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!Importrant! Version 1.2.0 now only supports php 7.1 and higher, before upgrade run dmnmucms-checker.php on your web hosting !Importrant!


DmN MuCMS MuOnline Website

This submission contains Full DmN MuCMS package of latest stable version.

Summary of reported and fixed issues is provided within below change-log

If you want to be notified of further updates on this submission make sure to follow it by clicking follow button at the top-right.

If getting item file load error do this


  • ItemList.xml for IGCN
  • Item.xml MuDevs
  • item.txt Other

from your server in application\data\ServerData\en or other language folder

Go into AdminCP -> Website Settings -> Scheduler Settings select tab Scheduled Tasks and run task ParseServerFiles

If after parsing .xml you got still this error means there is some unrecognizable character in xml file usually it is & try to search for it and replace with and  or contact support for help

if unable to parse .txt mostly it will be encoding issue try checking your file encoding and convert it to utf-8

Check if your hosting is compatible with this file



What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


  • [UPDATE]User is able to change his email
  • [UPDATE]User is able to recover his master key supported only by muengine server files
  • [FIX]Comparing shop table items and item file items, loading into shop only existing items.
  • [UPDATE]Added referrer reward config after referral have made registration
  • [FIX]Possible to buy item from shop if module is disabled, directly with javascript
  • [FIX]If choosing swords category in shop showing invalid category
  • [FIX]If using non-unicode characters for item name in item file not loading item
  • [UPDATE]Added logs for Gm status purchases
  • [FIX]Change class module not checking correctly character equipment on igcn server files
  • [UPDATE]Added config for not reseting master level and master points after reseting skilltree
  • [FIX]Fixed some issues with mssql driver
  • [FIX]GM CP unable to search character or account
  • [UPDATE]Added logs support for sql server 2000
  • [FIX]Invalid parameter number in prepared statement when importing items
  • [UPDATE]Added second serial for market only used by IGCN server files
  • [UPDATE]Added fast price editor in admincp item
  • [UPDATE]Added new fortumo allowed ip list
  • [UPDATE]Added option to disable harmony system in webshop from admincp
  • [UPDATE]Added option to allow only excellent or only socket item in webshop
  • [UPDATE]Possible to disable server from template if not used
  • [UPDATE]Added all ancient sets to list including ex702
  • [FIX]Fixed sometimes bugging warehouse when adding item to warehouse from admincp
  • [UPDATE]Added support for reseting skill tree MuEngine server files
  • [UPDATE]New payment module for http://2checkout.com payments
  • [UPDATE]Added discount notice to webshop
  • [FIX]Showing wrong price for items when shop discount is enabled.
  • [UPDATE]Added credits adder for gm with limited amount of credits per day
  • [UPDATE]Added IGCN GM system support
  • [UPDATE]Added license information in AdminCP
  • [UPDATE]Added referral IP check
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THE BEST CMS for MUOnline and amazing support :D 

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