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  1. Duke

    Few question about DMNcms

    Differences between Anger and Blessing are the prices. Anger is Less Cost but more on Monthly Renewal (Fee $21.00) Blessing Cost more but Less on Monthly Renewal (Fee $5.46) Overall: All the same Features/Modules and Etc. DMN MUCMS Supports pretty much every MU Online Files.
  2. Duke

    Does he?

    Does neo/salvis still cares about his customer? If he does, would be great but it seems that he doesn't anymore (maybe busy in real life) why is he keeps us waiting? Why the heck not telling us that he is busy, make us looks stupid of waiting for nothing though. Damn DMNCMS was one of the great CMS in an MU Online Website Design but lack of support to his customers sadly but true.
  3. Duke


    I SENT YOU A PM at Skype.
  4. Duke


    Just want to make sure. :) I will send you something via skype Later.
  5. Duke


    Is Salvis the Admin is still Alive? I haven't heard some good from him since few month ago.

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