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  1. Welcome to InfinityMU - 100x Edition On the server Infinity is installed emulator MU Online version 1.04j Season 3, Episode 1. Exp Rate: 100x, with party up to 5 players - 150x Drop Rate: 50% Server Stats The server is running since October 10, 2009 We do not make a wipe (complete cleaning of the base) and we are long-term private game server! In order to provide 24/7 availability and stable server we use only high quality dedicated servers in the France, Paris. Available Classes: Dark Knight/Blade Knight, Dark Wizard/Soul Master, Fairy Elf/Muse Elf, Magic Gladiator (with 220 level), Dark Lord (with 250 level). Max Level: 1000 (All Classes) Max Resets: 60 (All Classes) Points per Level (DK/DW/Elf): 5 Points per Level MG and DL: 7 Reset Level: 350 (All Classes) (Formula: Stats Not Remain; Skills & Inventory remains; 50KK Zen.) Bonus points per reset: 1,095 (DW), 1,000 (DK), 1,095 (ELF), 1,075 (MG), 1,050 (DL) » Map Locations: Lorencia Dungeon Noria Davias Lost Tower Atlans Tarkan Arena (Stadium) Icarus Kalima Aida Cry Wolf Valley of Loren Land of Trials Kantru Barrack Refuge » Game Events / Quests: Blood Castle Devil's Square Golden Archer Red Dragon Invasion Golden Dragon Invasion Skeleton Invasion Happy Hour Event White Mage Invasion (Ring Event) Chaos Castle Kalima Castle Siege InfinityMU Event Series Kantru (Maya and Nightmare Event) Crywolf Draconite Hunter Event » Server Features Server economy is based not only on the items and stones (jewels), but also on the Zen. This opens up new opportunities for doing business in the game regardless of the level and capabilities of the player. Built-in anti-cheat system client and gameserver side does not allow the use of the programs and bugs to break the game, which guarantees fair gaming for all. Grand Reset System. Now to play is even more interesting, earning credits by exchanging for resets. Web-shop on site. You can directly buy items in exchange for credits and appear to your in-game vault. Golden Archer. You can get awesome items or amount of credits by collecting most Renas in the server. 3D-camera. You can zoom-in, zoom-out, and rotate the camera with the mouse in the game as you wish. The all-new perspective on the world MU! Mist Map Effects. We support the special effects in the game which you never seen in official Webzen server. MU becomes even more beautiful game with our Fog (mist) effect in all MU maps! [Unique Feature] Cool-down on Potions. We have added delay (cool-down) on all healing potions with purpose to balance the potions usage (Korean, Chinese, Europeans, Asians, Latinos and others to have the same chances in PVP no matter their ping to the server) and block possible healing hacks. [Unique Feature] No Agility Bugs. Yes, all kind of agility bugs in Mu Online are now gone. No more issues for example with SM using Evil Spirit or Elf using Penetration and all the rest. [Unique Feature] New Jewels. Jewels of Ancient, Luck, Skill and Excellent allows you to upgrade your items further more in-game without the use of webshop or donations. [Unique Feature] Reconnect System. If you suffer from ping fluctuations that usually lead to disconnect or the game server is restarted, you will be auto logged-in back to the game without game-client exit. [Unique Feature] Anti-AFK System. If you left your character in AFK Mode at HotSpot in Arena for example you will be warned after 20 Minutes about 5 times and then if you don't move your character location it will respawn in Lorencia bar. [Unique Feature] Battle Event PVP Event automated event with nice prizes! [Read More] [Unique Feature] Duel System All duels will take place in the Duel Room and participants will be automatically warped in and out. Read more: Here [Unique Feature] Combo System For All Characters In order to gain advantange over an opponent in a battle - all InfinityMU characters are able to execute combos! Correctly completed combo forms a bright blue shockwave. Read more: Here [Unique Feature] Real Damage and Experience Values Damage display is now working 100% and the real damage and experience values are shown without the game limit display of 65.535 values. In-game you can see the real damage values of combos, double damages etc. [Read More] MU Instant Messenger Red, Blue and Golden Fenrir 3 Level Wings options 100% retail working, Jewel of Harmony options 100% retail working (Purple) Refinery options 100% retail working Kalima works as quest Ancient Items Drop - Illusion Kundun, Chaos Castle and Land of Trials Castle Siege 100% retail working Kantru 100% retail working Cry Wolf 100% retail working Monster Shop [price list] Community Forums with 24/7 support:
  2. Play to Win S3EP1 - EXP:999999x - Stable/Lagfree/Real PVP Season 3 Balance/Easy Gameplay - Long Term, Online for 12 years Without Wipes - New Jewels - Achievements - Daily GM Events - Grand Resets - Reward Systems - Monthly Events RR/BC/CC/DS/GA/Votes/Duel Kings/PK/Lucky/Kill the Boss/Castle Siege! :: Server Info :: InfinityMU ∞ Version: Season 3 Episode 1 modified and 99% Bugless∞ Security: Game Protected by unique proprietary anti-cheating software with advanced anti-dupe system.∞ Community: Guilds, events, tournaments, castle siege, wars and a dynamic in-game economy∞ Population: Thousands of active players in-game and on forum at any time of the day∞ Servers: ▪ Necron (Non PVP)▪ Phoenix (Non PVP)▪ Odin (Balanced PVP - All classes usable)▪ Pegasus (Balanced PVP - All classes usable)▪ Siege (Classic PVP)∞ Stability: Servers are always online with only a few minutes of maintenance (pre-announced)∞ Website: Feature rich, yet simple and user friendly website∞ Rates: ▪ Experience: 9999999X▪ Drops: 100%▪ Chaos Machine: 100%▪ Jewels: 100%∞ Shops: Box of Kundun +1, +2, +3, +4 / Wings / Jewels in NPCs ∞ Monster Spawns: Non-PVP servers: completely filled with monster spawns; PVP Servers: less monster spawns to reduce lags in PVP.∞ Bless Zen Bug Enabled: buy and sell Jewel of Bless in NPC to get Zen.∞ Daily GM Events, Support and many interesting tournaments In-Game.∞ Draconite Hunter Event - 4 times per day. (Amazing Play to Win In-Game Event where you can earn complete free Uber Set).∞ PVP Battle Event New - Automated PVP Event, scheduled 2 times per day with 250 Gold Credits Reward for the biggest killing spree score in time frame of 10 miutes and competition for yearly ranking [here] where top 10 users will be rewarded with Uber Set by choice. Read More [Here]∞ Castle Siege Event - Every Weekend. (Amazing PVP fun for every guild who's up for challenge) Reward: Land of Trials + 10,000 Gold Credits for the Guild Master. 3 Wins in a row: Season 7 Set by choice or 50 Ring of Wind accessories + F.O. & More rewards [read here]∞ CryWolf Event - 2 times per day. (Rewards Season 2 and Season 3 Excellent Items) + Jewel of Excellent and Jewel of Ancient.∞ Kantru Event - Good In-game event, winning many excellent items, starting from +0 up to +13.∞ Blood Castle Event - Gauranteed Reward: 50 Gold Credits + Random Rewards: Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Luck, Rena or Sign of Lord as reward for BC Event. Blood Castle Event Rewards are added to the character's inventory in real time and in case inventory is full the reward is dropped in the ground.∞ Chaos Castle Event - Gauranteed Reward: 50 Gold Credits + Jewel of Excellent, Jewel of Ancient, Jewel of Skill and Jewel of Luck as reward for CC Event.∞ Devil Square Event - Relics of Kundun monster boss x4 at DS Level 7 dropping latest weapons and sets, new jewels and bonus 25 Gold Credits if you finish the event completely without being killed. Each Kundun brings you +25 Credits (Monster Points which you can exchange for Credits in WebShop)∞ The Scavenger Hunt Event - Invasion of Erohim and Hell Maine in Aida and Kantru maps (4 times per day). Rewards: 50 Credits per HellMaine/Erohim killed + Draconite Rare Item which you can exchange 120 pieces for Uber Sets (Excellent + Ancient + Full Options Set).∞ White Rabbits Invasion - Mechanics: Hunt for White Rabbits in Noria, Devias and Tarkan in about 6 random coordinates will be respawned cute white rabbits for about 5 minutes with high drop rate of Sign of Lord packs x 10 pieces per pack.∞ White Wizard & Red Dragon Invasions - Rewards: 25 Credits per defeated White Wizard & Red Dragon.∞ Ancient Items - drop in Land Of Trials, Kalima Boss and as reward in Chaos Castle Event!∞ Warehouse System - We offer up to 10 Extra Vaults in order to store much more items via your Web User Panel than usual and it's free of charge.∞ In-Game Reset System New - Get your Level Reset completed in-game by "Reset Master" NPC which is located nearby Lorencia bar and earn extra Credits for every Reset to be used in the WebShop where everyone is allowed to spend Credits for Items + Full Options.∞ Grand Reset System - Exchange Resets for WebShop Credits via web panel.∞ Vote System - Vote for Us and Get Rewarded!∞ Referral System - Send your Referral unique link to your friends and win WebShop Credits.∞ Online Time Trade - As much as you stay online in-game, the more credits you earn from this function!∞ Add Stats Command - Level Up Points adding in-game by command without need for switch character or relog. Your stats is added in real time.(/addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcom | Example, Press Enter in-game and type the following text: /addstr 3000 and 3000 points will be added to Strength)∞ Healing Potions Cool-Down New - Exclusive system made with purpose to stop all kinds of healing hacks in MU Online and also give chance to everyone in PVP no matter their Ping / Ms to the server!∞ No Agility Bugs New - All skills and spells are working without any speed or visual problems or so called "Agility Bugs"... such as problems with Evil Spirits, Penetration, Fire Scream & others are gone for good.∞ Unique Jewels New - A few unique jewels bringing the game economy a boost to another new level, they are as follow: Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Skill, Jewel of Ancient and Jewel of Excellent allowing your items to be upgraded with Skill, Luck, Ancient and up to 3 Excellent Options in the game process without using WebShop.∞ Reconnect System New - If you have ping fluctuations that usually lead to disconnect or the game server is restarted, you will be automatically logged to the game without client closing∞ Monster Point System New - If you love to defeat monster bosses and golden monsters you can earn Monster Points and later on exchange them for Credits at the WebShop. 1 Monster point is equivalent to 1 Credit. Using our Credits you can buy Full Option Items at our WebShop.∞ Duel System New - If you love to PK and mostly duel with friends and foes this new duel system will amaze you. Please read more here.∞ Monthly Competitions: Monthly Top Resets, Top Votes, Blood Castle Chaos Castle, Devil Square, Golden Archer and Quarterly/Seasonal TOP IMES (InfinityMU Event Series - daily hosted events by Game Masters) - Monthly rankings with unique rewards and unique custom score system.∞ Easy/fun game-play without lags, bugs or cheats, constant updates and improves with professional developers behind the server.∞ 24/7 Online Dedicated Server.∞ 24/7 Support Service. E-mail Ticket service∞ Very friendly and active community.