[AD] TransilvaniaMU |Full Season XII Episode 2 | Stable | Long Term




Website: TransilvaniaMU Season XII

» Host: Dedicated Server
» Server Files: IGCN 
» Server Version: Season 12 Episode 2
» Server Game Play: PvP/ PvM
» Server Name: x1000
» Experiance : 1000x
» Drop : 50x
Vip Free 7 Days


Auto-Party System
Bots System:
»Buffer Bot
»more bot types coming soon..
Cash Shop: Disable
»Gift System
Cancel Item Sale
Chaos Machine System
Event Inventory
Extended Inventory (2)
Extended Warehouse
Fruits System
Gens System:
»Ability to define custom Battle Maps
Gremory Case System
Map Attribute System:
»Define PvP behaviour on selected maps
»Define unique experience and drop rates on selected maps
»Define VIP Access only for selected maps
»Define whether to respawn in same place after death on selected maps
»Block entry to selected maps
Mass Combination System hot!
Mini Map Tags Control
Mu Helper
Mu Roomy:
»Normal Game
»Special Game (coming soon)
Multi-Warehouse System
Muun System
News System (interval time control)
Offline Trading System
Offline Levelling System 
Party and Guild Matching Systems
Pandora Jewel and Mining System
Pets System
Play Guide (In-Game) hot!
Ruud Shop (Ruud Currency) hot!
Shops System with unlimited stores count
Skill Imprint System hot!
Specialized Statistics System
Quests System
VIP System

Acheron Guardian hot!
Arca Battle hot!
Attack Event
Battle Soccer
Bomber (Saper) Mini Game
Bonus Event
Blood Castle
Castle Siege
Chaos Castle
Cherry Blossom
Christmas Invasion
Core Magriffy Boss hot!
Devil Square
Double Goer (Doppel Ganger)
Dragon Invasion
Egg (monster drop) Event
lution Monster System hot!
Ferea Battle Event hot!
Halloween Event
Golden Invasion
Illusion Temple Classic
Illusion Temple Renewal hot!
Imperial Fortress (Guardian)
Kalima (Kundun)
Kanturu (Maya)
Labyrinth of Dimenstion (coming soon)
Last Man Standing hot!
Lord Silvester Boss hot!
Loren Deep Event
Medusa Event
Nixie Battle Event hot!
Santa Claus Event
Rabbit Invasion
Raklion of Hatchery Event
White Wizard Invasion
Tormented Square hot!
Tormented Square Battle hot!
Chaos Castle Survival of the Fittest hot!

»Character Panel:
Add Stats Module
Reset Stats Module
Reset Skill Tree Module
Dual Skill Tree System (Gold)
Unstock Character
Clear PK
Clear Inventory


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