Strengther Pets like Fenrir, Daemon and more System Messages separated from Chat /reset /str /agi /vit /ene /com without relogin Main.exe reduced CPU/RAM usage Rena Exchanger Lucky Coin Exchanger All Talismans Work 100% All Events Work 100% Fun Gameplay "Old" style Golden Invasion JoL & JoC in Shop 1st, 2nd, 3rd Quest Items in Shop Items for all Class in Shop (+7+4) All Skills in Shop Wings in Shop Loch's Feather in Shop Good Spots ScreenShot Links Web: https://www.ultimatemu.eu/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ultimatemueu/ Contact: twister@ultimatemu.eu

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A professional content management system for MuOnline private servers. DmN MuCMS is built on a model-view-controller framework that aims to be compatible with any server & database structure. No matter how many players you have, DmN MuCMS is the right choice for you!
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