Heroes Of Mu Online Season 12 Grand Opening 7. April!

Opening times:

17.00 UTC +2 (Poland), 23.00 UTC +8 (Philipines), 12.00 UTC -3 (Argentina)

Experience: x5000, Master exp: x5000, Max master level 420!

Reset: Stats burns,

Free stats after reset:

DK, RF, DL, SUM, GL: 500

DW, ELF, MG: 750

Dynamic resets, more res = less exp.

No Item shop!

New features:

  • New Map Ferea and monsters
  • Ferea Battle event (Lord of Ferea)
  • Dark Angel Items, Options & Combination
  • Blood Angel weapons, Options & Combination
  • Upgraded Archangel weapons and new skills
  • Upgraded Archangel Weapons mix
  • New extended character statistic C window
  • New remade Errtel Upgrade mix
  • New Socket Items
  • Extension of Seed Sphere levels
  • Extension of Socket Bonus Options
  • New Socket Item Upgrade Mix
  • New Seed Extract Mix
  • New Seed Sphere Composite Mix
  • New Set Seed Sphere Mix
  • New Unsocket Seed Sphere Mix
  • New Seed Sphere Upgrade Mix
  • New Pentagrams and options
  • New Nixie Lake Map and monsters
  • Holy Angel Items Options & Combination
  • Dual Class Sealed Mastery Items & Combination 
  • Sealed Blood Angel Item combination using Blood Angel Spirit (Hero) (Makes Items +11)
  • Quiver (enhanced arrows) 
  • New Socket combination for Socket items with 4 slots or more - Reduce socket slot. 
  • Dark Spirit improvement
  • Knicks Battle -> Nixie Boss Event
  • Bomb Game
  • Labirynth of Dimensions


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