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  1. contacted a little over a week ago. Didn't mean to be a bug, but do you have any idea when it'll be done? I'm just waiting on this plugin so I can launch my new server. Thank you so much! Best CMS so far!
  2. I just purchased the license. how do i order the custome payment plugin? thanks in advance!
  3. what would you recommend bro? thanks in advance!
  4. couple final questions boss: > is this compatible with setectsoft season 1 - season 8 files? > i didnt get approved for xendit. and i only have paymongo account. can i place that order for custom paymongo payment module together with the license when i buy it? thanks again in advance for you answers
  5. thank you. I already have paymongo account set up and ready to to thats why I'm asking about it. I would try to apply for xendit if you already have that plugin available. Thank you! Regarding webhosting and installation, do you have any recommended web hosting? Thanks again for your swift response!
  6. do you have an idea how much? thanks in advance!
  7. - Is this compatible with louis files? - I want to add paymongo (mobile wallets) as a method of payment for donate. Is it possible? How much will it cost me?
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