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  1. Don't Forget , Grand Opening in 2 Hours !
  2. NonReset MuOnline Server Opening Date and Details Since thousands of years ago everything was quite , now we delighted to present the Apocalypse !!! DB Start : Saturaday 19 Nov 2016 - 20:00 GMT+2 Server Style : Non-Reset Server Files : Premium AutoUpdate Client : Premium Launcher Exp : Dynamic Master Xp : Dynamic Max Leve : 400 Max Master Level : 370 8 Characters : Grow Launcher Available Character Create : Lvl 1 DW,DK,ELF,SUMM ; Lvl 250 MG,DL,RF,GL Spots : On Every Map , at least 15-20 Mobs Spots : Between 7 and 5 (The higher level you get the less mobs on spots you will find) Reconnect System : Online AutoParty : Online (Use /setparty password / Whisper to the PM with that password) ActionHouse Table : Online (Visit Lore Bar Wall or Market) Guild+Party Search : Online (Press N in game) Boots Helper : Online (/trade them to obtain the buff) Boss Mode System : Now the Selupan,Medusa,Balgas,Maya,Red Dragon(Karutan2),Lord Silvester,BOSS in DS 5 6 7 - drop either a soket or 380 set item or a 380 or soket weapon. Rare Boss System : Now IceQueen , Balrog , Zaikan - become hard to find , find and hunt them for nice rewards. All events online : All of them has a custom drop. Mariage System : Collect White Cherry Branch for Remedy Love and Spahire Ring Las Man Standing Event : Reward 380 or smaller weapon. No Seals or other boosts. Everything available in game (Pets , Bloody Angel Sets , Lucky Tickets Wings lvl 4 etc) No Donation For Items ! X-Shop Online WCoins & Goblin Coins both obtainable in game (Killing Bosses , Win events (BC),Drop Box of Heaven,Medals or Stars) and Donations Craftable Items : Ex702 Soken Weapons (Assura,Mirracle Staff etc) - Drop in Raklion only Wings Lvl 4 Blood Angel Ancient Sets Roomy System MUUN System - All pets Available New Mounts (Hunt Core Magriffy) Rare things in game : Small Sets+Weapons : Drop Every BC+DS Monsters JWL's : Kalima Maps Only + Events Soket Weapons+380 Weapons : Big Red Dragon (Custom event , hunt him Karutan 2 18h Respawn) 380 & Soket Head Item : Hunt Lord Silvester (16h Respawn) Wings lvl 2 Ingredients : Hunt Gorgon,Pheonix,Death Beam Knight,HellMaine New Mounts : Hunt Core Magriffy (24h Respawn) drop Best Pentagram as well Blood Angel Exe Items : Drop only in Naars Map ! Castle Siege : Once a Week Rewards : Lot Map + 1 Blood Angel Item Every Day with 4 option ! This is only a part of what we prepare for you ! If you think you will enjoy it , follow the links below to get started ! Website : ApocalypseMU - Mu Online Private Servers Home Forum : Forums - ApocalypseMu Community Register : ApocalypseMU - Mu Online Private Servers Registration Download : ApocalypseMU - Mu Online Private Servers (Careful to download Non-RR client) Warnings : If you have problem with the client! Please install this software : Click Here You can use your account to log in on both servers (100x & NonReset) [Characters will not be the same] If your antivirus detect the Main,Launcher or some .DLL like a virus , please don't panic, everything is ok Just turn antivurs off or put those to exclude scans. Few Pictures From The Server !

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