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Seriously...  These guys are awesome!  If you are looking for a web site that will work with your server this is the one to use!  They do support their product and help you should you run into an installation issue.  Also the config is easy.  


On a side note...  


Good host (The one we used) is https://www.namecheap.com/  I suggest them because if you want free ssl, and a good price with reliable performance we got it from them.  A warning though...  There is no support number.  BUT the nice person who helped us in chat opened the db port we needed without complaint.  They are also competent...  She did not try to up sell us around the problem at all.  She knew what i needed and helped.  Unlike godaddy...

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For hosting i suggest Google free trial compute engine, can run easy website free for nearly month, if want pay than can use Contabo hosting.

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