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  1. Joe

    Q B4 buy

    Now it's a good time to do it !
  2. Joe

    Q B4 buy

    Now it's a good time to do it !
  3. There was already autumn promo and prices were also reduced permanently.
  4. Well in my case I will refer 2 friends that will become new clients and it's a motivation for them, besides this I'll personally going to aquire new extra licenses soon and even more over time. Anyway the current news is awesome and much better than a discount so thank you Salvis !
  5. I find the autumn sale discount to be really low considering the easter one had 40% and we had no summer sale discount at all this year, the last one was in 2015 and had 30% discount. Could we get atleast a 25% instead of the low 15% one? I just don't feel there is enough motivation for 15% Thanks
  6. Joe

    Completly dissapeared for almost 1 montth ...

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