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  • 1.1.9 DmN MuCMS By neo6

    DmN MuCMS MuOnline Website This submission contains Full DmN MuCMS package of latest stable version. Summary of reported and fixed issues is provided within below change-log If you want to be notified of further updates on this submission make sure to follow it by clicking follow button at the top-right.   Check if your hosting is compatible with this file dmnmucms-checker.php  
  • Stats Specialization Plugin By neo6

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    • 77
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    This plugin allows your players to save their stats with different configurations PVP,PVE and load required stat build when ever it is required.
  • WalletOne Plugin By neo6

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    https://www.walletone.com payment system
  • Character Market Plugin By neo6

    • $60.00
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    With this plugin your players will be able to trade their characters.

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A professional content management system for MuOnline private servers. DmN MuCMS is built on a model-view-controller framework that aims to be compatible with any server & database structure. No matter how many players you have, DmN MuCMS is the right choice for you!
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