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  • Fast And Easy Installation
  • Fast Automatic Upgrade System
  • Plugin System (Develope Your Own Modules)
  • Supports Unlimited Amount Of Servers
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Seo Friendly
  • Any Type Of WebServer Support
  • More Than 1000 Configuration Options In Administration Panel
  • Free Setup
  • Active Support / Development


  • News Page
  • Registration Page
  • Lost password page
  • Downloads Page
  • Rankings Page
    • Players Ranking
    • Guilds Ranking
    • Voters Ranking
    • Killers Ranking
    • Gens Ranking
    • Online Ranking
    • BC Ranking
    • DS Ranking
    • CC Ranking
    • Duel Ranking
    • Gens Ranking
    • Online Players List
    • Ban List
    • GM List
  • About Page
    • Info About Server
    • Server Statistics
    • Market Statistics
    • Cry Wolf Info
    • Castle Siege Info
  • Info Page
    • Info About Character
      • Character Stats
      • Character Account Info
      • Character Guild Info
      • View Character Inventory
    • Info About Guild
  • Media Page
  • Guides Page
  • Rules Page



  • Account Panel (Switch between user modules)
  • Account Logs (Every action user did can be found here)
  • Shop Page (Supports every item and option up to Season 12)
  • Shopping Card (Purchase any amount of items at once)
  • Donation Page (10 automatic methods)
    • Paypal
    • Paymentwall
    • 2CheckOut
    • PagSeguro
    • Fortumo
    • PayGol
    • SuperRewards
    • PayCall
    • Interkassa
    • CuentaDigital
    • Can add any other method on request
  • Market Page (Buy / Sell items for Web/Game currency or Jewels, advanced item filter)
  • Market Logs (View currently selling, sold items, restore items fro market)
  • Warehouse Page (Remove trash items, send items to market or web warehouse)
  • Web Warehouse Page (Supports unlimited amount of items to be stored)
  • Refferal System (Very wide configuration)
  • Vip System (Supported by any server files, unlimited vip packages)
  • Reset System (Very wide configuration)
  • GrandReset System (Very wide configuration)
  • Add Stats System
  • Reset Stats System
  • Hide Character Info Page
  • Wcoin Exchange System
  • Warp Character System
  • PK Clear System
  • Clear Inventory System
  • Clear SkillTree System
  • Zen Wallet
  • VoteReward System (7 api support, monthly reward support)
  • Change Class System
  • Change Name System
  • Buy Level System
  • Buy Stats System
  • Buy GM Status System
  • Trade Online Time System
  • Stats Specialization System (Save and load your character stat builds)
  • Account Settings Page (Change passwor, email, recover master key)
  • Ticket / Support System
  • Email Notifications



  • DashBoard WIth Usefull information
  • News Composer
  • Galery Manager
  • Downloads Manager
  • Website Settings Pages (More that 1000 Configuration Options)
  • Logs Pages
  • Server Manager (Accounts, Characters, Server List, IP Tools)
  • Bulk Mailer (Send bulk emails to your players)
  • Shop Manager (Add/Edit/Import Items, Edit Categories, Socket, Ancient, Harmony Options, Edit Warehouse, Web Currencies, Search Items)
  • Support Page (Read/Answer Support Request, Create Support Departments)
  • GM Manager (Add/Remove/Edit GameMasters, Set GM Announcement)
  • VoteReward Manager (Add/Edit/Remove Voting Links)
  • Guides Manager(Add/Edit/Remove Guides)

GM Feature

  • Ban Unban Characters/Accounts
  • Search Tools
  • IP Tools
  • Credits Adder






Check if your hosting is compatible with DmN MuCMS



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A professional content management system for MuOnline private servers. DmN MuCMS is built on a model-view-controller framework that aims to be compatible with any server & database structure. No matter how many players you have, DmN MuCMS is the right choice for you!

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