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  1. For hosting i suggest Google free trial compute engine, can run easy website free for nearly month, if want pay than can use Contabo hosting.
  2. Server Grand opening on 8th December 2017. Server will use full Season 12 episode 1 files with couple episode 2 features. All Necessary information will be added on forum http://forum.relicmu.com You have 3 kind of download links on different mirrors (if speed for you is low, let me know and client will be re uploaded). After downloading will be several updates, but client is fully automated so you don't need to worry about that you wont be able connect one day, it wont happen. Registration will be available all the time. And you might want to join event where you can win Ruud coins. Fallow this link to read rules - http://forum.relicmu.com/topic/20-recruit-a-friend/ Final Server Settings: * No Resets * Experience: 25x * Master Exp: 10x * Drop Rate: 30% * Full S12 E1 features partly episode 2 * Custom Monster Spots * Custom Jewel invasions * Boosted PVM damage * Default Jewel Upgrade % * Default Chaos Machine Rates * Balanced PVP system * Enchanted GENS system * Improved Monster rewards Website Features: * Achievement system - Tons of quests what will make you sweat. * Support Kit - Claim packages from website to help you in leveling, questing. * Friend Recruit - Use your referral link to get 1k ruud for each. * Coin transfer - From account to account. * Promotion Codes - Free or in events won codes given from Admin. * Lottery - Guessing the numbers leads to great rewards. * Auction - Special system what allow players buy item for in-game currency. * Market - Player are able to sell hes items from game. * Dual stats - Can save up to 2 builds, and switch between them. * Dual skill Tree - Can save up to 2 builds, and switch between them. * Resets Stats or Skill Tree - All know what that mean. * Web Bank - Store your items and Zen in website. * Exchange system - Exchange your Zen to various currencies. * Monthly Reward - Top player from various rankings, get rewarded.
  3. Happy to announce about new project opening - ThatMu.com Server Will be Online on 16.10.2016 19:00 Server Time To See time at your country check this link - Event Time Announcer - Grand Opening WWW.THATMU.COM or https://www.thatmu.com Server made for people who is busy for leveling and want go PVP, PK, PVM directly with small effort in leveling. You will get 400 lvl in several hours, even faster if you know how mu is built, because there wont be spots, all you need is luck of drop what monsters will give to help you gain level faster. PVM rate is a little hardened, but that wont stop you for reaching the goal. PVP rates is balanced between classes and wont be moments that some class is stronger than other, last word will be said from your collected gear. Registration is available right now and you can create your account. For that you will need valid email address, because system will send you notification about registration. Once is done think about your friends and invite them as well by your Referrer link found in your Account Panel. After Registration you can vote for server and get some amount of Web Zen, what you can later on server opening exchange to Goblin Points or transfer them to in game character for buying starting kits. Want to mention here that Potion in ThatMu.com server will be for free! Now we all wait for server opening. Navigate around website and check whats useful there for you, suggestions and some requests you can send me via website support tickets - https://www.thatmu.com/support Small information about Server Settings: Version: Season 8 Resets: No Experience: 1000x, Master: 500x Drop rate: 20% Zen rate: 5% CM Rate: Default Spots: Default Max Level: 730 Points: 5/6/7 Class: All from Level 0 Bot: Available from Level 1 Reconnect System Party Reconnect Anti Hack system Zen Exchange to GP Donation system Website Market Website unlimited Warehouse Unlimited Zen wallet in website All Events working Weekly Castle Siege Monthly Rewards PVP, Vote, Activity Offline Trading for all currencies Gens Reward and Ranking Battle Maps On Online time reward - GP and much more.. WEBSITE: https://www.thatmu.comFB: https://www.facebook.com/thatmuonline/REGISTER: http://www.thatmu.com/registrationDOWNLOADS: https://www.thatmu.com/downloads
  4. template

    Does it have All modules what have default template? Simply cant fine event timer on NR3 template.
  5. just buy, its worth that.