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Some Questions


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Hi. I am interested in buying the cms but I have some doubts, I hope you can answer.

a) In addition to the price, there is a difference between Anger and Blessing cms?
b) The CMS has included webshop? or should I use the free webshop 1.6. If so, has support with season X items (IGCN)?
c) In the future, you can migrate from Anger to Blessing?
d) Finally, it is possible to incorporate payment method "WebPay"? This has some cost?

Thanks, sorry my bad English.

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1) No there is no difference only price and monthly payments.

2) Yes it has included webshop and supports IGCN Season X

3) Yes, but you will have to pay price difference.

4) Yes, for payment modules we do not add any charge, as we include them latter for all customers.

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