Project-MU  Server Configuration 

Version: Season 6 Episode 3

Server Name: Project-MU

Game Play: PvP / PvM = Reset Type

Experience Rate: 150x (5) + (users party boost total 500x)

Master Experience Rate: 175x

Drop Rate: 50%

Money Rate: 25%

Max Level: 400

Max Master Level: 400

Max Stats: Build Stats

Keep Stats: No

Resets Limit: 999

Party Configuration:

Party 1 (users) Rate: 100x

Party 2 (users) Rate: 200x

Party 3 (users) Rate: 300x

Party 4 (users) Rate: 400x

Party 5 (users) Rate: 500x

Class Character Creation:

Dark Wizard - Level 1

Dark Knight - Level 1

Elf - Level 1

Summoner - Level 1

Magic Gladiator - Level 1

Dark Lord - Level 1

Rage Fighter - Level 1

Item Upgrading:

Jewel of Bless Success Rate: 100%

Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 70%

Jewel of Life Success Rate: 60%

Jewel of Harmony Success Rate: 50%

Chaos Mix Rate +10: 100%

Chaos Mix Rate +11: 90%

Chaos Mix Rate +12: 80%

Chaos Mix Rate + 13: 70%

Chaos Mix Rate + 14: 60%

Chaos Mix Rate + 15: 50%

Server Features:

Vote Reward System (vote every 12hours and win huge prizes for top monthly voters)

Account Information 

X-Cash shop – enabled

Balanced PVP / PVM System

Hunt Boss System

Drop Custom Items

OnlineLottery Drop Rewards

and more . . . . 


Blood Castle – enabled

Devil Square – enabled

Chaos Castle – enabled

Illusion Temple – enabled

Medusa – enabled

Imperial Fortress – enabled

Double Goer – enabled

Raklion Event – enabled

Invasion – enabled

Kanturu – enabled

Castle Siege – enabled

Crywolf – enabled

Cherry Blossoms – enabled

Loren Deep – enabled

Battle Soccer - enabled

Kalima – enabled 

FindSanta Gm Event - enable

Scrumble Event - enable

Game and Server Security:

Reconnect system – Enabled

Maximum game latency

Potions cool down

Protection on programs functioning on 64-bit processes

Protection against keyboard automation

Multi-account on one IP – Enabled

Game data synchronization with the server

Low memory consumption by the server-side and client

User blocking by IP and / or machine

Temporary block between detections            

Full encryption of the data packets

Complete passive protection

Memory change protection

Server Commands:

/move "map name" - moves you to your named map.

/post - shout/announce global message to all players on server, available from level 6, cost nothing.

/addstr - add stats.

/addagi - add stats.

/addvit - add stats.

/addene - add stats.

/addcmd - add stats.

/readd  - reset stats.

/clearml - reset master skill.

/resp + answer - scrumble event.

/clearinv - clear inventory.

/openware - openwarehouse.

/war "Guild name" - Guid ware between your and other chosen guild.

/soccer "guild name" - Guild Event in Arena Football area.

/re "on" or "off" - Do not disturb mode, don't accept any requests.

Custom Store/Market Commands:

/store bless = BLESS STORE - Items are sold for Jewel of Bless

/store soul = SOUL STORE - Items are sold for Jewel of Soul

/store chaos = CHAOS STORE - Items are sold for Jewel of Chaos

/store wcc = WCC STORE - Items are sold for Cash Coins

/store wcg = GOBLIN POINTS - Items are sold for Goblin Points

/offstore - Keeps your shop on, while you are offline.

Client Plug-in:

Camera 3D – enabled (f10 – on / f11 – off)

Split chat

Minimize Client – enabled (f12 – minimize on tray)


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