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  1. cms

    Now it's a good time to do it !
  2. cms

    Now it's a good time to do it !
  3. There was already autumn promo and prices were also reduced permanently.
  4. In 2016 almost any company offers ddos protection, even hetzner started to do that recently and most are already reselling services like ovh, singlehop, etc. I think you'll agree with me that ddos protection is a must nowdays, although webhosting side I can assure you that cloudflare (free protection) will protect 99% of the servers out there. No one spends hundred or thounds of usd per attack to get a mu website down and pass through the cloudflare protection.
  5. $10 a month for the minimum package of a shared webhosting? Reputable companies offer much more and charge their clients way less than that.
  6. Well in my case I will refer 2 friends that will become new clients and it's a motivation for them, besides this I'll personally going to aquire new extra licenses soon and even more over time. Anyway the current news is awesome and much better than a discount so thank you Salvis !
  7. I find the autumn sale discount to be really low considering the easter one had 40% and we had no summer sale discount at all this year, the last one was in 2015 and had 30% discount. Could we get atleast a 25% instead of the low 15% one? I just don't feel there is enough motivation for 15% Thanks
  8. Completly dissapeared for almost 1 montth ...