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  1. :: Server Info :: InfinityMU
    ∞ Version: Season 3 Episode 1 modified and 99% Bugless
    ∞ Security: Game Protected by unique proprietary anti-cheating software with advanced anti-dupe system.
    ∞ Community: Guilds, events, tournaments, castle siege, wars and a dynamic in-game economy
    ∞ Population: Thousands of active players in-game and on forum at any time of the day
    ∞ Servers: 
    ▪ Necron (Non PVP)
    ▪ Phoenix (Non PVP)
    ▪ Odin (Balanced PVP - All classes usable)
    ▪ Pegasus (Balanced PVP - All classes usable)
    ▪ Siege (Classic PVP)
    ∞ Stability: Servers are always online with only a few minutes of maintenance (pre-announced)
    ∞ Website: Feature rich, yet simple and user friendly website
    ∞ Rates: 
    ▪ Experience: 9999999X
    ▪ Drops: 100%
    ▪ Chaos Machine: 100%
    ▪ Jewels: 100%
    ∞ Shops: Box of Kundun +1, +2, +3, +4 / Wings / Jewels in NPCs 
    ∞ Monster Spawns: Non-PVP servers: completely filled with monster spawns; PVP Servers: less monster spawns to reduce lags in PVP.
    ∞ Bless Zen Bug Enabled: buy and sell Jewel of Bless in NPC to get Zen.
    ∞ Daily GM Events, Support and many interesting tournaments In-Game.
    ∞ Draconite Hunter Event - 4 times per day. (Amazing Play to Win In-Game Event where you can earn complete free Uber Set).
    ∞ PVP Battle Event New - Automated PVP Event, scheduled 2 times per day with 250 Gold Credits Reward for the biggest killing spree score in time frame of 10 miutes and competition for yearly ranking [here] where top 10 users will be rewarded with Uber Set by choice. Read More [Here]
    ∞ Castle Siege Event - Every Weekend. (Amazing PVP fun for every guild who's up for challenge) Reward: Land of Trials + 10,000 Gold Credits for the Guild Master. 3 Wins in a row: Season 7 Set by choice or 50 Ring of Wind accessories + F.O. & More rewards [read here]
    ∞ CryWolf Event - 2 times per day. (Rewards Season 2 and Season 3 Excellent Items) + Jewel of Excellent and Jewel of Ancient.
    ∞ Kantru Event - Good In-game event, winning many excellent items, starting from +0 up to +13.
    ∞ Blood Castle Event - Gauranteed Reward: 50 Gold Credits + Random Rewards: Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Luck, Rena or Sign of Lord as reward for BC Event. Blood Castle Event Rewards are added to the character's inventory in real time and in case inventory is full the reward is dropped in the ground.
    ∞ Chaos Castle Event - Gauranteed Reward: 50 Gold Credits + Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Skill and Jewel of Luck as reward for CC Event.
    ∞ Devil Square Event - Relics of Kundun monster boss x4 at DS Level 7 dropping latest weapons and sets, new jewels and bonus 25 Gold Credits if you finish the event completely without being killed. Each Kundun brings you +25 Credits (Monster Points which you can exchange for Credits in WebShop)
    ∞ The Scavenger Hunt Event - Invasion of Erohim and Hell Maine in Aida and Kantru maps (4 times per day). Rewards: 50 Credits per HellMaine/Erohim killed + Draconite Rare Item which you can exchange 120 pieces for Uber Sets (Excellent + Ancient + Full Options Set).
    ∞ White Rabbits Invasion - Mechanics: Hunt for White Rabbits in Noria, Devias and Tarkan in about 6 random coordinates will be respawned cute white rabbits for about 5 minutes with high drop rate of Sign of Lord packs x 10 pieces per pack.
    ∞ White Wizard & Red Dragon Invasions - Rewards: 25 Credits per defeated White Wizard & Red Dragon.
    ∞ Ancient Items - drop in Land Of Trials, Kalima Boss and as reward in Chaos Castle Event!
    ∞ Warehouse System - We offer up to 10 Extra Vaults in order to store much more items via your Web User Panel than usual and it's free of charge.
    ∞ In-Game Reset System New - Get your Level Reset completed in-game by "Reset Master" NPC which is located nearby Lorencia bar and earn extra Credits for every Reset to be used in the WebShop where everyone is allowed to spend Credits for Items + Full Options.
    ∞ Grand Reset System - Exchange Resets for WebShop Credits via web panel.
    ∞ Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded!
    ∞ Referral System - Send your Referral unique link to your friends and win WebShop Credits.
    ∞ Online Time Trade - As much as you stay online in-game, the more credits you earn from this function!
    ∞ Add Stats Command - Level Up Points adding in-game by command without need for switch character or relog. Your stats is added in real time.(/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcom | Example, Press Enter in-game and type the following text: /addstr 3000 and 3000 points will be added to Strength)
    ∞ Healing Potions Cool-Down New - Exclusive system made with purpose to stop all kinds of healing hacks in MU Online and also give chance to everyone in PVP no matter their Ping / Ms to the server!
    ∞ No Agility Bugs New - All skills and spells are working without any speed or visual problems or so called "Agility Bugs"... such as problems with Evil Spirits, Penetration, Fire Scream & others are gone for good.
    ∞ Unique Jewels New - A few unique jewels bringing the game economy a boost to another new level, they are as follow: Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Ancient and Jewel of Excellent allowing your items to be upgraded with Skill, Luck, Ancient and up to 3 Excellent Options in the game process without using WebShop.
    ∞ Reconnect System New - If you have ping fluctuations that usually lead to disconnect or the game server is restarted, you will be automatically logged to the game without client closing
    ∞ Monster Point System New - If you love to defeat monster bosses and golden monsters you can earn Monster Points and later on exchange them for Credits at the WebShop. 1 Monster point is equivalent to 1 Credit. Using our Credits you can buy Full Option Items at our WebShop.
    ∞ Duel System New - If you love to PK and mostly duel with friends and foes this new duel system will amaze you. Please read more here.
    ∞ Monthly Competitions: Monthly Top Resets, Top Votes, Blood Castle Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Golden Archer and Quarterly/Seasonal TOP IMES (InfinityMU Event Series - daily hosted events by Game Masters) - Monthly rankings with unique rewards and unique custom score system.
    ∞ Easy/fun game-play without lags, bugs or cheats, constant updates and improves with professional developers behind the server.
    ∞ 24/7 Online Dedicated Server.
    ∞ 24/7 Support Service. E-mail Ticket service
    ∞ Very friendly and active community. 

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  3. Heroes Of Mu Online Season 12 Grand Opening 7. April!
    Opening times:
    17.00 UTC +2 (Poland), 23.00 UTC +8 (Philipines), 12.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)
    Experience: x5000, Master exp: x5000, Max master level 420!
    Reset: Stats burns,
    Free stats after reset:
    DK, RF, DL, SUM, GL: 500
    DW, ELF, MG: 750
    Dynamic resets, more res = less exp.
    No Item shop!
    New features:
    New Map Ferea and monsters Ferea Battle event (Lord of Ferea) Dark Angel Items, Options & Combination Blood Angel weapons, Options & Combination Upgraded Archangel weapons and new skills Upgraded Archangel Weapons mix New extended character statistic C window New remade Errtel Upgrade mix New Socket Items Extension of Seed Sphere levels Extension of Socket Bonus Options New Socket Item Upgrade Mix New Seed Extract Mix New Seed Sphere Composite Mix New Set Seed Sphere Mix New Unsocket Seed Sphere Mix New Seed Sphere Upgrade Mix New Pentagrams and options New Nixie Lake Map and monsters Holy Angel Items Options & Combination Dual Class Sealed Mastery Items & Combination  Sealed Blood Angel Item combination using Blood Angel Spirit (Hero) (Makes Items +11) Quiver (enhanced arrows)  New Socket combination for Socket items with 4 slots or more - Reduce socket slot.  Dark Spirit improvement Knicks Battle -> Nixie Boss Event Bomb Game Labirynth of Dimensions

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  4. Why you'll love InsaniaMU?
    •  We are running Dedicated Server 24x7 hosted at USA with 1000 MBPS granting worldwide best pings for playing mu online!
    •  Insania server is always updated to latest mu online version and 99.9% bug-free! 
    •  InsaniaMU never turns off! Our servers are online 24/7. Planned Long Term running since 2008. No Wipes!
    •  We offer 24/7 player support. The InsaniaMU Team is always and very active!
    •  We are playing just like you and we know what you want!
    •  A very friendly and active community! We exist in the hearts of almost every country in the world! We range mostly in: Filipino, American and Espanol players. In-game population is ranging per 7,000+ active players per week!

    General Information:
    • MU Full Season 8 Version: modified, customized, balanced & 99% bug-free. (Season 11 In Process of Development)
    • Experience: 999999X – easy and fun gameplay!
    • Normal  & Exc Drop: 100% & 70%
    • Points per Level: DK/DW/ELF/SUM: 5/6 ; MG/DL/RF: 7/8
    • Max Stats: 32,767
    • Max Level: 400
    • Max Master Level: 400
    • Point per Master Level: 1
    • Bless Bug: Off
    • Jewel Success Rates: 90%
    • Chaos Machine Rates:  90% (All Combinations)
    • Max Exc Item Options Drop:  3 (after 30th Level Reset) • Seed Sphere Extract Success Rate: 80% (+25% if item has luck, Fixed to Max: 90%)
    • Seed Sphere Mount Success Rate: 100%
    • Add Socket Slot Token Success Rate: 60% (+25% if item has luck)
    • Socket Mix Success Rate: 90%
    • Max Sockets per Item: 3
    • Errtel Extraction Success Rate: 100%
    • Pentagram Disintegration Success Rate: 100%
    • Errtel Mix Success Rate: 90%
    • Mithril Mix Success Rate: 90%
    • Elixir Mix Success Rate: 90%
    • Errtel Upgrade Option Success Rate: 90%
    • Errtel Add Rank Success Rate: 90%


    What makes us an unique server of Mu Online?
    •  A stable Anti-Hack System. You can be sure, that all the players in the server are honest and do not use hacks.
    •  Guild Vault System - Unique InsaniaMU system which offers a special guild vault up to 5 vaults per Guild. Located at Crywolf map.
    •  Extra Vault System - By command /vault 0-10 you can switch between 10 vaults and store as many items as you want.
    •  Cash Shop - Unique in-game shop, with special offers. You can buy items from there using eCoins and PC Points which you can earn by a lot variantions of game events.
    •  Item Shop – Using our new Shop, you can buy Uber Evil Sets, full options and socket items while helping the server. 
    •  Multi-Lahap System - New Bundles Of Jewels For Mixing: Chaos, Life, Guardian, Gemstone, Harmony, Creation, Refining Stones
    •  Custom PVP System - all the character classes in the game are well reviewed by different items, skill tree and socket options combinations so that every class is challenging.
    • Vote Reward System – you can earn free credits, while you vote for our server. Also check Voters ranking in Rankings section.
    • Мarriage System - traditional marriage is now fully automated and working only at Insania MU plus extra custom features to it.
    • Gens System - offers you an opportunity to join two rival clans: Gens Duprian and Gens Vanert
    • Grand Reset System – you can exchange your Level Resets for Credits to be used at Web Shop for buying Pentagrams, Errtels, Empty Sphere LVL5, Pets, Jewels & Items + Full Options.

    What makes us so special?
    • Arca War Event
    • Last Man Standing Event
    • Dungeon Race Event
    • Scramble Words Event
    • Trivia Event 
    • Lottery Event
    • Bring Me Event
    • Battle Soccer Event
    • Automatic Drop Event - most popular MU Online event now is completely automated.
    • Weekly Castle Siege Event – a heavy and glorious battle. 100% Retail Working - LifeStone, Senior Mix
    • Daily Game Master Events – big competitions, fun and full option excellent prizes.
    • Full Working Golden Archer, only at Insania MU - Register your collected Renas and receive awesome prizes.  

    What's so addictive?
    •  Well organized monster spawns – everybody can level and develop easily, no matter what class he is
    •  New Ancient Items – Over 35 New Ancient Sets (Total of 63)
    •  Useful Commands - /reset (resets your character directly from the game), /pkclear (clear your PK status directly from the game), add stat commands and many more. Type /help to receive all self-coded Insania MU commands
    •  Latest and always updated bug-free content from webzen
    •  Servers PVP and Non-PVP mode which is great for starters.
    •  Live PK ranking | Live Gens ranking | Live Castle Siege

    How to start playing InsaniaMU?
    1. Download our game client -  click here 
    2. Register your account - click here
    3. Install, Launch InsaniaMU.exe and play!

    24x7 Professional Support:
    If you have any questions or problems, please contact our team or visit our community forum.
    Thank You,
    The InsaniaMU Team

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  5.   Servidor que PROMETE y CUMPLE, larga trayectoria Server libre de bugs y errores , pasado por pruebas y balances esta limpio para inaugurarlo oficialmente , con mejoras para esta versión

    Web Site Fast: Noticias HadesMu Season 12 Fast
    WebPrincipal: Comunidad HadesMu NETWORK
    Foro: Foro HadesMu Powered by Vbulletin
    Temporada: Season 12 
    Server Fast Exp & Drop: 500 x 60%
    Server Fast Lvl reset: 400 Borra Stats y deja 600 acumulativos.
    Max Stats: Soporte 65.000 Puntos (65k).
    Bless Bug: Desactivado.
    Puntos Por LVL: 5/7 (Normales).
    Disponibilidad: 24/7 
    CLIENTE : Descargas oficiales - server Slow & Fast

    Código: New S12 Features New Map Nixies Lake new! Holyangel Mastery Set new! Darkangel Weapons new! Maze of Dimensions new! Class Improvement new! New S11 Features New Map Ferea new! Darkangel Mastery Set new! Bloodangel Weapon new! Upgraded Divine Archangel Weapon new! Character information Window Improvements new! New Skills new! Elemental System Update new! New Socket Items new! Socket System Expansion new! New&Upgraded Pentagrams new! Hunting Log new! General Features Server Emulator based on 7 executables only Minimum CPU & RAM usage control resources usage from configuration Enhanced Speed and Performance of Server applications Hyper-threading optimized files multi-core processors are no longer a problem Packets Queue System Easy Configurable Environment minimalist configuration required to up and run server Detailed Logs System now you can keep an eye on what your players are doing Client Side Features HD Resolution Support Auto Reconnect System Glow System shinny your items in own colours Custom Items System add own items up to 512 per group Possible Item Combinations Ancient, Excellent Ancient, Excellent, Socket with up to 5 Spheres Support, JoH Items, 380 Items, Harmony Items System up to +13 Support of high attack speed for all Skills and Classes (no speed bug) Server and Game Features New Character - Grow Lancer Master Equipment: Blood Angel Sets New Currency: Ruud Skill Imprint Event Entrance Icon New Map: Nars MuunSystem Party & Guild Matching Pandora Jewel and Mining System News and Notices System display global messages to your players on specified interval Advanced VIP System award your players with a range of benefits of being VIP Bonus Event System Adjust Exp rates for specified maps Cash Shop System award with cash or coin for every event type and Play Time Chaos Box System configure the rates the way you want Character Settings System get your character balanced, no matter of your server configuration Skill Settings System configure skills formula of each class and special mobs skills Buffer Bot System Customize the Bots to award your players with selection of Buffs Event Reward System Customize events (Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Chaos and more) reward type and count Prohibited Words limit your players with the words that are not elegant ChaosCard Bag Custom Reward from Chaos Card - that can be done Custom Socket Manage Custom Socket Item? Yes, this is truth Lucky Items Manager want a Custom Lucky Item? Nothing easier Reset Item Manager required item to perform reset? Configure it here Item Bag Manager allows you to add New Event Bags yourself for and item or monster Drop Manager Configure drop the way you want, with no limits Game Master Shop Off-Trade System sell the Stuff for any type of coin or cash Off-Levelling gain exp being offline Auto Party System Leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK Configurable PVP Damage Reduction increases the PVP duration without changing the characters balance Configurable Castle Siege damage reduction increases the Castle Siege PVP duration without changing the characters balance Full Customizable Elemental System with pentagram, mithril and Errtel drop rates and mix rates Map Attribute System enabling or disabling PVP, Pk Penalty, Exp Bonus and Drop Rate for each map Zen Configuration customize the zen drop of each map Gens System configurable and with all features (Quests, Ranking, PVP and more) Multi-ware System which allows to use more then one vault per account InGame Quests and Events Arca War Battle Acheron Guardian Event Chaos Castle Survival Event Illusion Temple Renewal Imperial Fort Event Double Goer (Doppelganger) Castle Siege Loren Deep CryWolf Devil Square (1-7) Blood Castle (1-8) Chaos Castle (1-7) Swamp of Peace (Medusa) Rabbits Invasion Pouch of Blessing Invasion Golden Monster Invasion White Wizard Invasion Battle Soccer Kalima (1-7) Event Kanturu Event LaCleon Event Last Man Stating Event (Custom) Bonus events Event (Custom) Santa Village Event Halloween Event New Year Day Event Lottery Events Lucky Items System Rena Event Chaos Card Moss The Gambler Box and Sepcial Item Events Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink) Heart of Love Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue) Firecracker Ribbon Box (Blue, Green, Red) Golden and Silver Medals Start of Sacred Rebirth GM Box Cherry Blossom (Gold) Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes Side Features Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options Loren Market Location Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map Original Mini Maps Gens System with Gens Chat Support Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more) Pentagram system (including new Pentagrams) Elemental Damage System Full completed skill tree for all races (including extended skill tree for Fist Master) Fruits System Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse New Trade Feature move items to and from the trade with right click of the mouse Mu Helper BOT System Marry System advanced Marry System to get a wonderful wedding with your love Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80  

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  6. Kamiakze muOnline Season 9 Episode3  Host France
     x9999 xperience 80% Drop/MUUN Pet/Grand Reset Reward/Online Reward/
    Vote Reward

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  7. Bienvenidos a PantherMU #Hardcore 
    Season 9 ante sala Season 12
    Solo una semana desde su estreno
    Servidor Difícil
    🎮 Experiencia dinámica empezando en 30x terminando en 5x 
    🎮 Drop 10x
    🎮 Solo 400 puntos por reset.
    🎮 Spot solo en arena máximo 5 monsters.
    🎮 Max 20.000 puntos acumulables.
    🎮 Max 3 opciones exe por pieza.
    🎮 Max 3 socket Penta
    🎮 Árbol de poderes 100% funcional
    🎮 Primer CS será la primera semana de Junio
    🎮 Todos los eventos funcionales + BloodCastle imperial.
    🎮 Multi warehouses (baúles)
    🎮 NPC de ayuda para todas las dificultades.
    Todos los sets y ítem son 100% dropeables dentro del servidor, es solo cuestión de que tengas el valor de conseguirlos! 
    Servidor 10000% PVP 
    Balance de personajes 100%
    Varias modalidades de personajes.
    Nuestro sitio web
    (diseño aún está en proceso)
    🥇 [Foro] 
    🏵 [Fb]
    Que esperas para jugarlo! De verdad crees tener lo que se necesita?

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  8. MuKiLL Servidor de MuOnline season XII. ( Sala 25x / Sala 1000x)

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  9. Server Details 50x (Hard)
    XP: 50x (Non Resets) ML: 5x Drop = 10%
    Offlevel bot system: NO
    Post Comand
    Level Required = 150
    Create guild level = 300
    Minimum level to create Characters:
    Magic Gladiator: 220
    Dark Lord: 250
    Summoner: 1
    Grow Lancer: 200
    Orbs, Scrolls, Parchment's initial classes are in the NPCs
    Remaining Skills only by Hunt
    The new Skills are in the NPC Priest James 32, 238 (Elbeland)
    Common Items Shop
    BK, SM, MG = Lorencia / Devias
    Elf = Noria
    Summoner = Elbeland
    DL = You should (Caren)
    RF = NPC Karutran
    GL = NPC Karutran
    Drop Mastery Box
    Mastery Box (Minor) (40%)
    Chance to get between 10 ~ 50 Ruud
    Mastery Box (Standard) (30%)
    Chance to get between 50 ~ 100 Ruud
    Mastery Box (Greater) (20%)
    Chance to get between 100 ~ 150 Ruud
    CashShop: Seals, Buffs, Cards, Tickets, Pets Vip System: No

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  10. Mu Stigma - Server Slow 
    Mu Stigma  [20x 30%]
    » Version: Season 12 Part 2
    » Experience: 20x
    » Drop: 30%
    » Extra Exp: ON 50x (hasta level 100 con reset 0)
    » Elf NPC Buff Till: ON (hasta level 150)
    » Max Stats: 32767 (32000 )
    » Official MU Helper: ON (200 zen * level x 5min.)
    » Points Per Level: 5/6/7
    » Reset Level: 400 
      - Reward: 10 WebCoins (Credits)
      - Clear Stats: ON
      - Clear Magic/Spells: OFF
      - Clear Inventory: OFF
      - Clear Class: OFF
      - Points for Reset: 400 x Reset
    » Limit Reset: 50
    » Bless Bug: OFF
    » Guild Create Level: 150
    » Auto Reconnect System: ON
    » Goblin System: ON (recibe 10 GoblinPoints por cada hora de Juego)
    » Bonus Event: ON (bonus EXP en 4 espesificos momentos a la semana)
    » Extra EXP: ON (extra EXP en Eventos)

    » Wing Creation: ON
     - 3lvl wings: 40%
     - 2.5lvl wings: 60%
     - 2lvl wings: 90%
     - Feather of Condor: 60%
    » Hearts: ON
    » Silver & Gold Medals: ON (drops non-exc items from level +7 to +8)
    » FireCrackers:  ON
    » Lucky Coin: ON (Juntar Lucky Coins para canjearlas por joyas)
    » Red Dragon Invasion: ON
    » Golden Invasion: ON
    » White Wizard Event: ON
    » Blood Castle: ON
    » Devil Square: ON
    » Chaos Castle: ON
    » Illusion Temple: ON
    » Kanturu Event: ON
    » Raklion Hatchery: ON
    » DoppelGanger Event: ON
    » Imperial Guardian: ON  
    » Medusa Event: ON
    » CastleSiege: ON
    » Loren Deep: ON
    » Battle Socer: ON
    Referral link can be found by going to account panel section.
    » Consigue WebCoins Gratis con el sistema de Referidos
    » Tus amigos deben registrarse bajo tu mail de referidos para recibir el premio
    » Deben llegar a level 200 y se acreditara aiumaticamente las WebCoins
    » Party Exp Bonus: ON
      - 2 members in a party: 10%
      - 3 members in a party: 25%
      - 4 members in a party: 40%
      - 5 members in a party: 70%
    (cuando se repite alguna raza en el PT , ejemplo: SM+SM+BK+MG+SUM)
      - 3 different races in a party: 35%
      - 4 different races in a party: 80%
      - 5 different races in a party: 120%
    (con diferentes razas estan en el PT, ejemplo: SM+ELF+BK+MG+SUM)

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  11. Dear players, we invite you to the hottest discovery of this summer - Casta x100 Season 6 ep3.
    Opening June 10 at 19:00 (GMT + 3)
    Our website:
    Dear players, here we are close to the final stage, the completion of the open beta testing. All the players thank you for the valuable contribution to the development of our server! We remind you that our server is open on June 10 at 19:00 (GMT + 3), the site has a timer .All the accounts from the open beta testing have been removed, please re-register. We also offer events (clickable). Thanks to the event you can earn credits for free! I'm sure in the future they will help you! Do not forget to vote for our server on MMOTOP.Thank you for attention, we are waiting for you at the start!
    Description of the server:
    -Version: Premium Season 6 episode 3
    -Experience: 100 c dynamics up to 25.
    -Drop Rate: 55
    -Maximum stats: 32767
    -Statues per level: 5/7/7
    -Master of Experience: 10%
    -Adjusted PVM / PVP balances
    -Get the top item, wcoinc-participating in the events and killing the bosses.
    -Every 10 resets you get bonuses in Wcoinc.
    -6 new stones:
    -Jewel of Exelent, Jewel of Level, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Option, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Socket
    -New sets that can be obtained by killing bosses.
    -Noob map with low monsters for recruits.
    -Arena map increased exp + 15% and drop + 15% for teleport need Arena Ticket
    -New bosses in particular Arena Boss
    -Adjusted PVM / PVP balances
    -For every hour spent in the game you automatically get 1 Wcoin
    -New Cash shop in which you will see an incredible range
    -Party Search-now do not need to search for party, the new NPC will do it for you !!!
    -Auto party system-take Party even when you're not at the computer.
    -Auto reconnect system automatically returns you to the game after disconnect.
    -Offline trading, sell your goods while not in the game.
    -Bonus experience on events is a good reason to quickly raise the level of participating in events.
    -Balanced reward on events
    -Spots of monsters 5-6 as well as top spots (7-8) on 1 per location
    -All spots are allocated to Minimap
    -New monsters and bosses.Bonus experience BC Event + 25%
    -Bonus experience DS Event + 25%
    -Kalima (1-6) without pvp for offline pumping. Kalima 7 pvp.
    -DL, RF creation: 250 (VIP less)
    -Summoner with 1 level.
    -Dynamic lowering of experience
    -Gens system
    -3 level Vip system
    -A large number of additions
    -New sets and wings
    -Player's pane in the game
    -Imperial Fort Event
    -Castle siege
    -Loren Deep
    -Devil Square (1-7)
    -Blood Castle (1-8)
    -Chaos Castle (1-7)
    -Illusion Temple Event
    -Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
    -Rabbits Invasion
    -Pouch of Blessing Invasion
    -Golden Monster Invasion
    -White Wizard Invasion
    -Kalima (1-7) Event
    -Kanturu Event
    -LaColen Event
    -Santa Village Event
    -Halloween Event
    -TvT Event
    -Drop Event

    Reset system
    -Reset level: 400 (first reset 350 so on)
    -After the reset: the stats are removed
    After the resetting of the stats: 550/550/600/650/700/600/650
    -For a reset you need 1 Chaos.
    -Max Reset: 100
    -Grand Reset System:
    -Grand Reset: 100 resets
    -Points overseas resets: 10000
    -Grand reser: Awards: 3000 Credits
    -Limit of grand resets: No Limit

    Site functions:
    -Market system: (sell for credits, wcoins, jewels, zen)
    -Voting system: (vote every 24 hours)
    -Exchange hours: (get credits for playing 1 hour = 1 credit)
    -Referral system: (invite friends and get loans for them)
    -Zen Bank: (transfer of money to the bank's website)
    -Web Chest: (translation of things on the web chest)
    -Change name: (you can change the nickname in the game)
    -Hide information: (Hide equipment and location)
    -Exchange wcoins: (Exchange loans for vkoins)
    -Reset master skill: (reset master level)
    -Clear inventory

    Game commands:
    -Standard commands: / post, / str, / agi, / vit,
    -/ Ene, / cmd, / pkclear, / re auto, / clearinv, / requests / prop, / party leader
    -Additional command: / dcfriend

    Game information:
    -Fully customized PVE balance
    -The balance of PVP and PVM is adjusted,
    -A balance party (Silver, Gold),
    -Mu Helper works with 1 level,
    -Creating a guild 250,
    Get 1-2 wcoin for each Gold monster:
    -Kanturu Ruins, Aida, Tarkan, Lost Tower, Atlans,
    -Kanturu Ruins (1-3) are Battle maps (requires Gens)

    -Lucky Coin
    -Lucky Items System
    -Rena Event
    -Chaos Card
    -Moss The Gambler

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  12. MysticalMu Medium Server X220 (Grand Opening 23 June)
    Server Information
    Season 6 Episode 3
    Experience x220xp /With Party 300xp
    Drop 40%
    Points Per Level 5/7/7
    Stats Clear After Reset 500 / 600
    Maximal 200 resets & 32000 Stats On Value
    No Maximum stats Build own stat combinations
    Reset price 10kk Zen *Reset
    Unical Reset Stage Reward System Free Coin
    Zen Drop PVP PVE Events Spots Fully Configured
    Online Hours You can Exchange To Coins For Free
    Vip System Enabled Reduce Reset level price and much more
    in arena icrease xp per 180 total you get 400xp
    Vote System enabled month top 10 voters get reward gold coin
    In land of Trial you can find 2 Erohim Monsters
    Only Land Of Trial seeds 4,5 level also Ancient items & Jog
    Seed Creation NPC IS LOCATED inside Castle only CS owners can add sockets
    item shop sell maximum 3 socket option items but in game you can add 5 sockets
    items+15 can upgrade only in game cant Buy items+15 +life Option
    Castle Siege Event Every Week

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  13. Premium Season 9 ep 2 / Two different worlds: x100 and x7000 / Auto Party / Auto Reconnect / Muun System / Events / Premium website / Reset Reward / Market / Grand Reset / No FO items / CashShop / Active community / Stable Online / Long Term / Running more than year / NORES - NO WEBSHOP on May 27

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  14. Panda MU Premium Season 9, DYNAMIC x100, DYNAMIC x500, DYNAMIC x2500 server, Limited Stat Points, New MUUN pets, Web Market, Grand Resets, No FO items, Vote rewards

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  15. Thank you, guys, for visiting this thread!
    We are very friendly for new players. Just write us to facebook page Heon-Mu, Skype, or here and we will give you some present for start. :):
    On this sunday (2017-05-28) be ONLINE in game and get free credits! More info about that in website!

    Facebook page:
    Youtube channel:

    Version:    97d +++
    Experience:    9999x
    Drop:    80%
    Bless Bug:    On
    Max stats:    32767
    Maximum level:    350
    Reset level:    350
    Guild creation level:    351
    Jewel Rates:    100%
    ChaosMix+10:    90%
    LevelUpPointsForMG:    7
    To enter Stadium2 need:    20 resets
    LevelUpPointsForDK-ELF-DW:    5
    MaxZenInVault:    500000000
    WingSuccessRateMin:    80%
    WingSuccessRateMax:    90%
    1 Stone:    3 credit
    Stone changer:    In noria city
    To perfrom reward need:    125 resets
    1 reward:    25000 credits
    In server works new commands like: 
    /pkclear- this command clears your PK status!
    /reset- this command resets you character ( after that need to switch )!
    /ene- ads your number of points ( need to switch )!
    /str- ads your number of points ( need to switch )!
    /agi- ads your number of points ( need to switch )!
    /vit- ads your number of points ( need to switch )!
    In server works new /move commands like: 
    /move bar , /move bank , /move race , /move raw , /move church , /online , /onlinegm 
    /move superspot , /move stv , /move stadium2 , /move stv2
    New events added in 97d version!
    In lorencia bar you will find Kantru NPC.
    When you join Kantru map you will have
    to find super monster and kill him.
    It throw all opt CUSTOM items ar almost all opt.
    In Kantru map walks 1 monsters.

    In lorencia bar you will find Crywolf NPC.
    When you join Crywolf map you will have
    to find super monsters and kill them.
    They throw all opt items ar almost all opt.
    In crywolf map walks 5 monsters.

    Screenshot from game:

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    - We offer you qualitatively fast dedicated long term MU Online server without bugs or lags.
    - Server is almost 99.9% bug-free that means you can freely explore everything without being disconnected.
    - Server has great defense also secured with anti-cheat that means no more hackers and cheaters play fair and enjoy your pvp matches.
    - Server does not turn off never! We are fully at work 24/7.
    - Demonic MU will always have your back if you got problems or questions feel free to PM or talk to us about it we are always available and ready to help.
    - Demonic MU is what you are looking for join today be a part of the family.
    - Version: Season III Custom
    - Experience: 359x
    - Item drop: 65%
    - BlessBug : Off
    - Points per level: 5/6
    - Maximum Points: 32767
    - Reset cost: 20.000.000 zen
    - Max level: 400
    - PK Clear cost: 250.000 Zen
    - Post(/post) cost: 500.000 Zen
    - Level for reset: 400
    - Level for create Guild : 250
    - Elf Buffer Max level: 300
    - Ancient + Excellent F.O.- OK - WebShop- OK RATES SUCCESS:
    - Jewel Of Soul success: 80%
    - Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 80%
    - Jewel Of Life success: 80%
    - Item +10 success: 90%
    - Item +11 success: 90%
    - Item +12 success: 85%
    - Item +13 success: 80%
    - Castle Siege
    - Blood Castle
    - Golden Invasion
    - Devil Square
    - Chaos Castle
    - Blue Event
    - CryWolf Defense
    - Sky Event
    - Illusion Temple
    - Halloween Event - Happy Hours
    - GameMaster System Event
    - Are used to buy anything you desire from our WebShop
    - Donations to keep server up
    - Grand Reset Reward
    - Vote Reward
    - Quests
    - Daily Bonuses
    - Exchange online hours for credits- OK - Vote for credits- OK
    - Grand Reset 60 Reset = 3000 Credits
    /post -> Global message
    /str -> Add Points to Strength
    /agi -> Add Points to Agility
    /ene -> Add Points to Energy
    /com -> Add Points to Command
    /vit -> Add Points to Vitality
    /marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater
    /pkclear -> Clear murderer status
    /reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required.
    /request off -> Deny all requests from players.
    /request on -> Allow all requests from players.


    If you have any questions or problems‚ please contact our team on the forum or mail to

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  17. DivineMU is expected to launch 4 different worlds during the summer. All 4 worlds will be running on a full Season 6 Episode 3 files, which are one of the most stable files if we are comparing with newer seasons.
    Our community will be focused on English speaking audience, created by administration with more than 5 year experience of mu online server development and technical support. 
    We were not just making our server, but we were also testing  and checking other community servers, so we can see what players truly like to see in servers, how easy or hard items, resets should be earned (depending on server exp)...and many, many others things, which have been combined in our server, to make the one of the most interesting gameplay ever !
    Best exp will always be in party (except if there is high level difference between party members), to level up in top locations, you will need many resets and good set, zen, jewels and other items, like wings, feathers has value as well.
    We are planning to open servers for different kind of server lovers, that's why we are opening 4 different worlds. Our first server will be for true low rate server lovers, and it's going to be ALPHA x50, which will be opened already in July 7.
    As our second server will be ZETA x500, which will be officialy opened at the end of July, propably in July 28 ! As third server will be EPSILON x5000 and as fourth server OMEGA x300, about OMEGA x300 is already clear that it's going to have DYNAMIC EXP. Both last worlds will be opened during the August. 
    Exact opening date time about last 2 worlds and server information will be announced very soon !
    Updates and changes will be released every 1-2 weeks, Vote Reward System will be active all the time, event like Castle Siege will be every weekend, there will be also many others events in game by Game Masters, including website events like Top Voter with great prizes ! ALPHA x50 OPENING 7th of July
    ZETA x500 OPENING 28th of July
    EPSILON x500 OPENING in August
    OMEGA x300 OPENING in August

    (The main and most important information about our first gaming server ALPHA x50 !)

    » Max Level: 400
    » Reset Level: 400
    » Clear Stats: Yes (SM, ELF, BK, SUM - 900 points * resets & MG, DL, RF - 1000 points * resets)
    » Reset Limit: 80
    » Max GR: 1
    » GR Reset From: 80 resets (price 2kkk)
    » Clear Stats: Yes (5000 points)
    » Exp Bonus in Events
    » Max Master Skill Tree Level: 200
    » Guild Create Level: 300
    » Required level for class: MG 220 lvl, DL 250 lvl, RF 250 lvl
    » Enabled Online Hours exchange (reward Gold Credits)
    » No OP Items
    » Max + 2 Excellent options per item
    » Ancient + Excellent items can get only in LOT
    » Socket items can get only from Bosses


    (Chaos Machine rates, and of course it all depends on luck as well !)

    » Jewel of Bless: 100%
    » Jewel of Soul: 70%
    » Jewel of Life: 60%
    » Objects +10: 65% 
    » Objects +11: 60% 
    » Objects +12: 55% 
    » Objects +13: 50% 
    » Objects +14: 45% 
    » Objects +15: 40% 
    » Wings Level 1: 90%
    » Wings Level 2: 70%
    » Wings Level 3: 30%
    » Feather of Condor: 70%
    » Splinter of Armor & Bless of Guardian Mix: 60
    » Fragment of Horn Mix: 50
    » Broken Horn Mix: 40

    (Success rate to item with Luck add +20%)


    (The most useful commands !)

    » /post <message>: Allow to post a message within actual Game Server
    » /gpost <message>: Allows to post a message (same like /post but) among all sub server within same server group
    » /addstr <points_count>: Allows to add multiple strength points by player
    » /addagi <points_count>: Allows to add multiple agility points by player 
    » /addvit <points_count>: Allows to add multiple vitality points by player
    » /addene <points_count>: Allows to add multiple energy points by player
    » /addcmd <points_count>: Allows to add multiple command points by player
    » /pkclear: Allows to player to clear PK status (price 10kk * PK Count)
    » /prop <player_name>: Allows to propose a marry to other player 
    » /accept: Allows to accept marry proposal after usage of above command
    » /teleport <player_name>: Teleports yourself to your marriage partner
    » /divorce: Allows to take divorce
    » /requests <on|off>: Allows to define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default
    » /setparty <password>: Allows to set password for AutoParty system, (password 4-10 characters)


    (List of server in game events, with great exp and item rewards !)

    » Hearts
    » Silver Medal
    » Gold Medal
    » Firecracker
    » Red Dragon Invasion
    » Battle Socer
    » Golden Invasion
    » White Wizard Event
    » Blood Castle
    » Devil Square 
    » Chaos Castle 
    » Illusion Temple 
    » Kalima Event 
    » Kanturu Event
    » Raklion Hatchery
    » DoppelGanger Event 
    » Imperial Guardian  
    » Medusa Event
    » Castle Siege
    » Loren Deep
    » And More


    (List of server in game systems, with great item rewards !)

    » Cherry Blossom
    » Lucky Coins
    » Chaos Card


    (Server accepts the operation of multiple accounts, you can open maximum of 3 accounts you want, and to run Mu Online in smaller window, you need to change resolutions by opening folder [Windows Mode & Sound] at our Game Client folder and then look up folder [Resolutions] folder to change resolutions of game window !)

    » Mu Window Mode


    (The Party Bonus system gives you more experience if you form a party of 5 different races. As a race is added to the party, the extra experience is increased a little more !)

    » 2 different races in a party: 105x 
    » 3 different races in a party: 180x
    » 4 different races in a party: 260x
    » 5 different races in a party: 350x


    (Few in game screenshots of DivineMU Online Private Server !)

    » Vote Reward System is active
    » Game Client is available at downloads
    » Follow us in forum and facebook page for events and free rewards
    » To see more info about events, server configuration and rewards visit our Forum

    JOIN US !

    » Game Version: Season 6 Episode 3
    » Normal Exp: x50
    » Master Exp: x3
    » Drop rate: 50%
    » Points Per Level: 5/6/7
    » Max Stats: 32767

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  18. Información general:
    # Pagina web: Novedades - Moron-MU Season 8 Ep3
    # Fanpage :
    # Foro :

    # Experiencia: 200x
    # Master EXP : 300x
    # Drop: 45%
    # Drop Event todos los dias 20hs
    # Fines de semana exp x 400x (Viernes, Sabado y Domingo)
    # Level reset: 400 (via web)
    # Puntos por reset: 400 * numero de reset (quita stats)
    # Limite de Reset : ilimitado
    # Puntos por level: 5 ~ 7
    # Elf Buffer max level: 220
    # Anti-hack: Activado
    # Auto-reconect : Activado
    # Max Stats : 65000
    # Vota por creditos!! hasta 120 por dia
    # Miembros para una alianza: 5
    # Shop: Items +7+luck+opt
    # Spotsor todos lados!! Davias, Dungeon 3, Atlans (1,2 y 3), Tarkan 1 y 2, Kantru 1, 2 y 3, Karutan 1 y 2. Arena y Barracks!!
    # Creacion de Guild: 200
    # Party EXP BONUS!! (por cantidad de pjs y distintas razas)
    # SubServer NO-PVP!!

    Eventos funcionando al 100%!!
    -Blood Castle
    -Devil Square
    -Chaos Castle
    -Imperial Guardian
    -Invasion de dorados
    -Loren Deep
    -Double Goer
    -White Wizard
    -Rabbits invasion
    -Eggs invasion
    -Castle Siege
    Rates Chaos Machine :
    Items +10 = 70%
    Items +11 = 70%
    Items +12 = 60%
    Items +13 = 50%
    Items +14 = 50%
    Items +15 = 40%
    Broken Horn = 50%
    Horn of Fenrir = 30%
    Rate Joyas :
    Soul = 60%
    Life = 60%
    Harmony = 50%
    Creación de personajes:

    # Magic Gladiator: 220
    # Dark Lord: 250
    # Summoner: 250
    # Rage Fighter: 280


    # /post - Mensaje global
    # /add (str, agi, vit, ene, com) - Sumar puntos (Ejemplo: /addstr 150)
    # /ware (5 baules habilitados, del 0 al 4) ejemplo /ware 1
    # /pkclear

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  19. Versão: X803 Season8 Experiência: |Free 400x||Vip 700x| Drops: 75% Bug Bless: Offline Reset: Pontuativo

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  20. Server Medium x250 with Dynamic Experience by Winged MU Online. This is interesting
    because of it's experience changes reset by reset. Every 5 resets it goes lower and lower
    except the first 10 resets when experience is true x250. It will give a better chance for
    new players who join later to catch Top players in rankings when they got resets already.
    Medium Server will give you a chance to get even up to 3 excellent option items in game
    or in item shop and up to 5 empty sockets in game or up to 3 chosen socket options
    + 2 empty for free in item shop. Existing limits will give a chance to make unique builds.
    We would like to not call it pay 2 win since everyone can get the same with or without donations.
    We would call it as advantage since there is just a time difference on how fast you can achieve
    that and it depends on you. Guide on how to earn free credits without paying a real money on Forum.
    3 lucky players can WIN $ 30 USD worth Credits!
    Server MEDIUM x250 Grand Opening on June 6 at 19:00 Server Time
    Contact Us:
    Basic Server information:
    Version: Season 9.5
    Experience: x250 - DYNAMIC
    Master experience: x50
    Drop: 30%
    Maximum level: 400
    Maximum master level: 350
    Points per level: 5/7/7
    Points per master level: 2
    Maximum stat: 32000
    Cash Shop Enabled - Seals and Pets
    Wcoins Exchange Enabled - 24 HOURS AFTER OPENED
    Mu Helper: from level 30
    Mu Helper cost: 500 Zen * level
    Pk clear cost: 3kk Zen * pk count
    Monster Spots in all maps
    Elf Soldier buff Till: 350 level
    Create level MG, DL = 1
    Create level RF, Sum = 1
    Dynamic Experience:
    Reset 0 - 10 = x250 (100%)
    Reset 11 - 15 = x225 (90%)
    Reset 16 - 20 = x200 (80%)
    Reset 21 - 25 = x175 (70%)
    Reset 26 - 30 = x150 (60%)
    Reset 31 - 35 = x125 (50%)
    Reset 36 - 40 = x100 (40%)
    Reset 41 - 45 = x75 (30%)
    Reset 46 - 50 = x50 (20%)
    Reset 50 - UNLIMITED = x250 (100%)
    Reset System:
    Reset level = 400
    Reset Level VIP = 385
    Reset limit = NO LIMIT
    After reset: stat points STAY
    Reset reward = .... Credits
    Reset cost = 3kk Zen * resets
    Grand Reset System:
    Grand reset from = 50 resets
    Grand reset limit = NO LIMIT
    After grand reset free stat points:
    SM,ELF,BK,SUM = 5000 points * grand resets
    MG,DL,RF = 6000 points * grand resets
    Grand reset reward: .... Credits
    Item Shop Limits:
    Maximum excellent options: 3
    Maximum socket options: 2
    Maximum item level: +12
    (upgrade up to +15 only in game)
    Excellent + Ancient: ON
    Excellent + Socket: ON
    Ancient + Harmony: ON
    Equal Seed Sockets: OFF
    Server and Game Features:
    Reconnect System - No Disconnects
    Off Leveling System - Level up offline mode
    Auto Party System - Party matching
    Muun System - Get all kind of Muun Pets in game
    Off-trade System - Trade items being offline
    Pandora Mining System - Get jewels by mining
    Monster hp, defense, damage increased - harder level up
    380/400 Items work from level 0 - use all items
    Blood Castle, Devil Square, Doppelganger bonus exp + 30x
    Get up to 3 Excellent options items in game
    Chance rates: One = 54%, Two = 45%, Three = 1%
    Get up to 5 empty sockets in game
    Get Goblin Points for every 1 hour you spend online in game!
    Command Offlevel cost 10 Wcoins per 1 hour
    Get  Credits for every 1 hour you spend online in game!
    Get 15 Wcoins by finishing in Game Events:
    BC, DS, CC, Crywolf, Nightmare, Doppelganger
    Party Experience:
    Normal Party 2 Exp Bonus =  - 5%
    Normal Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 5%
    Normal Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 15%
    Normal Party 5 Exp bonus = + 30%
    Set Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 40% (different classes)
    Set Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 50% (different classes)
    Set Party 5 Exp Bonus = + 60% (different classes)
    Chaos Machine and Combination Rates:
    Objects +10, +11 = 70%
    Objects +12, +13 = 60%
    Objects +14, +15 = 40%
    Jewel of Bless - 100%
    Jewel of Soul - 70%
    Jewel of Life - 65%
    + Luck increase the probability of success by 20%
    Feather Of Condor Max Rate = 60%
    Wings level 2 Mix Max Rate = 90%
    Wings level 2.5 Mix Max Rate = 60%
    Cape Of Lord Mix Max Rate = 90%
    Wings level 3 Mix Max Rate = 40%
    Chance to get Excellent option when making Wings level 3 = 50%
    Chance to get Luck option when making Wings level 3 = 60%

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  21. Server Name: DemonuMu
    Server Version: 97d+99i
    Experience: 9999x
    Item Drop: 99%
    Monster HP: 100%
    Bless Bug: On
    Points Per Level: 5/7
    Max Stats: 32767
    Maximum Level: 350
    Reset Level: 350
    Max Resets: 100
    Blood Castle Events
    Bonus Webshop Credits: Online
    Minimum Level For Creating Guild: 100
    PK Clear Cost: 10,000,000 x Number Kills
    Grand Reset: Online
    Market System: Online
    Votes Reward: Online
    Webshop System: Online
    Clear Stats: Yes Bonus points: 500
    Clear Inventory: No
    Clear Skills: No
    DemonuMu 97d Join!DemonuMu Facebook!
    DemonuMu Information! 
    MuWeb Customs Full Premium:
    Online Hours Reward/Deposit Stone & Rena/New Votes Reward/Total Online Time
    Grand Opening of the server [6.3.2017 Time Romania 09:30 AM]
    BloodCastle Event Start 1 hours:
    Reward 2 Jewel of Chaos
    Reward 2 Jewel of Life
    Reward 2 Jewel of Soul
    Opportunities for success: 
    Jewel Of Soul success: 99% 
    Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 99% 
    Jewel Of Life success: 99% 
    1LevelWingsSuccessRate = 99% 
    2LevelWingsSuccessRate = 99% 
    Item +10 success: 99% 
    Item +11 success: 99%
    Golden Mobs Spots Start 60 minute 
    Noria Little Golden Dragon (Box of Heaven) 
    Davias Golden Titan 10 (Taikan) (Box+2) 
    Davias Golden Soldier (Just defenders) 
    Lorencia Golden Goblin 10 (Box+1) 
    Davias Golden Goblin 10 (Box+1) 
    Noria Golden Goblin 10 (Box+1) 
    Lorencia Golden Dragon 10 (Box+3) 
    Davias Golden Dragon 10 (Box+3) 
    Noria Golden Dragon 10 (Box+3) 
    Full Atlans 15 Golden Lizard King (Box+4) 
    Atlans 1/2/3 Golden Vepar (Just defenders) 
    Full Tarkan 15 Golden Tantalos (Box+5) 
    Tarkan 1/2 Golden Wheel (Just defenders)
    From Monster is drop Stone from Box of Heaven is drop Rena
    then go website and deposit to be reward for your work
    DemonuMu Mega Event:
    SkyEventReward Online/QuestSystem Online/VipSystem OFF
    Drop Event vs Race Event Online
    Client Full 97d+99i/Anti-Hack/3DCameraMode
    Download:SendSpace-Download DemonuMuV3.rar
    Commands Players !!
    New Commands Players !!
    AntiAfk Online

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  22. OpenMu Season 3 Episodio 1
    - Server Name: OpenMu 
    - Website :
    - Version: Season III + Episode I 
    - Server is from: Bulgaria 
    - Experience: 99999x 
    - Item drop: 100% 
    - Monster HP: 100% 
    - Points per level: 20/30 
    - Maximum Points: 65000 
    - Reset: From the site 
    - Reset cost: 1,000,000 Zen 
    - Maximum level: 999 
    - Level for reset: 400 
    - Points per Reset: Keep stats 
    - Maximum resets: 999 
    - Minimum level for delete Hero: 40 
    - Minimum level for create Guild: 80 
    - PK Clear: From the site 
    - PK Clear cost: 1,000,000 Zen for a murder 
    - Clear Inventory: No 
    - Clear Spells: No 
    - Clear Stats: No
    Opportunities For Success
    - Jewel Of Soul success: 100% 
    - Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 100% 
    - Jewel Of Life success: 80% 
    - Item +10 success: 100% 
    - Item +11 success: 95% 
    - Item +12 success: 90% 
    - Item +13 success: 88%
    - Blood Castle Event - every 1 hour(s) 
    - Devil Square Event - every 2 hour(s) 
    - Chaos Castle Event - every 4 hour(s) 
    - Golden Dragon Invasion - every 1 hour(s) 
    - Kundun Invasion Event - every 12 hour(s) 
    - White Wizard Attack Event - every 2 hour(s)
    GM|Administrator Events
    - Drop Event 
    - Race Event 
    - Find Event 
    - PK Event 
    - Survivor Event 
    - Tournament Event 
    - Question Event 
    - Guild Event
    Informacion del Servidor es activo y estable desde el 2009
    OpenMu is server running since Octomber 2009. 
    Official website:
    Game servers running over 6 months without wipe:
    - Version: Season 3 Episode 1 no bugs or modifications 
    - 3 Game servers - 2x PVP and 1x Non-PVP. 
    - Experience: 999999999x 
    - Drops: 99% 
    - Box of kundun + 1 +2 +3 +4 +5 in Lorencia shop 
    - Daily GM events 
    - MU SHOP 
    - Unique payment methods 
    - Active community team 
    - 24/7 Online Dedicated Server
    - Servers: 
    - Server 1 (PVP) 
    - Post chat on 
    - Server 2 (NON - PVP) 
    - Post chat on
    Facebook :
    Forum :
    Website :

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  23. Mu LZR S6 E3 IGCN
    Cliente Multi-Lenguaje: Español,Portugues,Ingles,VIetnamita
    Exp: 25x
    Master Exp: 15x
    Drop Normal: 20%
    Drop Exe: 5%
    Shop: +3+4+Luck
    Spot: 3-4 / Hot: 5
    Elf Soldier Buff: Lv 180
    Bot Buff: Apartir de Lv 181
    Creacion de personajes:
    Sum: Lv 200
    Mg: Lv 220
    Dl: Lv 250
    Rf: Lv 300
    Sistema Bots (Hot)
    Sistema Gens
    Sistema Offleveling
    Sistema OffTrade
    Sistema PkClear
    Sistema Reset
    Sistema Web Referidos (Hot)
    Sistema Web Cambio Horas Online (Hot)
    Sistema Web Market
    Sistema Web WebShop
    Devil Square
    Blood Castle
    Chaos Castle
    Imperial Fort Event
    Double Goer (Doppelganger)
    Castle Siege
    Kanturu Event
    LaCleon Event (Selupan)
    Illusion Temple Event
    CryWolf Event
    Battle Soccer
    Loren Deep Event (Erohim)
    Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
    Rabbits Invasion
    Pouch of Blessing
    Golden Invasion
    White Wizard
    Kalima Event (5-7)
    Bonus Event -HAPPY HOURS- (NormalExp,MasterExp,Drop,Drop exe)
    Lucky Coin
    Box Of Heaven
    Medal Silver
    Medal Gold
    Pumking Of Luck
    Web: Mu Linkzero Reload S6 E3 IGCN
    Foro: Guias y Sistema de Juego
    Grupo:Unite y se parte en facebook
    Fan Page:Apoya el server con tu MG o LIKE

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  24. EliteMu.Online Season 2 Classic x25 OPEN BETA
    Season 2 Classic Non-Reset HomeSeason 2 Classic Non-Reset HomeSeason 2 Classic Non-Reset Home
      EliteMu.Online is a Free-To-Play Global Role-Play-Game with community in all over the World! EliteMu.Online designed the game to make our players to Experience the Real and Original Mu Online Gameplay, with No-Resets at all.
    Which means that PvP & PvM are very Challenging and Balancing!
    In addition Real Mu Online focusing on based Economy which gives very high value to Zen & Rare Jewels.

    Basic Information:
    » Version: Season 2
    » Experience: x25 (BETA x9999)
    » Drop: 50%
    » Maximum level: 400
    » Points per level: 5/7/7
    » Bless Bug: OFF
    » Monster HP: 100%
    » Bar Monster HP: 100%
    » Reset : OFF
    » Excellent item max option : 3
    » Excellent 380 : No
    » Ancient + Harmony option : No
    » Excellent ancient : No
    » Webshop : No

    » Bless: 100%
    » Soul luck: 75%
    » Soul non luck: 50%
    » Life: 70%

    » +10 rate : 70%
    » +11 rate : 60%
    » +12 rate : 50%
    » +13 rate : 40%
    » Luck bonus 25% success rate
    » Wings level 1 max success rate : 70%
    » Wings level 2 max success rate : 70%
    » Cape of lord max success rate : 70%

    » Magic Gladiator : 220*
    » Dark Lord : 250*

    » EliteMu.Online economy is based on Zen & Rare Jewels*
    » Jewels can be found as game rewards by Heart of Love/Medals & by killing random monsters*

    » First basic skills for each class*
    » Classic Low Sets & Weapons*

    » Kundun boss spawn time 6 Hours*
    » Kanturu Event spwn time 6 Hours*
    » Red Dragon event spawn time 3 Hours*
    » Chaos Castle event spawn time 1 Hour*
    » Blood Castle event spawn time 2 Hour*
    » Devil Square event spawn time 2 Hour*
    » White wizzard event spawn time 1 Hour*
    » Skeleton King event spawn time 2 Hours*
    » Golden Invasion event spawn time 2 Hours*
    » Castle Siege every Satturday 19:00 Server time*
    » Crywolf event everyday spawn time 12 Hours*

    » Box Of Kundun +1 = Low Category Exc Items *
    » Box Of Kundun +2 = Low Category Exc Items *
    » Box Of Kundun +3 = Low Category Exc Items*
    » Box Of Kundun +4 = Medium Category Exc Items*
    » Box Of Kundun +4 = Rare Category Exc Items*

    *Golden Monsters*
    » 2 Golden Goblin in Devias/Lorencia/Noria (Box+1)*
    » 3 Golden Titan in Devias1/2/3 (Box+2)*
    » 3 Golden Dragon in Devias/Lorencia/Noria (Box+3)*
    » 5 Golden Lizard King in Atlans1/2/3 (Box+4)*
    » 5 Golden Tantalos in Tarkan1/2 (Box+5)*

    *[Main Commands]*
    » /pkclear - clears PK stats for 5.000.000 Zen*
    » /post - Chat on the global post for 1.000.000 Zen*

    » /addstr /addagi /addvit /addene /addcmd (Max 200 Points*
    » Use your level points and add stats without clicking*

    *[General Commands]*
    » /GuildWar - Start a guild war with any guild*
    » /battlesoccer GuildName - Start soccer fight with any one*
    » /alliance - Create alliance with another guilds*

    Intel Pentium II @ 1.60 GHz ( 1 CPUs) 1.6 GHz 528 mb Ram 128 kbps speed connection Host location : China Town in Africa

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    •Season XII
    •Experience: 500xp Dynamic
    •Drop: 50% 
    •Points Per Level: 5/7/7 (Stats clear after reset) 
    •Reset from 400 Levels 
    •Grand Reset from 100 Resets, Reward 5.000 Goblin Coins
    •Online Hours Exchangne, 1 Hour Online = 1 Coins 
    Maximum stats are: 65,000 
    Maximum level (normal character): 400 
    Maximum level (master): 400 (BM/HE/LE/etc..) 
    Server features:
    - You can gain Goblin Points with entering "Blood Castle" , "Chaos Castle"..etc
    - You can buy even 4rd Wings with goblin coins
    - You can gain GM GIFT box from events and drop excellent items including Blood Angel And Dark Angel items.....
    - You can buy GM GIFT box from Cash Shop Or chance to get it from events "Blood Castle" , "Chaos Castle"..etc
    - Muun System 
    - Party & Guild Matching + Party Exp System
    - Pandora Jewel and Mining System 
    - Bonus Event System Adjust Exp rates for specified maps 
    - Cash Shop System award with cash or coin for every event type and Play Time 
    - Chaos Box System 
    - Balanced PVP 
    - Custom event rewards(Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Chaos and more). 
    - Auto Party System Leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK 
    - Auto Attack System u can play game while ur game is offline while using /offattack code
    - Gens system 
    - Multi-ware System which allows to use more then one vault per account. 
    InGame Quest and Events
    - Arca War Battle 
    - Acheron Guardian Event 
    - Chaos Castle Survival Event 
    - Illusion Temple Renewal 
    - Imperial Fort Event 
    - Double Goer (Doppelganger) 
    - Castle Siege 
    - Loren Deep 
    - CryWolf 
    - Devil Square (1-7) 
    - Blood Castle (1-8) 
    - Chaos Castle (1-7) 
    - Swamp of Peace (Medusa) 
    - Rabbits Invasion 
    - Pouch of Blessing Invasion 
    - Golden Monster Invasion 
    - White Wizard Invasion 
    - Battle Soccer 
    - Kalima (1-7) Event 
    - Kanturu Event 
    - LaColen Event 
    - Last Man Stating Event (Custom) 
    Occasional Events
    - Santa Village Event 
    - Halloween Event 
    - New Year Day Event 
    Lottery Events 

    - Rena Event 
    - Chaos Card 
    - Moss The Gambler 
    and more.. 
    Box and Special Item Events 

    - Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink) 
    - Heart of Love 
    - Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue) 
    - Firecracker 
    - Ribbon Box (Blue, Green, Red) 
    - Golden and Silver Medals 
    - Start of Sacred Rebirth 
    - GM Box 
    - Cherry Blossom (Gold) 
    - Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes 
    - and more.. 
    Side Features 

    - Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options 
    - Loren Market Location 
    - Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map 
    - Original Mini Maps 
    - Gens System with Gens Chat Support 
    - Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more) 
    - Pentagram system (including new Pentagrams) 
    - Elemental Damage System 
    - Full completed skill tree for all races (including extended skill tree for Fist Master) 
    - Fruits System 
    - Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse 
    - New Trade Feature move items to and from the trade with right click of the mouse 
    - Mu Helper BOT System 
    - Marry System advanced Marry System to get a wonderful wedding with your love 
    - Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets 
    - Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80 
    - Off attack system
    - Party bonus system

    Frozen Mu Welcome To Be Legend...!!!
    Grand Opening For Extreme Server 01.06.2017 12:00PM
    Be ready to play Glourios Mu Server ever...
    And be Legend in the Mu World....

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  26. «AVEUMS» GAMING © 2017
    The AVEUMS "MU" is the best server has ever made.
    You can find us on and on

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