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  1. Hi bro, yes is compatible with IGCN Donations modules
  2. Server Details 50x (Hard) Rates: XP: 50x (Non Resets) ML: 5x Drop = 10% (Progressive Difficulty) When you get more level you get the harder it gets experience) Example: It starts with 50x Level 1 and when it is level 400 it will be more or less 10x Exp. Offlevel bot system: NO Post Comand Level Required = 150 Create guild level = 300 Minimum level to create Characters: Magic Gladiator: 220 Dark Lord: 250 Summoner: 1 Grow Lancer: 200 Orbs, Scrolls, Parchment's initial classes are in the NPCs Remaining Skills only by Hunt The new Skills are in the NPC Priest James 32, 238 (Elbeland) Common Items Shop BK, SM, MG = Lorencia / Devias Elf = Noria Summoner = Elbeland DL = You should (Caren) RF = NPC Karutran GL = NPC Karutran ~~~~ IT WILL NOT BE SOLD EDITED ITEMS ~~~~ ~~~~ ALL ITEMS SHOULD GET BY HUNT! ~~~~ Drop Mastery Box Mastery Box (Minor) (40%) Chance to get between 10 ~ 50 Ruud Mastery Box (Standard) (30%) Chance to get between 50 ~ 100 Ruud Mastery Box (Greater) (20%) Chance to get between 100 ~ 150 Ruud CashShop: Seals, Buffs, Cards, Tickets, Pets Vip System: No
  3. Hyas dear Admin DMN, I'm w8 a promotion of Christmas of 2016 When you will allow?
  4. Lucas, tem que ser cliente pra baixar os arquivos (mesmo sendo grátis)