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  1. MIDGARD SERVER IS NOW LIVE!!! ASGARD x25 ( N/A ) MIDGARD x9999 : MARCH 10, 2018 GMT+7/8 13:00 ----------------------------------------------------- MIDGARD SERVER IS NOW LIVE!!! ASGARD x25 ( N/A ) MIDGARD x9999 : MARCH 10, 2018 GMT+7/8 13:00 >>> EASY EXP - HARD ITEMS <<< ------------------------------------------------------ Midgard Mu Online Information Normal Exp: 9999x Master Exp: 9999x Reset Server: Yes Grand Reset Remain Stats: Yes 500 Free Point(s) + Every reset = 20 Credits Max Stat's: 32767 Drop Rate: 80% Server Capacity: 1000 Max Option: Full Exc Option Jewels Drop Rate: Korean Base + Mobius Reconfigured ( Korean / Webzen / Mobius ) Jewel Success Rate: 10-13 = 100% 14-15 = 45/40% Offlevel Command: Enable ( 3 Hours Non Vip / 6 Hours Vip with 0 pick items ) Offtrade Command: Enable 380 Items: With Excellent Option Ancient Items: With Excellent Option Lucky Items: With Excellent Option Socket Items: No Excellent Option SYSTEM REGISTRATION: Do not enter invalid email(s) to get a fully access your account. Your password will be send automatically on your email. You can check on inbox / junk folder >>>FREEBIES <<< GRAND RESET REWARD Where to get the full exc option? All excellent items / option can be hunt on ingame server. New Jewel's Drop This is currently untouched where we put this. ( Don't worry before and after we will announce it ) Monster Bosses Adjustment All we know when the server is 32767 max stats all monster are very easy to kill But on Midgard server we adjust the very important on this server. OPEN FOR PHP / REAL MONEY ( What's the meaning?, You can buy / sale your huntable items for real money ) Starter Gear: Each hero’s can obtain a free gear on npc shop. Update March 6, 2018 : We decide to put some starter skill for each hero's. So everyone will enjoy it in early game. Spot : 5 Mobs per map location ( Arena Map Disable ) PS: Some maps don't need to add spot's like dungeun map on season 13 and higher PLEASE EXPLORE THE MAP FOR SPOT GMU Angel & Demon | Wing of Conqueror This is popular items where to hunt regarding on Angel & Demon, So we reduce the goblin for 1 and the titan book will be very rare. Conqueror, This items ONLY available on BattleCore Server. wCoin | Credits xShop: Enable Webshop: Disabled Voting System: Disabled SERVER NATIONALITY FILIPINO / ENGLISH / INTERNATIONAL ( Everyone are welcome on Mobius Gaming ) You can earn wcoin: Online Hours / Ingame Events wcoin; you can exchange it via control panel using our website Credit; N/A for voting system ( To avoid fake voting system ) We do not need to be top mu online around the world, We can use our facebook page to boost and promote our server. Nailed it! Credit can purchase via paypal / wu Multiple Client: Max 5 Client If you wish more than 5 ( please submit your request on forums ) Easy Exp | Hard Master Skill Exp | Hard Items Exp + Golden Party is enable ( Gens Map + Exp Increase + Drop Increase + Master Exp Increase ) Why we put additional exp on gens map? We made this for gen family fight your team mate / pk's your enemies + gens level up rank Monster(s) Bosses We improve the defense and damage of each monster boss. So you cannot kill easily on 32767
  2. what is the price of the Template Governor?

  3. Can't see the Inluded template files & logo.psd
  4. UPDATE: This is only for dmncms upcoming player :) Free (2) two unlock characters if you want to player and to test
  5. Click & Vote You can earn easily 50 Credit using Google Ad's on Vote System section, Click ad's every 6 Hours
  6. Salvis, how to change the date about the castle siege. this is only website.
  7. SERVER INFORMATION: SEASON X PART THREE X20 / X15 ML DROP RATE 80% DUAL ACCOUNT: 5 Max MAX LEVEL & MAX ML: 400 / 370 NO RESET SPOT FOR STARTER: Arena, Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elbeland, LostTower, Tarkan 1 Jewels Success Rate Bless: 100%Soul No Luck: 55%Soul With Luck: 75%Life: 70%Harmony: 80% Invasion Times Red dragon invasion 4:00, 7:00, 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 23:00, 1:00 Skeleton king invasion 5:00, 8:00, 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, 22:00, 2:00 Golden Invasion 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00, 23:00 White wizard invasion 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00, 1:00, 3:00 Party Exp System Normal: 2 players - 400% Exp Bonus 3 players - 500%Exp Bonus 4 players - 600% Exp Bonus 5 players - 700% Exp Bonus (different classes in the same party) 3 players - 750% Exp Bonus 4 players - 800% Exp Bonus 5 players - 900% Exp Bonus Commands /offtrade - Personal store offline mode /post <message> - can be use from lvl 50 and its cost 100k zen /requests <on/off> - allows you to enable/disable requests /setparty <password> - allows you to set password to your party /add - allows you to add specific amount of points /prop <PlayerName> - allows you to send a wedding proposal /accept - allows you to accept wedding proposal /teleport - allows you to teleport to your spouse /war <GuildName> - allows you to start a guild war /endwar <GuildName> - allows you to end active guild war /battlesoccer <GuildName> - allows you to invite guild to a soccer /socstop - allows you to stop a soccer game CHARACTER READY TO USE ARE: BK-SM-MG-DL-ELF-SUM Glow Lancer & Rage FighterLevel Requirement: 200 OFFTRADE : Yes, You can use in Lorencia and Noria OFFLEVEL: No. We are not ghost town :D ONLINE SYSTEM ONLINE REWARD: 10/Hour VOTE REWARD: 5 (XtremeTop100) Click & Vote NEW You can earn easily 50 Credit using Google Ad's on Vote System section, Click ad's every 6 Hours INVITE FRIEND: 10 (WITH DIFFERENT HWID / IP VIA WEBSITE) Invite friend using your control panel @ Your invited friend he/she need level 100 to claim your reward ( auto check ip so please don't try ) Reward On Registration: 250 Reward for Referral : 500 System Requirement: 100 Level Required ITEMS / CHARACTER FOR PVP BALANCE Max Exc Option: 3 Max Socket Option: 3 No exc for all ancient items No exc for all 380 items SOCKET / 380 ITEMS DROP La Cleon, All socket items specially the materials of new socket can hunt in this map. Crywolf - Raklion All 380 items can hunt in this map ( Without weapons ) Bosses Event 380 Weapons assign to bosses event CHARACTER Glow Lancer / Rage Fighter You can use this two (2) character by using xshop Character unlock or Max level 200 You can buy the Character unlock for 500wCoin INGAME EVENT Castle Siege OPEN FOR PUBLIC #SOON FOR BATTLE Blood CastleChaos Castle Battle Core More... BATTLE CORE Since server is new Battle Core server is temporary offline INGAME SCREENSHOT: So we have the configuration below But what else makes Mornia(s) special? Custom made web siteDDoS ProtectedSeason X Part Three (COMING SOON)Bugless IGCN Premium PLUS licensed server filesDedicated server with a powerful processor, lots of physical memory and the 1 Gbps connectionAdministrators are experienced people who have been doing this for many years HOW TO FIX FONT BOX ERROR: Click Me: [GUIDE] How to fix font box error | MorniaMU CommunityHow to Fix Missing .dll Click me: [GUIDE] How to fix missing .dll | MorniaMU CommunityWEBSITE: DOWNLOAD LINK: FORUM:
  8. Hi salvis, any update for referral issue from no reset / no grand reset in low server?