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Found 8 results

  1. The ultimate classic MU Online server, version Season 3 Episode 1 NEW since April 2017 Remastered by the masters, with over 10 years of experience with MU Running on a dedicated server, planned for longterm, 24/7 Uptime NO LAGS Brought to you by Milamber, Karli, and the legendary MU coder Shatter Made by MU fans, for MU fans We are very excited to bring you our ultimate version of MU Online. This private server has been in the making for an extremely long time. The result, the final product, is what me and my team believe to be an extremely unique, beautifully re-designed, and a 'true to its roots' MU Online server into which an unbelievable amount of time, passion and hard work have been poured into. I am a MU Online fan, and have been for the most part of my life. My primary goal is to share my dream MU Online server with other fans of the game. I invite you to come and try if you like this server. Because Faronnia MU could be something very special to you, as it is for me. NO PREMIUM. NO CASH SHOP. NO WEB SHOP. WEBSITE: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG CREATE NEW ACCOUNT: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG DOWNLOAD GAME CLIENT: Faronnia MU Online Private Server | Free-2-Play Diablo Style 3D MMORPG WIKI/GUIDES: Faronnia MU Wiki COMMUNITY FORUMS: Faronnia MU Forum MU SERVER INFORMATION MU Version: Season 3 Episode 1 Development by Shatter | Design by Milamber and Karli Powered by private build 'Spirex' MU Emulator, MuOnlineWebs, and UGK Anti-hack [SERVER FEATURES] - All original MU Season 3 Episode 1 content working with no bugs. - Custom Boss Monster System: More info here! - Probably the best original map re-designs and monster spots ever. - Re-balanced Monster and Item database for better gameplay. - Game Client modifications (widescreen, 3-d camera, fog effect, etc.) - Advanced client anti-hack system to prevent cheaters! - In-game character reset system and PK Clear. - Global chat /post command, quick add stats (/str, /agi, etc.) - Only a few custom items (including the classic Mace of Kings!) - Castle Siege skills allowed on all maps [CORE SETTINGS] Server Type: Open PvP Experience Rate: 300x Item Drop Rate: 60% Maximum Stats: 20,000 Maximum/Reset Level: 400 Maximum Resets: 20 Clear Stats: No Clear Inventory: No Reset Cost: 50,000,000 zen Grand Resets: Not yet available, coming in the future! Guild Create required level: 300 Exc+Ancient Items: No Jewel of Harmony+Ancient Items: Yes Maximum Item Level: 13 Maximum OptionLevel for Items: 7 Exc Items drop rate: Normal Party Exp System: Yes PC Shop system: No PK Drop Items on Death: No Event combination items in shops: Yes Fenrir Mix: Yes (including Gold Fenrir) Castle Siege: Yes Lord Mix: Yes [JEWELS] Jewels drop rate: Normal Jewel of Soul Success Rate: 60% Jewel of Soul Success Rate +Luck: 85% Jewel of Life Success Rate: 70% [QUESTS AND EVENTS] - Blood Castle every 2 hours, Double Exp Rate - Devil Square every 2 hours - Chaos Castle every 2 hours - Illusion Temple every 4 hours - Crywolf Fortress 2 times every day - CastleDeep/Loren Invasion 2 times every day - White Wizard Invasion every 2 hours - Golden Monsters Invasion every 4 hours - Red Dragon Invasion every 4 hours - Castle Siege once a week [DEDICATED SERVER HOSTING] - Server Location: EUROPE - DDoS Protected Windows Server - SSD for faster drive performance - Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.40GHz CPU - Corsair 8GB DDR3 RAM - 100Mbit internet speed / NO LAGS Frequently Asked Questions: 1 - The game doesn't run, I can not play! Run and install our Microsoft VC Redistributables provided inside the FixGameCrash folder. If problem perists. try downloading and installing Microsoft .NET Frameworks for your Windows PC. 2 - My antivirus says this game has a virus inside of it! That is the UGK Anticheat system we have running with the main game itself, which connects to a server outside of your network to run some quick security checks to ensure that cheaters/hackers will not overtake our game and ruin the experience for everybody. The solution is to open your Antivirus's settings, and to 'Whitelist'/Ignore the folder or the file within our client causing the problem. So that is the Mu.exe and the Main.exe files. Client settings/options/configurations So we have basic settings within our game launcher (resolution, sound, window mode, etc.) But within our client, we have a Config.ini file if you've noticed it. // [CONFIG] EnableWidescreen = 0 Works but may cause undesirable effect. Put 1 to turn it on. EnableShowBothWeapons = 1 Leave this alone. EnableCamera = 1 F9 to active/de-activate 3D camera, F10 to reset potion, Middle mouse to control camera EnableFog = 1 Fog to make 3D environment less old and ugly. EnableSky = 0 You can use this instead of Fog, but unfortunately it is a bit buggy. EnableSiegeSkills = 1 Leave this alone. // Know the rules on our MU Online private server! a) Keep your password safe, do not share it with anyone. b) Admins/GMs do NEVER ask for your password. We do not need it even to access your account. c) PK and KS is 100% allowed, this is an open PvP server. d) No cheating/hacking please, unless you really want that permanent ban. e) Please do not use language that is racist, sexist, homophobic or falls under generally accepted guidelines for hate speech. Thank you for reading. Join us today in the most epic MU server, faronnian!
  2. 👉 NUEVO [MU Austral] 🔛 ¡la temporada 2 + ARTÍCULOS S4 /! 🙌 👍 ❗ Grupo: https://www.facebook.com/groups/710098325800018/ ❗ Web: www.muaustral.com Joyas Nuevas Establece Nuevos Armas Nuevas Características Generales: Servidor confiable y estable. Servidor Dinámica con Experiencia (párr Más información, visite el enlace de Más Arriba) - Experiencia: Dinámica. 500x - Drop: 60% - Monster HP: 100% - Bless Bug: Off - Bug Zen: Off - Puntos por Nivel: 5 y 7 - Nivel de rearme: 400 - tienda online: Off - Servidor VIP: Off - Puntos cargar: - Fuerza : / str - Agilidad: / AGI - Vitalidad: / vit - Energia: / eno - Comando: / com Obtendran ayuda por parte del personal! Y se dara premios a los Jugadores
  3. Server x30 Opening 13. MARCH 19:00 (Server Time) (13.03.2017) Info about other servers at our website. Project Website: M8 MuOnline ClubCommunity Forum: M8MU ForumRegistration: M8 MuOnline ClubGame Client: M8 MuOnline ClubFacebook Fan page: M8 MuOnline ForumYouTube Channel: M8 Mu Online YouTube Basic Information: Version: Season 9 Episode 2 Experience: x30 Master experience: x10 Drop: 20% Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 350 Points per level: 5/7/7 Points per master level: 1 Maximum stat: 32000 Cash shop (only for Goblin Points) Wcoins Exchange DISABLED NO seal buffs available Mu Helper: from level 5 Mu Helper cost: 500 Zen * level Pk clear cost: 5kk Zen * pk count Spots in all maps except arena Elf Soldier buff Till: 350 level Create level MG, DL = 220, 250 Create level RF, Sum = 270 Reset System: Reset limit = 20 After reset: stat points clear After reset free stat points: SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 1200 points * resets MG, DL, RF = 1400 points * resets Reset reward = 50 Credits Reset cost = 3kk Zen * resets Reset cooldown = 2 hours Grand Reset System: Grand reset from = 20 resets Grand reset limit = 10 After grand reset free stat points: SM,ELF,BK,SUM = 6000 points * grand resets MG,DL,RF = 7000 points * grand resets Maximum free stat points after 10 grand resets: SM, ELF, BK, SUM = 84 000 points MG, DL, RF = 98 000 points NO Max stats = build your stats Grand reset reward: 16000 Credits GR Reward worth 1 item +15 + 3 exc + 2 soc options Item Shop Limits: Maximum excellent options: 3 Maximum socket options: 2 Excellent + Ancient: Allowed Excellent + Socket: Allowed Ancient + Harmony: Allowed Equal Seed Sockets: Disabled Website Account Panel Features: VIP system: (get several benefits being VIP player) Market system: (sell items for credits, wcoins, jewels, zen) Vote reward system: (get credits by voting for us every 12 hours) Online hours system: (get 8 credits being online while play) Referral system: (get credits by referring others to join game) Zen wallet system: (transfer zen to website zen bank) Web warehouse: (transfer items to web warehouse, unlimited space) Change name: (change character nick name) Hidden info: (Hide information, location from others) Clear skill tree: (clear your skill tree points placed) Clear inventory: (clear character inventory) In-Game Commands: /post (a message within actual Game Server) /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd /pkclear (allows to clear PK status for ZEN) /war (allows to propose a War to opponent Guild) /prop (allows to propose a marry to other player) /accept (allows to accept marry proposal) /teleport (teleports yourself to your marriage partner) /divorce (allows to take divorce) /dcfriend (Allows to disconnect specified character if know his name,password) /battlesoccer (allows to challenge opposite guild for a battle Soccer match) /requests (all requests on or off) /offtrade (activate off-trade sale) /setparty (allows to set password for AutoParty system) Additional Information: Reconnect System - No DC Off Leveling System - Level up offline mode Auto Party System - Party matching Muun System - Get all kind of Muun Pets in game Off-trade System - Trade items being offline Pandora Mining System - Get jewels by mining Monster hp, defense, damage increased - harder level up http://forum.m8mu.club/index.php?/topic/225-guide-monster-power-and-exp/ 380/400 Item and wings work from level 0 - use all items Blood Castle, Devil Square, Doppelganger bonus exp + 20x It's possible to gain great items in game not only buying in item shop Get up to 3 Excellent option items in game Chance rates: One = 50%, Two = 40%, Three= 10% Get up to 5 empty sockets in game Command /offlevel cost is set to 300 Goblin Points per 1 hour! Get 100 Goblin Points for every 1 hour you spend online in game! Get 8 Credits for every 1 hour you spend online in game! No Maximum Stats = Build your own stats Party Information: Normal Party 2 Exp Bonus = - 5% Normal Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 5% Normal Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 15% Normal Party 5 Exp bonus = + 30% Set Party 3 Exp Bonus = + 40% (different classes) Set Party 4 Exp Bonus = + 50% (different classes) Set Party 5 Exp Bonus = + 60% (different classes) VIP Status Information: Vip Package Details on Web Time: 5 Days, Price: 7000 Credits, Reset Zen Discount: -2 KK Zen * resets, Reset Level Decrease: -10 LvL, Hide Character Info: Discount 40 %, Clear SkillTree Discount: 60 %, Online Hours Exchange Bonus Credits: 2, Change Character Name Discount: 50% Server Bonus Info: Vip Gold Experience Bonus: +10x, Drop rate Bonus: +10, Excellent Drop Bonus: +5, Master Experience bonus: +10x, Increased Chaos Machine Rates for mix of Wings level 2 = +5% success rate, Wings level 2.5 = +10% success rate, Wings level 3 = +15% success rate, Condor Feather = 20% success rate, Mix items +10,+11 bonus = +5%, Mix items +12,+13 bonus = +10%, Mix items +14,+15 bonus = +15% Event Information: Chaos Castle Survival Event, Illusion Temple Renewal, Imperial Fort Event, Double Goer (Doppelganger), Castle Siege, Loren Deep, CryWolf, Devil Square (1-7), Blood Castle (1-8), Chaos Castle (1-7), Swamp of Peace (Medusa), Rabbits Invasion, Pouch of Blessing Invasion, Golden, Monster Invasion, White Wizard Invasion, Battle Soccer, Kalima (1-7) Event, Kanturu Event, LaCleon Event, Santa Village Event.
  5. release date 01/Octuber/16 Why you'll love : • We are running Dedicated Server 24x7 hosted at New York with 1000 MBPS granting worldwide best pings for playing mu online! ENGHMU FULL PVP SERVER Name: EnghMU Site: WWW.ENGHMU.XYZGENERAL RATES » Ver: Season 6 Episode 3 » Exp: 220x » ML : 50x » Drop: 35% » Reset Lvl 400 » Reset Reward 2 Credits » Reset Skills: OFF » Reset Inventory: OFF » Reset Quest: OFF » Bless Bug: OFF » Monster HP: 100% Grand resets: From 100 resets! Maximum GR unlimited, Grand Reset resets stats. Grand reset reward: 2000 Gold credits!COMBINATION RATES » Mix +10: 80% » Mix +11: 75% » Mix +12: 70 % » Mix +13: 65 % » Mix +14: 60 % » Mix +15: 55 % » Wings Level 1: 100% » Wings Level 2: 90% » Wings Level 3: 67% » Condor Feather: 70% » Raven & Horse: 70% The objects +Luck increase 25% chances of success! COMMANDS » /add: Add Points (Str/Agi/Vit/Ene/Cmd) » /post: Send Global Message » /partyleader: Set Party Leader » /offstore: Store in Disconnect Mode » /war: Start War with other Guild » /battlesoccer: Start BattleSoccer with other Guild EVENTS» Heart of Love: ON » Medals: ON » Sack of Magic: ON » Ribbon Box: ON » Chocolate Box: ON » Candy Box: ON » Golden Invasion: ON » Red Dragon Invasion: ON » White Wizzard: ON » Blood Castle: ON » Devil Square: ON » Chaos Castle: ON » Illusion Temple: ON » Kalima Event: ON » Kanturu Event: ON » Raklion Hatchery: ON » Double Goer: ON » Imperial Guardian: ON » Medusa: ON » CastleSiege: ON » LorenDeep: ON » Cherry Blossom: ON » Chaos Card: ON Web>>> WWW.ENGMU.XYZScreenShots
  6. MUXGLOBAL AURORA x30 Moderate Low Rate Server - 35 resets available, but the character progression will occur fairly quickly, the hardest work will be on the last 5 resets. Every 5 resets the player will receive a reward in the form of game currency - bonuses. The absence of uber-PvP items and a balance adapted for a certain amount of stats. Lovers of both, low and medium rates will enjoy this server. Special attention has been given to PvE part of the game. Everything, beginning with starting shops, NPC locations, first monsters, spots, varied and accessible drop. Quest system that is literally carrying you around the whole MuOnline continent. Maximally friendly game world, where you will never be able to get bored. The server has implemented consecutive in-game quest system. You can read more about it here. The total amount of stat points, which you will be able to get after completing the quest system is about 12 000. Stat points obtained in the quest system; do not burn with the resets, that means, the more quests you complete, the stronger your character becomes. Dynamic experience system - reduces players experience as they move on resets. Principle is – the stronger you get, the harder it becomes leveling your character. But at the same time, with each reset together with a decrease in the amount of experience, the amount of received stat-points and bonuses is increased. Therefore, each following reset becomes more desirable and rewarding. Resets - reset number Points + - amount of additional stat points players will get at this reset Total Points - amount of total points players will have at this reset Experience - experience rates at this reset Bonuses - amount of Bonuses rewarded for this reset Game Version: Arkania Episode 3 Experience: Dynamic x30 Item Drop Rate: 50% Maximum Level: 400 Maximum Reset: 200 Points per level normal: 5 Points per level MG & DL: 7 Reset type: Reset Stats Castle Siege: Sundays Stat limitation: 32 767 After global cataclysm of the mu continent, your charter will be starting in Arkania. Now Ruined Lorencia, Jungle Noria and Snowstorm Devias are much more dangerous than early. Players who have accepted an invitation are teleported to the Team Deathmatch Arena and divided into two equal teams: Blue Team and Purple Team. Team distribution is based on character classes and TDM Level; it includes their Stats, Power Buff, Set Bonus and other parameters. Answer: This is our exclusive development. Answer: Yes. If you have open source client and more than 9 years experience in Mu Online. Answer: Yes. And we have something more! 1. Only for you several game worlds, with different types of difficulty (in future). 2. FULL HD game client, that don't have any analogs in the world. 3. Unique reset system, dynamic experience, builds and grand resets. 4. Consecutive quest system. 5. New maps, items and monsters. 6. Team Deathmatch event where you can get donate bonuses. 7. A lots of ratings to get donate bonuses. 8. In-game lottery system with very high prizes. 9. Convenient web market of characters that you can sell for donate bonuses. 10. Online players support, which will always help you. 11. Administration for extra payment can get your lost items back, if it was your fault and only items that you bought from us. 12. Brand new buff. That buff have extra 400 levels of different stages, that improve your fighting abilities. 13. Multilevel system of ancient sets 14. Powerful protection from cheaters, best among other analogues. 15. Unique achievements system, from that system you can get donate bonuses and improving you buff level. 16. Web-market for selling and buying good for donate bonuses in-game currency. 17. Tax system, that allows to collect tribute for owners of LOT of all the trading on web-market. 18. VIP server that gives the ability to achieve more in the shortest possible time. 19. More than 20 web services on the site. 20. More than 10 possible ways to get donate bonuses without donate. Here you can download our client Here you can registered your new account Here you can ask a question at forum Here is Arkania preview video
  7. Why you'll love ILUZIONMU? • We are running Dedicated Server 24x7 hosted at New York with 1000 MBPS granting worldwide best pings for playing mu online! • ILUZIONMU server is always updated to latest mu online version and 90% bug-free! • ILUZIONMU never turns off! Our servers are online 24x7. • We offer 24x7 player support. The ILUZIONMU Team is always and very active! • We are playing just like you and we know what you want! • A very friendly and active community! We exist in the hearts of almost every country in the world! We range mostly in: Filipino, American and Espanol players. In-game population is ranging active players per week! General Information: • MU Full Season iluzionmu Version – modified , 90% bug-free. • Experience: 1000X – long term and fun gameplay! • Normal Drop & Exc Drop: 80X & 40X • Points per Level DK/DW/ELF/SUM: 5 ; MG/DL/RF: 7 • Max Stats 65k • Max Level 400 • Bless Bug – Off • Jewel Rates – N/A Standart • Machine Rates – N/A Standart EVENTS: ? CASTLE SIGE ? Blood Castle ? Chaos Castle ? Devil Square ? Invasion of red dragons ? Invasion golden dragons! ? Invasion White Wizard ? Illusion Temple ? Kantru event ? Crywolf ? Raklion Boss Download : Here Website : News -IZMU
  8. Server Links Website: http://Www.ForsetMu.Net Server Forum: http://Forum.ForsetMu.Net Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ForsetMu Client Download: https://mega.nz/#!TxQCBZDJ!viuXoPsTfXTzBPdzHyDZKQ3PeF1g07EGy_wwuf1fDqY ForsetMu Information * EXP Rate: 8200x * Master SkillTree EXP: 1320x * Drop Rate: 76% * Avarage Success Rate: 90% * Resets & Grand Resets: Yes * Max Level: 400 * Max Master Level: 250 * Character Create Lvl: 1 * Maximum Stats: 65,000 * Points Per Level: 15/16/17 * Sockets Per Item: 5 * Monsters Per Spot: 5 - 15 * SkillTree Reset Item: Yes * Elf Soldier Buff Lvl: 300 * Party Extra Exp: Yes * Mu Helper: Yes * Long Term Server: Yes * Premium Files: Yes Webshop Information * All Items For Sell Exept Pets, Scrolls, Buffs * For More Info Visit Our Webshop! wCoins Shop Information * Wings LVl 4, Pets, Buffs, Other... PCPoints Shop Information * Wings LVl 2/3, Jewel Of Life, Soul, Chaos. Active Costum Events * Jewel Gambling ( Dont Lose Them All ) * Scramble Event ( Unscramble This !! ) * Dungeon Event ( Get From Point A To Point B !! Time Is Running Out ) * Kill The GM Event ( Kill BOT Game Master & Recaive Reward ) * Online Minutes Event ( Stay Online 60 Minutes & Recaive Reward ) * Gens War Event ( Prepare Yourself For A Battle ! ) * Lottery Event ( Luck Never Stays In One Place ) * Bring Me Event ( Bring From Randombly Choosen Items ) * PVP Last Stand ( Be The Last Standing ) * Hunt & Kill ( Kill Special Monster In Given Time ) User Commands /post Text /addstr Number /addagi Number /addvit Number /addene Number /addcom Number /clearpk /help /vault 1-10 /marry Name /divorce /tracemarry /accept /lock /unlock /setkey 10 Letter & Number key /confirmkey Repeat Key /freezen ( Gain 1,000,000,000 Zen ) /duel Name /partyduel Name /guildwar GuildName /offtrade Event Rewards * Chaos Castle: Jewel Of Chaos, Life, Soul * Crywolf ( Blagass ): Jewel Of Creation * Blood Castle: Jewel Of Life * Devil Square: Gemstone & Jewel Of Harmony Drop * White Wizard: Jewel Of Guardian * Golden Archer: 1 From Jewel Of Chaos, Soul, Life * PVP Last Stand: 1500 PCP & 1000 wCoins & 1 From Jewel Of Harmony, Creation * Scramble (TRAVIA): 60 PCP / 50 wCoins & Jewel Of Harmony * Lottery: 20 - 3200 PCPoints / 10 - 1600 wCoins * Bring Me Event: 50 PCP / 50 wCoins & Jewel Of Harmony * Hunt & Kill: 30 PCP / 20 wCoins & 1 From Jewel Of Chaos, Soul, Life * Online Hours: 40 PCP / 30 wCoins * Castle Siege: 6 - 2k Credits & Land Of Trial With Ancients, Harmonys, Guardians. Box Content * Box Of Luck: Jewel Of Bless, Chaos, Soul * Box Of Kundun + 1: Rings, Pendants * Box Of Kundun + 2: All Weapons * Box Of Kundun + 3: Wings Lvl 2 * Box Of Kundun + 4: Wings Lvl 3 * Box Of Kundun + 5: 1 From Jewel Of Harmony, Creation, Guardian * Green Chaos Box: Medium Level Set Items * Red Chaos Box: Hight Level Set Items * Purple Chaos Box: Highest Level Set Items Other * Balanced Character PVP * Fixed Duel, Siege Damage * Fixed Chatting System ( Cursor Won't Disappear ) Hosting Information * Processor: Intel I7 3.10Ghz 4Cores * Ram: 16Gb * SSD Boost

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A professional content management system for MuOnline private servers. DmN MuCMS is built on a model-view-controller framework that aims to be compatible with any server & database structure. No matter how many players you have, DmN MuCMS is the right choice for you!
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